The entries for this particular FFF were AMAZING. It was incredibly tough for us to pick the top three, and I fully recommend you read all of them.

A reminder:

THE SITUATION:  I can’t improve on what our photo service said about this: “Actress and star of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Kat Graham seen performing with her band ‘The Knocks’ at the opening of the Chilli Beans Sunglasses shop in Los Angeles.” Oh, Kat Graham. Opening a Chilli Beans. I LOVE YOU.

THE TASK:  This outfit is obviously straight out of 1991. Our giveaway is a book that involves magical shenanigans. Please share with us the magical incantation Kat Graham uses to time-travel so elegantly between Today and Back In the Day.

And, with no further ado, your top three! Each of these authors will get an ARC of Leigh Bardugo’s awesome Shadow and Bone. The one who wins your vote as best overall will also get a $100 gift certificate from Obsessive Complusive Cosmetics!

1) Rachel:

Gods of flannel, hear my plea
Power of denim grant to me
Spandex bike shorts, glitter boobs
Take me back to ’92
I’ve made the sacrifice, let me take the plunge
Send me back to the time of grunge
(incantation requires the burning of incense, a Troll and a fabric sunflower)
2) Mags:
Two Gin Blossoms, an eye of Kurt,
Pairs of shorts so tight they hurt,
Bedazzled boobs in dire straits,
A doorway to beyond awaits,
A borrowed flannel, combat boots,
Protection from all dark disputes,
Because when the beasties come out to play,
They’ll turn back screaming “Like… what a total Monet!”
3) Allie:
Hail spirits of a decade past
Entreat thee with this spell I cast…
Transport me to that dawn of days
When plaid and jorts were all the rage,
When Docs-not Crocs- adorned our feet
And bike shorts made the look complete.
In glitz and wire, my boobs encased
My shirt wrapped tightly ’round my waist
Transport me back through time and space
And leave me there on Melrose Place
And if one wish you’ll grant to me?
Give me the body of Demi
For should I land in fashion hell,
At least that way I’ll wear it well
O Kurt! Selena! JonBenet!
Princess Di and JFK!
I beg thee, when the stars align,
To my pager send the sign
For though it may well be a sin,
I long to wear these clothes again!

Which entry is your favorite?

  • Number One, by Rachel (25%, 968 Votes)
  • Number Two, by Mags (17%, 665 Votes)
  • Number Three, by Allie (58%, 2,201 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,813

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