Fugs and Fabs: A Novak Djokovic Charity Event

It must be hard to lose Wimbledon one day and then host a charity shindig the next, especially one that MAY have been scheduled in the hopes that it’d be tied to your victory lap. Fortunately, Sarah Ferguson and the ornate orthodontia she strapped to her waist were there to drag him out of his doldrums.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. AmandaD

    The Naomi Campbell dress is freaking me out. It’s like just her torso has been set on a tiny tiny pedestal.

    • Katty McNiley Ripley

      Yes… I was going to say she was wearing an inverted christmas tree…

      • Emily

        Thank goodness it’s not just me.

        • julyol1972

          I swear, Naomi is the reason they coined the phrase “a tall drink of water”. I mean look at the length of her body in that dress – she’ like a Mile Tree.

          • Evalyn

            She looks like she’s rising out of a genie lamp or a cloud of smoke. In a good way.

    • jenlwb

      Me too!!!!!!!!!! It’s like some optical illusion that makes my eyes hurt, I honestly thought the picture had stuck as i scrolled down my screen…

    • Claire1

      THANK YOU!!
      I was going to post exactly the same thing…mostly “She’s FREAKING ME OUT”….

    • LB

      I had to come look at the comments just to see if I was the only one who was getting dizzy looking at her lower half. She looks like she’s been planted on a narrow spike with ruffles. It’s freaking me out!

      • SKGD

        Add me to the list of freaked out fuggirls! Thank goodness it’s not my computer, or my eyes! That is one disconcerting photo, the more you look at it the odder (more odd?) it seems.

    • fiatluxury

      something about it reminds me of the Jetson’s robot maid, Rosie. I mean – she had wheels, at least, but I feel like she just kind of whirled her skirts around for perambulation? Maybe I’m making that up. But Naomi seems like she could only perambulate by whirling her skirts, because I don’t know how her legs get sufficient distance from each other to cover any ground. I hope stretch fabric is involved.

    • One of the Leahs

      I think Naomi looks like a chess piece, somehow.

  2. qwertygirl

    Naomi’s is not flattering. It makes her look too boxy or something. I’ve never paid much attention, so I can’t say if she normally appears to have exceptionally broad shoulders, but if she doesn’t, this dress is giving them to her. If she does, well, she does. Her face looks great, but I’m not so sold on the dress.

  3. Lynne

    You might say Naomi’s dress is technically unflattering but she still manages to be stunning. Ridiculously stunning. Preternaturally stunning.

    Also, NoDjo is still dreamy.

  4. Jen S 2.0

    Goldie Hawn is coming very close to out-hotting her daughter. Wow! Kate’s legs are amazing. Her dress is not. Mullet dresses? Are seldom good. Naomi looks amazing until her dress explodes in a funereal tutu at the bottom.

  5. cdd

    the daily mail just had pictures of kurt and goldie on vacation together, so I think they are doing fine. I am bizarrely attached to them as a couple, I think it comes from excessive “overboard” viewings as a child.

    • Deborah

      I have a lifelong attachment to those two. I think it’s because of Disney (him) and Laugh-In (her), from the time I was a kid they have always been there. Together, they make me double happy. Silly, isn’t it?

    • HelenBackAgain

      Who can resist Overboard?

  6. Art Eclectic

    I kindof love that jeweled cumberbund thingy, but not as currently deployed. Wrong dress, wrong person.

  7. Deborah

    Oh, Sarah… Too much is too much. Also fit, please find it. The color is lovely, I will give you that.

  8. HelenBackAgain

    I see Sarah Ferguson’s career of bad choices has not come to an end…

    Goldie looks great. And I so agree, she could not be named anything else!

    I love that dress on Naomi Campbell. It’s very editorially dramatic, but I think she pulls it off. She looks about ten feet tall.

    Kate Hudson is almost making the mullet dress work. Maybe if it were less tent-shaped?

    • Edith

      If Sarah Ferguson is going to go to this kind of event, she needs a stylist. She just DOES. She looks terrible in that.

      Naomi’s Seussian dress is amazing, and that woman does NOT age.

  9. Dionne

    I think that while Naomi Campbell’s face is, as always, flawless, that dress makes her look like Cindy Lou Who of Whoville.

  10. Nanny

    I love love love that bold striped dress in the last frame.

  11. TLT
    • HelenBackAgain

      Those are great! Thanks TLT!

      I hope I and whoever he is can look that good and happy and healthy at sixty-something and in love…

      Well, and I also hope there’ll be a “whoever he is.”

  12. Me

    I almost mistook Sarah Ferguson for Susannah Constantine from “What not to wear”, but then I thought: “Hell no, she would never wear that” :P

    • Trace

      Well they’ve both slept with the same man, only Fergie managed to marry him too!

  13. Goldfish 

    Whenever Naomi’s clothes are cracked out, as they are here, her body (in this case her arms), face and hair look extra awesome to compensate, like some high tech hydraulic personal aesthetic system.

    You cannot step to Naomi.

  14. Heather S.

    Oh SARAH! That’s so very wrong. Also she looks like she’s had too much work done around her eyes. Sigh.

    I found Kate Hudson’s only slightly less alarming, but was soothed by Goldie. Now I’m wondering if Goldie saw what Kate was wearing and thought I must dress awesomely to distract from that flumpy thing my sweet Kate is wearing! What a good mom.

  15. TonyG

    I love the over-the-top bejeweled cummerbund/belt thingy on Sarah, and I love the velvet as a skirt on that dress (though it needs to be tailored better to fit her body).

    The top is just very poorly designed and an afterthought. It should have covered her very close to the neck, and perhaps been long-sleeved. With that much jewelry around the waist, you need extensive cloth coverage to balance it out.

    • Evalyn

      I love Fergie – that dress is a fun idea gone bad, but I still love Fergie.

    • Edith

      It’s JULY. It was in the 80s, even in London this weekend. Velvet is awesome, but velvet is wrong wrong WRONG in the summertime.

      I just don’t understand anything about Fergie’s dress. Why does it exist? Why did she choose it? Why did no one stop her?

  16. Goldfish 

    Maybe Fergie’s belt thing is some ornamental chain mail from a foyer statue she nicked on her way out of the palace, and she thinks this will get under HRH skin even after all these years?

  17. BrownEyedBetty

    Fergie (the royal, not the pea) is making me sad. very sad. but also not surprising. she’s never had the best taste in fashion…

    Naomi is making me gasp. she doesn’t age and is (a word I don’t use very often) magnificent. She’s an Ageless Amazon.

    I love Goldie and I have always loved Goldie – all the way back to Laugh-In… Thanks for the pics of her and Kurt. Loved ‘em!

  18. Samantha

    Aw, I got to see Kurt Russell at a screening of Escape from New York recently, and he actually managed to break his cool and gush about Goldie in the middle of the Q&A. It was adorable. She is fantastic. And actually, Kate Hudson’s dress is fantastic, but only on her, I think. And possibly Diane Kruger.

  19. Sajorina

    Dear Fergie, NO! I love Kate Hudson’s whole outfit and Jelena Ristic’s dress! WANT! And, as a fair-skinned person, I’ve never even tried nude pumps!

  20. Vandalfan

    Is there no lipstick in the entire kingdom?

  21. Sandra

    What has Sarah Ferguson done to her face? And you’d think that after 30 years in the public eye she would have learned to dress herself in flattering styles.

    I’m going to run against the tide here and declare my love for Naomi Campbell’s dress. She looks amazing, even though I suspect that she has already sent her battle-bots around to kill me for daring to have an opinion about anything she does.