Fugs and Fabs: The Entertainment Weekly Comic-Con Party: The Rest

The Entertainment Weekly party at Comic-Con really IS the big bash of the weekend, isn’t it? Even Steve Sanders is there. I really hope the nice girls working the door forced him to exchange an egg to get inside.

[Photos; Splash, Getty, AKM/GSI]

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  1. Ruth

    For a minute I thought Elizabeth Henstridge was Rumer Willis due to her raccoon eyes and limp, dark hair.

    Also, I think the arms would be cut off of Danai Gurira’s dress in addition to hacking off the bottom. The pattern would look fun as a sleeveless dress.

    •  Anita

      Thumbs up to the sleeve hacking, and maybe a more interesting neckline too.

    • Liane

      Sleeveless is the way to go. She looks so gorgeous without her wig o’dreads, she deserves a cuter version of this dress.

  2.  ErinG

    I actually love Willa Holland’s whole outfit – even the white shoes, which I usually dislike even more than beige shoes, look great here!

    I think I tried to convince my parents to buy me the twin of Mira Sorvino’s dress to wear to a middle school dance… this did not happen, thankfully, because I’m sure I would have thrown about 2,312 butterfly clippies in my hair and thought I was hot sh** in that get-up, only to look back on photos with shame and regret.

    • lali

      I also love Willa’s look. Sure, I’d be happier if we could take off the three squiggly black tire marks and take the hair outta her face but it’s not such a problem that I’m mad at it.

  3.  GeoDiva

    Tinkerbell, the Real Housewives Edition had be spitting up on my keyboard. Well played. Jessica….Well played.

    •  Joanie

      Yes to Willa’s look! Yes to “Tinkerbell: the Real Housewives Edition.”

      Pretty much not so big on everything else.

  4. camille

    Tricia Helfer is a megababe. That’s all.

  5. Marcia

    It may not be the most exciting outfit at the event, but I desperately need Tricia Helfer’s dress AND shoes in my closet, immediately.

  6. marylou bethune

    Vampire Jessica looks really great.

    • Liviania

      But her red hair!

      •  HelenBackAgain

        I love the red on her, too, but this shade here might still be a little darker than her own color – if you search for photos, sometimes there’s blonde regrowth showing under the red, and it’s a really light blonde.

        So… I mean, as great as the red is, you can’t blame a girl for getting tired of it eventually and going back to her own color, right?

        Or CAN we…

        Anyway, I like her dress, but it seems kind of dinner-date, not so much Comic-Con Party. The shoes are too small.

  7.  julyol1972

    Ashley Madekwe (sp) has been the only one to make those Dior outfits work, even though I still hate the patch/emblem thingamajiggy!

  8. Rachael

    I wasn’t really feeling Willa Holland’s dress, but then I got to the last dress, that sad-sack beige . . . thing. And now suddenly, I really love Holland’s dress. The white shoes even seem to go with it. It just seems cheerful and put-together and with-it, all of the sudden.

  9. Amy S.

    Mira Sorvino and Andrea Roth, you have bangin’ bods, but you are both almost 47 years old. Please remember that the next time you’re choosing party dresses.

    •  Shannon

      I have a dress very similar to the one Andrea Roth is wearing. It is coral – I feel like if she wore a coral dress with tan accessories it would have fared much better.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      I think Sorvino is kinda dressed as Romy.

      It’s an adorable dress, and she herself looks fantastic, but yeah. Not appropriate on her.

  10.  Anna

    Make up brought to you by a clown with a trowel!

  11.  KarenG958

    Golly, I may never be on a red carpet, but I know what to do with stuff that doesn’t fit. If it’s too small, give it away. If it’s too big, too short/long, weird sleeve length – take it to the dry cleaners & have them take it in, raise/lower the hem, fix the sleeve. OR don’t buy it in the first place. Sometimes just a little adjustment can make a world of difference in whether something looks good or frumpy.

  12. Jes

    Vampire Jessica looks smokin!

  13. Elizabeth K. Mahon

    I love the idea of reviving the Love Boat, as fabulous movie specials on Lifetime TV. Think of all the former members of 90′s TV shows that could be guest stars. And the exotic locations. Jonathan Silverman could be Doc! And Sarah Michelle Gellar as the cruise director. Although I would much prefer her doing a TV movie to wrap up all the loose ends of RINGER.

    • Vicky

      Yes to all of this, and the Ian Z slide in general. If asked why I adore this site so much, I would use the copy on that particular slide to sum it up. Jessica & Heather —- you.get.me.

    •  Sex Yurt

      I would most absolutely watch Steve Sanders and Buffy in a Love Boat reboot. Will someone please make this happen?


  14. ErinB

    Willa Holland’s dress in awesome, in my opinion. It’s different, but in a good way, and the colors really go well with her skin tone. I can even forgive the shoe, although I wish it were a sandal in a bright color instead.

  15. Marisa

    I agree Danai’s dress needs to be shortened BUT if a zombie attack goes down do you really want to be on her bad side? jus sayin

  16. Art Eclectic

    Danai Gurira’s dress would be fantastic if it were shorter and lose the sleeves.

  17. Bébé

    I belong to my own Battlestar Gallactica as it was re-imagined 12-step program.
    Caprica 6 can do no wrong…Tricia Helfer, you could wear Von’s paper sacks, sweet pea.

  18. Annie S.

    I always read Bitsie Tulloch’s name as “Titsie Bulloch” because Teddy Roosevelt’s mother’s name was Mittie Bulloch. History – giving me dyslexia since 1985.

    • Amaranth

      *giggle* Titsie Bulloch sounds like a… well, not quite a cow, not quite a bull. Are there hermaphroditic cattle?

  19. snorgler

    RJ Mitte looks just fine. I love banded collars on men — makes their shoulders look broad.

  20. Gypsy Danger

    I need Michonne to be looking more fierce than this.

  21. perletwo

    I want Andrea Roth to put that red beaded choker around Emilie de Ravin’s neck where it belongs, there to pick up the red of her shoes. Then, fairy-godmother-like, she can just quietly go home, duty done.

    BITSY TULLOCH. During Comic-Con the entire hotel is crawling with cosplayers LOADED with emergency sewing supplies. There is NO EXCUSE for not tacking that jumpsuit’s hems up. If you wind up in traction from tripping over them, on your own head be it.

  22.  jeanette

    I did a doubletake to see that that Bitsie Tulloch wasn’t Courtney Cox. But she is 33 and Cox is 50. Not the look was aiming for?

  23. Beth C.

    I do feel like if you MUST go jumsuit, you should go with Bitsie’s jumpsuit. I actually kinda like it; I think because it has a real waist which so many of them don’t, and the top fits very nicely. Though I would hem it like a normal person who likes the world to know I actually do have feet.

    • perletwo

      There’s something very glam-70s “let’s go hit up the 54 and hang with Andy Warhol and Bianca Jagger” about that jumpsuit.

  24. sema4dogz

    That Titsie Bulloch person ( I will never be able to call her anything else now, not that I have the faintest idea who she is) has lovely jewellery, several rings and necklaces all perfectly coordinated . I wonder if she has gold shoes on under that terrible elephant leg jumpsuit ?