Fugs and Fabs: The amfAR Gala


Yet another event where people look like they’re going to totally different parties — which is secretly one of my very favorite things when it comes to celeb events. I mean, we’ve all been invited to something where they make the dress code something that is essentially meaningless (“cocktail picnic!” “formal hoe-down!” “festive business!”) but you’d think these things would be more clear cut. I mean, “GALA” is right there in the name of the event.

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  1. Katie Lynn

    Two things: I thought Rose McGowan was Amber Tamblyn from the tiny photo. Imagine my surprise when it WASN’T AT ALL her. And even though Kristin’s dress is kind of terrible her SHOES are interesting and I feel like I would like to see them in person.

  2. Jules

    Rose McGowan – WTF? Chelsea Handler looks like she just rolled out of bed. Kristin Davis – I don’t even have words. She is too pretty for that. Kate Hudson looks amazing, but for some reason got a lot more Leave It than Love It votes on People.com. I don’t get it – I can’t imagine any day that I wouldn’t want to look like that.

  3. gryt

    Kate Hudson’s gown is gorgeous and she looks dynamite in it. The more I look at it, the more I love it.

    Also, I’m officially off nude lipstick/-gloss. NOT flattering (Jennifer Coolidge, SJP, Chelsea Handler and, highly likely, me).

  4. cdd

    does rose mcgowan look very judy/liza to anybody else? it’s freaking me out.

    • kathotdog

      Rose McGowan is wearing the same shorts and hose she wore to the Madonna concert!

      • Alicia

        She looks like Brenda here. Brenda totally would have rocked this look in 1990, especially with the bangs.

      • Ladyblahblah

        Thank you for validating what I was thinking.

    • meggiemoo

      I was totally getting a Liza vibe from this.

    • Petrova Fossil

      Yes. My first thought was change the haircut and she’s Liza Minelli. I know this isn’t the point of this site, but I keep wondering, what did she do to herself? She looks generic now, and she used to be so cute and individual. Did she have something unfortunate done to herself?

    • Jenna

      Liza and a little bit Joan Collins.

  5. Annie E

    Kate looks great. If she’s thinking about getting a job again, I hope it’s something in the Almost Famous vein.

  6. Kit

    Kate Hudson looks great, SJP looks like she’s going to a dinner party (but otherwise, great) Jennifer Coolidge looks like Jennifer Coolidge and Rose McGowan is wearing something no adult woman should wear, ever.

    And what up with Kristen? Is she still in a post-break-up funk? I’m giving her a pass because of it…

  7. Eliza Bennett

    Jeemus. Worst gets split between poor hapless Kristin with the white grub squidging across her chest and Jazz Hands McGowan. KHud looks…fine? I wish there was stronger lip.

  8. Steph

    Yes! The soup line! Jennifer Coolidge is tops of my list of “people I want to hang out in a bar with.”

    Ocatvia. My heart. You do it good. I’m a sucker for that “lace over solid colour” pattern.

    • Jasmine

      I agree with both statements wholeheartedly. I cherish Jennifer Coolidge more than I probably should, but I can’t help it. She’s HILARIOUS.

      And I just have always loved Octavia Spencer. She’s so great.

  9. aldente

    SJP looks like she is carrying some kind of Fendi-designed Weed Eater, getting ready to mow her private park in Manhattan.

  10. Helen

    Apart from the two sternum windows, which could be easily changed and the dresses otherwise look great, I liked all of these. And I like them for the people wearing them, specifically, too.

    But they do look like they’re all going to very different events! It’s pretty funny.

  11. cathy

    OMG; what did rose mcgowan do to her face :O

    • Steph

      She actually had to get fairly extensive plastic surgery because of injuries after a car accident. Now, if she’s had more work done after that is anyone’s guess…

  12. jean

    Now Jennifer Coolidge knows how to wrangle her chest! Christina, take notes please!

  13. marie

    oh Chelsea, what would GOOP say!

  14. hillary l.

    I actually really like SJP’s look – cool and modern, and her hair looks healthy, and her skin looks fine, and the whole effect isn’t as tortured/overwrought as it can be when she’s out. Call it a palate cleanser.

  15. Gine

    Okay, Rose’s outfit is terrible UNLESS she thought this was a Halloween party, in which case, it is an excellent Liza Minnelli costume.

  16. Bonnie Klein

    The Jennifer Coolidge who lives in your head also lives in mine! That is so weird.

  17. Victoria

    You should start watching 2 Broke Girls! It’s hilarious in a bad way, or bad in a good way, I don’t know. But Oleg is awesome in his velvet sweatsuits and Jennifer Coolidge rocks that show each time she appears in a wicked getup.

    Back to business: Kate Hudson looks GREAT even if she’s choking her boobs a little bit.

    • Claire1

      I am hooked on it too….. the timing is spot on and she and Kat really click…and Jennifer Coolidge is FABULOUS….. you could fug her weekly from that show.

  18. Nancy

    First thought that came to my mind after seeing the Kate Hudson photo “Wow, talk about putting it all out there.” She looks great, but she also looks like she is easy (which, she is, if you look at her ‘dating’ history). Leaving something to the imagination can class up an act.

