Fugs and Fabs: The CW Upfront

All hail the unexpected return of The Carrie Diaries! Between that and Hart of Dixie, The CW is thoughtfully keeping our fugcapping racket in business. However, the network also has a show about Mary, Queen of Scots, called Reign; some weird looking alien-human yada-yada called Star-Crossed; a remake of a show called The Tomorrow People (which I used to watch when I was a kid and will probably watch at least twice now), and The 100, about juvenile delinquents sent back to nuclear-ravaged Earth as test subjects, and (I assume) Lord of the Flies-style shenanigans ensue. Let’s face it: I will probably give all of those a shot, because nobody speaks my language like The CW, even when it speaks it fairly badly. Of all of them, I’d say Reign has the only Fug the Show potential, but then again, it’s not like I can speak with any authority on clothes from that era — although I CAN say I wish the romantic lead would manscape a little better.

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  1. Caroline

    Ian Somerhalder looks a little like one of those brothers from The Band Perry (skewing the balance a little more to ridiculous).

    • Mary

      Definite Band Perry resemblance and that’s not a good thing… seriously. He’s utterly gorgeous and shouldn’t look this shaggy. Time for a haircut.

  2. Helen

    “Troubled Manure”… New punk-country band?

  3. Mouse

    Note to self: apparently orange is “in” this season.

  4. Kat

    Man, I really hate the current trend of putting guys in suits that look way too small (I know it’s all the rage, it looks uncomfortable and makes hunks look constipated). Size up, dudes!

  5. Christine

    Are Emily Bett RIckards and Nina Lisandrello wearing the same dress?

    • Fawn

      Yes, they are. Somebody should be in trouble over that.

      • Heather

        Hah. I can’t believe I didn’t notice that. I may have been blinded by all the orangeness.

        • Alicia

          I had to go back and check because I thought surely Heather would have mentioned!

          Maybe it is the literal same dress and one of them is in her undies in the loo while the other does the rounds in it?

    • Karen

      Man, that’s what I came here to say. That is so much worse than merely wearing the same color. WOW.

      And, geez–wasn’t that shade orange the Pantone color of the year LAST year? Shouldn’t they all be in some hip shade of green now? SHAME.

  6. Mary

    I’m still distraught to know that Ian and Nina are no more… This picture shows how uncomfortable they were to be this close to each other after the split…


    Wish there was more pics of VD actors… no stefan, klaus, caroline or bonnie? Thanks for Elijah… Seriously… wow.

  7.  Carolina Girl

    Is it just me or does Ian Somerholder look like he needs a nice hot bath?

  8. janet

    Bilson? Bilson? No?

    • Heather

      No Bilson. You guys know I would never leave out the big dogs if they were there.

  9. Kate Pearce

    The Tomorrow People? The British kids show from the 70′s? Say it isn’t so!

  10.  Stefanie

    Man. I wish had the CW in HD. But I just cant be bothered with non-HD channels. (How snobby and first world problemly did THAT just sound. haha)

    Nina looks great. That color is awesome on her.

  11. Miranda

    I guess as the ranking members of the CW, Jared and Jensen were not required to attend. This makes me sad. They are so pretty! Oh, and Misha too!

  12. AmyK

    Haha, I have Willa’s dress! Mine is… uh… not that short on me.

  13. Clara

    These guys need to get some tips on how to stand sexy in a suit. the first guy looks itchy and cramped in that suit, plus no tie with a vest? Looks sleazy. Now, Chris Pine, he can wear a suit.

  14. AJ

    Wait… that’s Julie Taylor? There’s no way Saracen would let her out of the house in that romper.

    • LT1

      And the no bangs and softer hairstyle make her look so different to me.

      Seeing everyone in that tangerine reminds me of my office where on Friday everyone is wearing some piece of clothing in the hot coral color that is everywhere this year. We all look ridiculous, but we’re not stopping either.

      I had no idea that Paige Turco is married to that hot, hot Jason O’Mara (for me, I think Vegas). Hmmm, guess that makes him a show killer. Pair him up with Alyson Hannigan and maybe the show will (somewhat) succeed.

  15. maryse

    Ian Somerhalder reminds me of the dreamy high school senior all of the freshmen girls had a crush on because he wasn’t a boy …. in 1977.

