Happy first official complete weekend of fall, Northern Hemisphere.  I bought five sweaters this week. I have no regrets.

– First of all, Heather and I have some really exciting new that we are thrilled to share with you. We have a new book on the horizon! From this morning’s Publisher’s Marketplace, (hence all the who-owns-what-rights language): “Creators of GoFugYourself.com Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan’s first adult novel THE ROYAL WE, about a young American woman who spends a semester abroad in England and falls in love with the man of her dreams — who happens to be the future King of England, a tale loosely inspired by the real-life courtship and marriage of Kate Middleton and Prince William.” The book is tentatively scheduled for spring 2015, it is so fun to write I cannot even tell you, and we are beside ourselves with excitement for you to get to read it.

– For those of you interested in such things, in fact, Kate and Wills got a new coat of arms today and the whole background of the coat of arms in general is interesting. (The Prince of Wales official site)

– If I know you, and I think I do, a high percentage of you are going to want to see these pictures from the set of Into The Woods. (Lainey Gossip)

– Kate Aurthur tells us 8 New Fall TV Shows To Be Excited About, 10 To Give A Chance, And 7 To Avoid. (Buzzfeed)

Blake Lively is basically launching her own GOOP. I would make fun, but GOOP (and “lifestyle” blogs in general) are my Kryptonite and I will totally read BLOOP, or whatever she calls it. (Celebitchy)

– Speaking of GOOP, Celebuzz celebrates GOOP’s fifth anniversary in snarky style. (Celebuzz)

– Vulture compiled a list of LIT’RLLY every time Rob Lowe said LIT’RLLY on Parks and Rec. I literally love this; I wish someone would make a super-cut of it. My favorite might be #7:  “I don’t want to seem overdramatic, but this is literally a battle for April’s soul.” (Vulture)

– Speaking of Parks and Rec, are you sad? This video of Ron Swanson giggling on a loop will fix that. (Pajiba)

– STILL speaking of Parks and Rec, I am sure you want to know more about Perd Hapley. Ya heard? (Zulkey)

– STILL feeling sad? If this super-cut of every time Hugh Laurie (or anyone) said “What ho!” in Jeeves and Wooster doesn’t fix you, then I am CONCERNED. (Keep an eye open for Downton Abbey in the background, as parts of J&W were filmed there as well.) (YouTube)

– Vera Wang designed the new uniforms for the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders and they look just like every other NFL team’s cheerleaders’ uniforms (other than the Dallas Cowboys’ cheerleaders, who, say what you will about the Cowboys, are at least iconic). (The Cut)

– I love Jimmy Fallon. (I made his crockpot chili recipe this week, and it’s swell, even!) His most recent lip sync battle — with Joseph Gordon Levitt and Stephen Marchent — is awesome. The Roots, in the background, are just cracking up, too. Those of you who love JGL? You will not be disappointed. (YouTube)

– Fashionista asks, Would You Steam Your Vagina?  Um, no thanks. But we appreciate you doing it and reporting back! (Fashionista)

– Oooh, castles haunted by tragic ghosts. I am IN! To read about, I mean, not to spend the night. Woodchester Mansion seems especially spooooky. I also enjoy the that’s all, “allegedly there are also werewolves here, but whatever.” (i09)

– On the other hand, a $2000 bottle of beer? I’m good, thanks. (Time)

I am in love with this man, 103 years old, who eats a fine dinner out nightly. He is…wonderful. Happy weekend, all! Try the fish. (NY Times)