All hail the unexpected return of The Carrie Diaries! Between that and Hart of Dixie, The CW is thoughtfully keeping our fugcapping racket in business. However, the network also has a show about Mary, Queen of Scots, called Reign; some weird looking alien-human yada-yada called Star-Crossed; a remake of a show called The Tomorrow People (which I used to watch when I was a kid and will probably watch at least twice now), and The 100, about juvenile delinquents sent back to nuclear-ravaged Earth as test subjects, and (I assume) Lord of the Flies-style shenanigans ensue. Let’s face it: I will probably give all of those a shot, because nobody speaks my language like The CW, even when it speaks it fairly badly. Of all of them, I’d say Reign has the only Fug the Show potential, but then again, it’s not like I can speak with any authority on clothes from that era — although I CAN say I wish the romantic lead would manscape a little better.

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