Fugging Up With the Kardashians

Khloe, you are BY FAR my favorite Kardashian — with the possible exception of Kanye.

But, to borrow a caps lock from your future ex-brother-in-law, THAT’S A SHIRT AND YOU KNOW IT.

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Comments (31):

  1. Kat

    Outfit AND hair are terrible, but hello leg city! Her legs look gorg! Shame on anyone who thinks Khloe is “beastly,” those gams are totally worthy of my jealousy.

    • DanerKebab

      Totally agree! From the hemline down, she looks fantastic.

      • Carolina Girl

        Are you kidding? It looks like she forgot to wash the her left leg.

      • Katie Lynn

        I think it’s a trick of the light, but it looks more like she has a GIGANTIC fading bruise to me.

    • Alle C. Hall

      The overall impression is one of a woman approaching a certain age, trying to register 20 years younger than she is. The poor dear, here, is really 20 years younger than the woman she comes across as. This is not good.

      • Betty

        The dress is about 3 sizes too small with the waistline becoming almost empire, thus shortening her torso. Plus the neckline is just too hight and gives her a case of the mono boob. Her legs however are beautiful and she’s right to highlight them.

  2. Billie

    I really, really want those shoes.

  3. Kara

    I think she’s wearing white bike shorts underneath, and that is a trend that is just not allowed to come back, OK? It just isn’t. I was a kid in the ’90s and I never did that (although I did do the shorts-with-tights thing).

    • Whitney

      I think it’s just the hem of the slip underneath the leopard print sticking out. I actually thought it was the end of her self tanner for a minute, so I see where you’d get the bike shorts thing.

      You are not alone in wanting that trend to stay in the past, though.

      • Annie E

        Hide your first-borns, but I think it’s coming back. I have a friend who works in a high school library and she says sometimes when the girls wear really short dresses they wear bike shorts underneath them.

      • dvj

        I’ll take bike shorts over crotchtacular any day. I do not want to see young ladies’ thongs or pubes (or lack thereof). I don’t want anyone else to see them either.

  4. Carol

    Everything she is wearing above the knees is too small … the shirt is not a dress and the leather jacket is too small … doesn’t look like she can even button it … sleeves are too short … what is wrong with these people!!!!!!!

  5. Erika

    those shoes are absolutely amazing though!!! I think they save the whole outfit and make her legs look awesome


  6. Carolina Girl

    Make that her right leg. I was temporarily blinded by the sheer crotchtacularity.

  7. Tony

    Another thumbs up for the shoes. Fun and colorful.

  8. kb

    ..but great legs and cute shoes!

  9. Leah

    I saw this on E News last night and freaked my husband out by screaming “Oh dear Fug”!

  10. Kim

    She looks like a man dressing up as a Flintstone. She is so ugly!

  11. Shiitake

    Are her eyes getting closer together?

  12. val.

    The “dress” needs to be longer. The jacket needs to be bigger.

  13. Francesca

    Can’t grasp my heart around those shoes. They resemble too closely a platform pump with attached ankle monitoring device, courtesy of the local county magistrate.

  14. Amber

    I think I know what she’s trying to do here–her sisters are tiny, tiny people and so she looks huge next to them and is always getting those types of insults. I think this is her attempt at “Hey, look at my legs!” and I understand it–she has great legs! But still–it’s not a dress and shouldn’t be worn as such.

  15. vandalfan

    Everything is too small! The jacket, the animal print nightie, everything. She looks like she’s going to explode out of the bodice, and that silly hairdo looks like she just took out very high pigtails and has yet to comb out her hair. The shoes deserve better.

    • Bambi Anne Dear

      Agree with it all being too small. At the moment it’s stripper fashion.

  16. Veronica

    If this was all properly sized, I would actually give her a go on this outfit because it has elements of something good. Before that happens, we need several more inches of hem, a looser bust, and more fitted jacket. The shoes are actually kind of nifty and deserve better.

  17. ok

    She looks a bit Barbarella.

    As a chesty girl myself, that sort of neckline does us no favors– makes us look very heavy on top.

  18. Susieboo74

    love Khloe, hate the frock-smock and girl go faboosh legs!

  19. Mooshki

    Just a mere inch or two longer and I would say she was channeling Nancy Sinatra and nailing it!

    Forget what I just said; after a quick reminiscing via Google Image Search, forget the inch or two, she is flat out Sinatraesque.

  20. Jennifer

    The shirt needs to go passed her bottom and she should add either a pair tight fitted pants or a black skirt. the jacket should also cover her bottom. This outfit show lack of maturity.