  16. Lauren

    I love this post extra because of the Grease 2 shoutout.

  17. Rose

    I have zero idea what Phoebe Tonkin is wearing but I think I like it. Pleaaaaaase let whatever show she’s on be a big enough success that she gets invited to more things.

    • Carrie

      Vintage Claude Montana, from what I’ve read. Though it kind of reminds me of that pintrest “Turn a men’s shirt into a cool dress.” that was big for a bit. I like it, though. Which is more than I can say for the idea of tying myself into a man’s flannel and calling it outerwear.

  18. Rita M

    OMG I just saw the clip and Reign looks COMPLETELY TERRIBLE you guys!

    • Eli

      Reign co-stars Megan Follows, aka Anne of Green Gables, aka the girl I will follow anywhere so I am totallllly watching.

  19. Agent Sculder

    I find it hysterical that Supernatural is currently the CW’s longest running show but they never seem to invite the guys who are on it to any of the network events. I know it’s not a super popular show but it does have a vocal fan base, and the two leads clean up nice.

    • Carrie

      It’s convention season for the CW shows. The casts of SPN and TVD are all over the place doing them. I know a good chunk of the TVD cast is in Europe doing them at the moment and I know there’s also been SPN conventions the past few weeks.

      • Agent Sculder

        I guess that makes sense. And given the fact SPN only has three regular cast members it would make scheduling tricky. I’m just surprised that the network doesn’t insist they attend the upfronts and skip the conventions.

        • Carrie

          The upfronts really have no purpose other than introducing the new shows to advertisers/giving the public sneak peeks.

          I know that a lot of past members of the Supernatural cast do the conventions, as do a lot of the supporting actors. Same with TVD which has a significantly larger cast. Sebastian Roche and David Anders were doing them up until fairly recently. Nathaniel Buzolic who was nothing more than a bit player (though an incredibly good looking one at that) is a major presence and attraction for them. I know that Michael Trevino and Steven R. McQueen were both doing them recently too, after their characters had been reportedly written off the show. I don’t watch the show aside from Nathaniel Buzolic and Phoebe Tonkin’s scenes, hence the reportedly because I have no idea if that’s true or not.

  20. Bonnie Klein

    Is it me or is Somerhalder starting to give off an Uncle Jesse era Stamos vibe?

  21. Suzie

    Sophie Rob’s outfit looks familiar, and it was a fug then? My brain is done thinking for the week…

  22. Helena

    Arielle K played Dean’s wife Lindsay on the Gilmore Girls, right?

  23. Claire1

    Grease II FTW!
    Oh that was the worst movie EVER…and yet… YET, when I’m walking my kid’s to class and they are dilly dallying along I sing “Let’s Go, let’s go, let’s rock ‘n’ roll….c’mon everybody get the show on the road”.

  24. kay

    what the… aimee does not look like the julie taylor i remember

    • Lynne

      It really doesn’t look like her, does it? I’m wondering if she’s just lost that kind of adolescent roundness? Like when your features get a bit more angular than they were before? I’m just having trouble recognizing her lately.

  25. Eli

    Wilson Bethel and Stephen Amell should never, ever, ever wear anything on their torsos.

    Speaking of torsos, with that weird cutout AnnaSophia Robb looks like Carrie Bradshaw in the worst possible way.

  26. testington

    Ariel Kebbel is there because she is hosting a new terrible/hilarious dating show on the CW this summer…I was at a taping of it and it might be amusing to hate watch

  27. Craig McDonald

    I thought you might be interested to know that Adelaide Kane is also a former Neighbours star. Although, really, the word “star” is a bit much. She was on the show for maybe 6 months, and had possibly 2 story lines. She wasn’t much of an actress, so I’m hoping she’s improved greatly. And I see she’s also in a new movie with Ethan Hawke…

  28. SaraK

    I do know quite a bit about Elizabethan clothes and Reign could only be farther away from historically accurate if they wore bathing suits and skinny jeans (which they almost are…so maybe by episode three). A costumer friend captured it perfectly like this: It’s Mary Queen of Scots wears Hot Topic.

    We came up with a drinking game for Reign that’s perfect for Ren Faire geeks. Every time they show a historically accurate costume, we’re going to drink. The worry is that we’ll end up completely sober.