Fugs and Fabs: Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers is already the gift that keeps on giving.

[Photos: Splash]

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  1. LT

    That lace dress on Vanessa Hudgens is appalling, but that smile? Girl is GORGEOUS! More of that, please.

  2. MG

    I can’t help it; they still look like little girls playing dress up to me. I’m waiting for Vanessa to dangle a vintage cigarette holder.

    • mary lou bethune

      I AGREE. All this pretense for a movie about spring break? Nonsense. The black dress on the brunette is gorgeous , however.

  3. Rayna

    Do NOT like Hudgens’ naughty first communion dress, but the orange number with mirrors (for crying out loud) looks like it was designed by Bob Mackie on crack.

    Actually, not bad. And the slit is high, but there’s only one of it. And girl is styled to the teeth, and appears to be wearing the hell out of it.

  4. Jamie

    Lainey over at laineygossip pointed out yesterday that there was such a clear hierarchy among these girls and how obvious it was in their styling. Selena Gomez is at least getting top shelf stuff, even if it is a bit mature for her. Hudgens and Benson are getting scraps and the poor other brunette nobody’s ever heard of looks like she’s shopping at Target.

  5. Mary

    Girls, girls, girls!!
    Your bodies will only be this fabulous and forgiving for a short while!
    When you’re all middle-aged, you will look back on this youthful time in your life and collectively ask yourselves, “WHY DID WE DRESS SO OLD???”

    • Piper

      Geez Granny, that’s depressing; and speak for yourself. In reality, if you take care of yourself, you can have an excellent, fit body well into your sixties.

  6. Jules

    Why so dressy for a movie about Spring Break? I don’t expect them to show up in wet t-shirts, but this is too incongruent. That being said, I love Selena’s first outfit. THAT being said, I am 43 years old.

  7. Sandra

    The red dress on Hudgens appeals to you mostly because it isn’t the white one in the previous picture.

  8. Vandalfan

    Someone should show these ladies how to pose more naturally. The hands-on-hip is pure Carol Merril. Most of the outfits were nice, except the leather car hop apron and the cheerleader-wedding dress.

  9. Erin B

    Speaking of Monte Carlo, that first picture of Selena Gomez looks like a Selena Gomez double instead of the girl herself. Love her second dress, really dislike the first outfit.

    Snorted at the “Project Runway amok” comment. Also, it cracks me up that they each have the same EXACT posing stance. I mean, I guess there aren’t that many ways to pose the human body (for red-carpet appropriate purposes, that is), but it’s just funny seeing it in one picture after another.

  10. Sajorina

    I love you, Ashley Benson!!! “Pretty Little Liars” Rules! I love that 2nd dress she’s wearing! WANT! And, I would love Selena’s business casual outfit if the sleeves didn’t have built-in air conditioners!

  11. TaraMisu

    Ashley Bensons first dress…. YIKES!!!! I can’t even focus on one thing, there is so much going on :D

  12. Pat

    Am I the only one who sees the face of Spiderman on the bodice of that last dress? Spiderman in sequins.

    • Edith

      I just said that before I read all the comments. D’oh! Yes, and his eyes are right over her boobs. Not a good look!

    • Amberoni13

      Because of all the scary teeth action, I was seriously considering an Alien type creature with large yawning maw of death eating her pelvis. Also, I have no problem with a high slit on a shapely leg, but the slit seems to be less slit and more…. angled removal of skirt fabric? Slit is sneaky sexy potential, this looks like it will pop your leg without you even knowing.

    • Aria

      my first thought!

  13. Kat

    Notes: I don’t mind the first outfit on Selena Gomez, because she has a serious case of babyface, so I understand why she would go older with her look, to compensate.

    Ashley Benson, very good on PLL, but definitely not a better actress than Troian Bellisario. I also worry that Ashley might have some LiLo tendencies hidden deep down. You know the girl likes to party. Don’t do it, Ashley!

  14. Callie

    I absoutely love Selena Gomez’s first outfit (though it must be said I am a decade older than her). I think she aces it though.

    I am glad Vanessa Hudgens’ relapse to wearing reclaimed lace was temporary.

  15. Edith

    Are you wrong to like V Hudge’s second dress? Maybe. But I think it’s less than fair of you to call out Selena’s first look as “too old” for her, and not note that that final dress on Vanessa is likewise very “woman of a certain age who’s showing off the shoulders and arms she’s rightfully proud of.” It’s at LEAST 20 years too old for her, and it has Spiderman’s face on the bodice.

  16. Helen

    #2 on Gomez and #6 on Hudgens are GREAT dresses – for any given 40- to 45-year-old with the figure for them. I would wear those. *looks down* Well, maybe after working out for a few weeks. (OKAY, a few months. I can dream!)

    These very young ladies just look like beautiful little girls in them. It’s the exact opposite of the effect that surely was intended.

  17. Sarah

    I love Selena’s white skirt. Wonder where I can find a significantly cheaper knockoff…

  18. Aria

    I LOVE Selena’s first outfit…but then again, I am probably 20 years older than she is…

  19. jerkygirl

    The first dress on Ashley Benson is one of the ugliest pieces of clothing I’ve ever seen, and I used to own a pair of grey polyester bellbottoms with maroon birds on them (I was a kid in the 70′s). The second dress on Vanessa Hudgens makes her look like a Star Trek she-villain, and I love it for that reason.

  20. jay

    The thought of Nina Garcia’s face if anyone ever presented anything remotely adjacent to that Ashley Benson dress is magical.

  21. TonyG

    Spidey silver sequins rule! (Really, I’m kind of digging that last dress on Vanessa Hudgens).

  22. Jessica

    I actually like all of these outfits, except for Ashley’s “Project Runway run amok” dress and Vanessa’s white lace atrocity.

  23. h² fashion

    Selena is the one with the most style sense out of the three of them. Her D&G gold and black dress that she wore in Berlin was amazinggggg (pictured on my blog). I love Ashley Benson, so I wish she would invest in a better stylist or something. I don’t even have anything to say about Vanessa. I mean where has she been for the past like 4 years?


  24. Tiffany

    I dont like the white outfit that Vanessa was wearing, but I do like the red dress a lot.

    I think Selena’s dresses are cute, but I have to admit there is something about her I don’t like. I think there is just too much hype around her, when I dont’ find her to be that cute or talented.

  25. Esme

    All 3 of them look like 13-year-olds dressed up in Mommy’s clothes.