  19. Elizabeth

    Where did KHud’s boobs come from? Having the baby or something else?

    • Esme

      Something else; hee.

      • Lori

        Man, would I like $12,000 and the name of her plastic surgeon. That is one fine boob job for Goldilocks (goldilocks–not too soft, not too hard, not to small, not too big…just right).

  20. Vandalfan

    Rose sports spats.

    Jennifer Coolidge was also fantastic in “A Mighty Wind”, and now I’ve been sucked down the youtube wormhole with The Folksmen and Mitch and Micky.

  21. McLisa

    Holy crap! McGowan?? Roza McGownelli? Liza McGowan?? Rosa Minelli?? What the WHAT has she been doing to herself? So sad. Jeez.

    Hey. Can she tap dance?

  22. Krusticle

    Okay, I don’t watch Two Broke Girls, either, but maybe that chick has a Tyra forehead that she’s trying to camouflage? Those bangs start pretty high on the crown. In which case, carry on, blond-bang chick.

  23. Trace

    Sadly Rose McGowan was in a pretty bad car accident a few years ago and suffered facial injuries, hence all the cosmetic surgery.

  24. male fan of GFY

    Rose McGowan = YUM!! (…that is all…)

  25. pantsonfire

    I don’t care terribly what folks believe about this, but I will point out that there was just a thread about Rose McGowen and her face and the word on the street is that the car accident is not responsible for what we see today. Again, folks can believe what they want, and I know it makes an awfully compelling story, but I’m just throwing out there that one might not want to take as gospel that she was disfigured in the accident such as to necessitate extensive plastic surgery. She was purported to have suffered a cut below one eye as a result of her sunglasses getting smashed into her face.

  26. Ann

    Is it me or does Rose McGowan look like Joan Collins?

    • Brooke M

      YES!!! She is totally giving off a Joan vibe. Well, actually a Joan dressed as Liza vibe. But she’s looking very Joan-like in the face.

  27. Claire1

    Beth suffers from the same issue as Kaley Cuoco…. totally cute girl with no sense of what works for her.

    Alessandra Ambrosio looks like Jillian Michaels little sister ( and I mean that in a good way…I love Jillian…thanks to her I’m 40lbs down and soooo much stronger!)

    I want Rose’s outfit so I can TOTALLY be Velma Kelly…..
    but I want Kristin’s hair….. ugly dress or not.

    Rumor looks adorable! She can pull off ironic WHEN she doesn’t try to hit you in the face with it.

    I actually like SJP’s outfit…. I get what you’re saying…but I really like it, (granted I wish we could see a hint of her feet)

  28. Mo

    Oh Rumer. . . your hair is a mess. Your face you can’t help.

  29. Nancy

    BTW, I’m not the “Nancy” who made the “easy” comment about Kate Hudson. Just for the record.

    I think Octavia Spencer looks FAB!!!!

    And I ADORE Jennifer Coolidge.

  30. Sajorina

    Kate Hudson & Alessandra Ambrosio look GORGEOUS!!! Absolute WIN! And Jennifer Coolidge is AWESOME… Why aren’t you watching “2 Broke Girls” when Jennifer is HILARIOUS in it?! FAB!

  31. Sajorina

    Kate Hudson & Alessandra Ambrosio look GORGEOUS!!! Absolute WIN! And Jennifer Coolidge is AWESOME… Why aren’t you watching “2 Broke Girls” when Jennifer is HILARIOUS in it?!

  32. Sarah O

    Didn’t Kate Hudson just have a baby? She looks GREAT. And SarJesPar can do no wrong in my eyes. Love her. :)

  33. Jenna

    For some reason, I really love Rumer Willis and want to see her succeed. I think she’s very striking and I like this outfit on her. KHud looks great. Full stop.

    Re: party dress codes, I once attended a fundraiser movie premiere party and the dress code was “cocktail casual.” The director wore jeans and a sport coat. The leading lady wore a glittery cocktail dress. The party goers were a stylistic hodgepodge.

  34. SKGD

    Rumer Willis looks amazing and I love her outfit! She is wearing it too, I think on anyone else it would look like the dress is wearing them. As great as some of the others look, Rumer is the one that stands out. And I’m not just saying that because I think her dad is hot.

  35. Ms Poopy Von Pants

    Rumer is rockin this look! She looks striking with the strong makeup and hair! Is Rumer in things? As in, is she an actor? I wouldn’t mind seeing her take over for Chloe S in disturbing indie movies.

  36. Tamburlaine

    I love Jennifer Coolidge but she is wearing underwear! Her bodice looks like a corset. Love Kate Hudson’s dress: she looks fab in it. Also really like Rumer Willis in hers – she looks really tall, too.

  37. mary lou bethune

    Kate Hudson looks fantastic. I don’t think she will ever get the good roles she deserves, though because Sarah JP is around who also looks good but too much makeup maybe. I just do not understand how Rumer gets invited to these things… is she an actress?
    But what was this thing, anyway? Does these people do nothing but go to events, get expensive but sometimes hideous clothes (McGowan, Willis)

    • Esme

      I have to disagree; I think that Kate Hudson gets exactly the roles she deserves. She does look pretty though.

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