Okay, first of all, can we talk about how interesting it is that Naomi Campbell — who was, it is true, amazing on The Face last season — has replaced Coco “Awesome Supermodel” Rocha and Karolina “Also A Recognizable Actual Successful Namebrand Model” Kurkova with Anne V and Lydia Hearst, neither of whom (especially Lydia) are anywhere near being in the same stratosphere of model-dom? SOMEONE wants to be the unchallenged HBIC, and I suspect it may be to the detriment of her own show.

The Face is actually very entertaining, and while Naomi was great on it last year, so were Coco and Karolina, especially because neither of them (Coco in partic) would take Naomi’s particular brand of BS. Which makes for good TV — and, frankly, making this move only means that the girls on Anne V and Lydia Hearst’s teams are going to suffer, because their coaches are obviously so much less experienced than Naomi is. It’s like being put onto a show where you’re being taught to sing and one team gets Adele as a coach and the other two get, like, Countless LuAnn on the strength of “Money Can’t Buy You Class,” and Cartman from South Park. (Okay, that maybe unduly harsh to Anne, who is a real model at least; Lydia, dude, has never even walked in a real fashion show [the collective works of Richie Rich do not count].)

That being said, with the except of those shoes — Naomi, come on — she still kinda brings it, right?

[Photo: WENN]