Fugkita: Maggie Q at the Divergent premiere

In the spirit of the name of the movie, let’s borrow from Robert Frost:

“One seam diverged; it wasn’t good, for Eye –

Eye took the road that traveled Thigh,

And now I have too much information

Although I also have a reason to do more lunges, so maybe it’s a wash.”

[Photo: Getty]

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  1.  Tamdog


  2. Chelsea

    That… that was beautiful. The poem, that is. Not the dress. Oh, definitely not the dress.

  3.  Looly

    How can Fug Nation nominate Heather as the Poet Laureate of the United States????

  4.  Michelle

    You aren’t kidding about the lunges, that is some amazing muscle definition. The dress is still fug though- put it away people.

  5. sarah

    She is seriously so good looking–and you don’t even notice it when she is wearing something this ridiculous.

    •  Ashley

      On the contrary, my first thought was, “that is trying too hard/desperate for attention”. Then to look at her – this woman is a goddess- that makes this sartorial choice all the more tragic.

      • sarah

        To clarify–I meant that you don’t even notice how beautiful she is because that ridiculous outfit is so distracting.

        • Kristan

          I knew what you meant. ;)

          The irony is that early in Nikita’s run, Maggie Q supposedly asked the wardrobe people to stop dressing her in such skimpy outfits.

          •  Portia

            I remember that! She complained in an interview that they kept wanting to put her in short skirts and tiny bathing suits. So I guess she’s gotten over it.

  6. Mrs. Helpful

    Just….please make it stop.

    • Tessie

      Seriously. It seems like just yesterday we were introduced to side-boob and now we’re being asked to welcome side-butt. This is madness.

  7. Cat

    Great body, but seriously?! Why not just show up in a swimsuit or something?

  8.  Karen

    How to unsee this absurd image????? Lady, you may have a great bod but you look beyond ridiculous.

    The poetry makes up for it. Thank you, Heather.

  9. marylou bethune

    Desparate. She belongs in the Courtney Love bracket. ( oh there isn’t one? )

    • Fanny_Trollope

      I think we’re all sensing a Fug Madness 2015 poledance. It’s in the air.

  10. Blair Sylvester

    I don’t love it but if you are going to show your upper thighs I prefer this route to the gwyneth Paltrow sheer windows. It’s the lesser of two evils i guess

    •  TereLiz

      I swear EVERY dress/skirt/pant this guy designs is meant to show off the hip area. (100% positive this Anthony Vaccarello S/S2014) Sometimes leaving something to the imagination is sexier, dude, ya know?

      Just be glad she’s not wearing look 22. http://www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/S2014RTW-AVACCARELLO

      • Legally_blonde

        You’re right, it’s look 34. Good call (on identifying it – I’m not giving Maggie a “good call” on the dress).

      • Tessie

        For whatever reason, look #22 screams “Liberty Ross” to me.

    •  KLeewrite

      I’m with you on that. Also, for some reason, this doesn’t feel as try-hard on Maggie as the body-baring looks do on Gwyneth.

      • Blair Sylvester

        I think it looks less desperate because sheers kind of try to have it both ways. Either show the skin or don’t. (Although sometimes a sheer yoke works for me) but I am just so over sheers. Unless I am in a cabin and then there are a lot of mosquitos around then by all means drape mosquito netting over the bed

  11.  Miranda

    I am so tired of knowing that these women don’t wear underwear while in a loaner dress. Gross. Obviously she’s looking for a job, and judging by that dress it isn’t in acting.

  12. SKS

    Why is everyone at this premiere such a mess???? And it’s like different fashion crimes being committed for each person.

  13. crystala

    A scroll-down fug if ever there was one

    • Betsy

      This was totally a scroll-down fug on my browser. I GASPED.

      • Caroline

        I came to the post from Facebook where I saw just the top and thought this looks good. How wrong could I be!

  14. Big Noise

    I thought the headline said “Maggie G” and wondered “What is Maggie Gyllenhaal doing there? She isn’t in this movie, is she?” And I almost fainted when I scrolled down to realize it most definitely wasn’t Maggie G. Cripes.

  15.  Ann

    Hate! THIS is why I didn’t feel hate for some of the other dresses we’ve discussed. At least the other women managed to cover themselves without being quite so tacky and vulgar. Okay, I’m finished clutching my pearls now.

  16. HelenBackAgain

    This is so trashy, but the worst part, also observed by other posters above, is that it distracts from her magnificent face. I’m not even seeing her at all, just Trashy Dress.

    I can hear the news announcer now: “Trashy Dress has taken over Maggie Q! Aaaaand, it’s Trashy Dress in the lead to take over the entire Divergent premiere! Oh no, this just in, Trashy Dress is racing out of control, and trashing all of L.A.! Stay inside, folks!”

  17. Donna J

    Remember when Liz Hurley in that safety-pin dress was outrageous? She was famous overnight because of it. I can’t imagine anything, perhaps other than turning up stark naked, having such an impact now, so inundated are we with shenanigans like this all the time.

    Now, I have to get back to my shows and my second cocktail.

    • HelenBackAgain

      I do remember that! And in a similar fashion moment, that green thing Jennifer Lopez wore. Which was beautiful, and fit her like a dream, but it was shocking at the time (making it an outstanding PR move). Now, that’s just normal.

      •  Portia

        At least that was a beautiful dress, and she wore the heck out of it. Maggie Q just looks like she walked into a giant three-ring binder.

  18.  holly

    NOT appropriate for a YA movie premier!

  19. BEA

    Someone is wanting to be in Fug Madness….

  20. Sandra

    Heather, you are a delight. I would never have thought of giving Robert Frost the GFY treatment, but this is perfect.

    The “dress” is perfectly wretched. And her face says, “yeah, you know, on second thought this wasn’t such a great idea.”

  21. tigers4us

    I don’t care what shape you’re in, that is not a dress. To be worn in public. It might, however, make an interesting tunic, with leggings…

  22. Arlene

    Her face could launch a thousand ships but that dress is a WRECK!

  23. Gypsy Danger

    Damn! She is fit. I get the idea of this dress, but the execution is poor. I would like to see this with a different colour fabric panel there instead of thigh. I don’t see a reason why it needs to have only one sleeve. Both or none people.

  24. Jenz

    “… and skin to show before I sleep.
    And skin to show before I sleep…..”

  25. Lori

    Sigh. I just love you so much. You can’t get this kind of commentary anywhere else.

  26. Bébé

    Perhaps I’m too old: how does one take care of personal hygiene in such a….dress? Collection of fabric? Cut-out-paper doll homage?

  27. Sajorina

    BRAVO, Heather!!! *standing ovation*