Fugs and Fabs: The A.C.O.D premiere

Adam Scott, I love you.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Katty McNiley Ripley

    Is Madsen a sicilian or a mob wife?

    Otherwise, Oh honey rethink that…

  2.  ErinB

    I like the color of Mary Elisabeth’s blouncho. I also think she and Linda Cardellini should be cast as sisters in some show.

  3. ringthing

    Alba’s legs look like she’s self tanning with MinWax.

  4. Rachael

    I love Adam Scott. I love him so much. He’s delightful on Parks & Rec. I will watch this movie just for him.
    Maybe Amy Poehler is secretly knocked up. Start the rumor mills! (I feel slightly ashamed for even typing that.)

    • Jessica

      I really hope this is true, as this means she will be having a baby with THE DOUCHE.

      • HKS

        Baby DOUCHE!

        I also love Adam Scott. So very much. And Amy Poehler. (But in a different way). What is this movie? Are they both in it?

  5. Lynne

    Aw! Adam Scott. So adorable I cannot stand it.

    It’s a poncho sweater. Why do I like it? That colour combo is amazing on her and I am jealous she can wear that shade of chartreuse (that’s chartreuse, right?)

    • Marte

      I don’t like those colours at all, and I would probably look like I have the plague if I wore them, but I still think she somehow looks awesome. That’s a brilliant colour combo.

    • Meghan

      Yes, I always look in need of a liver transplant if that color comes anywhere near me.

  6. AJ

    I love Adam Scott with all my heart. I once had an inappropriate dream about him and mentioned it to my husband, who then mentioned it to my family, who now tease me whenever he is on a screen in our presence.

    But I don’t care. It’s worth it. He’s dreeeeeamy.

  7. Clara

    I love Mary Elizabeth’s skirt. Embelished skirts are great.

  8.  HelenBackAgain

    Well, this didn’t go very well, did it? Fashion-wise, anyway.

    Winstead, alone, looks good, if in a somewhat odd way. I like that she’s doing something different.

    Adam Scott is totally Cute Professor, but he needed to go up a size or two, and the shoes clash.

  9. TonyG

    Re Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s outfit…

    It’s like she’s a walking lamp.

    She’s imitating chartreuse lampshade with a Asian lacquered floral/brown ceramic base.

    • TonyG

      Oops! Typed too fast…

      “…imitating A chartreuse lampshade with AN Asian lacquered floral/brown ceramic base.”

  10.  Sarah

    All I remember about Virginia Madsen is the time she was cheating on her husband with Pacey and then he kissed Joey in a swoon-worthy fashion to show her it was over.

    But anyway. On topic – I love the cape/poncho thing and I love Adam Scott. And Jessica Alba’s face is just so pretty I feel like I automatically like the things she wears, even when they’re not so great (like her outfit here).

  11. Claire1

    Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s skirt makes me happy.
    I’m not sure how I feel about the shoulder version of moisturizing footless socks….but I love the color combination of the two…. I want it…but with a twee little sweater set instead.

    Virginia Madson looks like she just got off the “Second time around” ladies social bus to the casino.

    • mary lou bethune

      But her trip was a success!! lol I love nutty ladies of a certain age.
      Does Jessica Alba get prettier every day?

      • Claire1

        She does!
        I just wish she’d realize it. Sometimes I think she tries too hard…and seriously…all she has to do is smile….

  12. Jenz

    Jessica Alba’s legs are several shades off the rest of her.

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