Sometimes I forget how PRETTY Rihanna is:

She looks like a Disney Princess. Especially when she’s not wearing a chain-mail loincloth. Her dress sort of looks like she’s taken Maleficent’s headdress, dyed it pink, and strapped it to her boobs, and she STILL looks like she could burst out with, “Little town, it’s a quiet village/ every day like the one before./ Little town, full of little people/waking up to saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay BONJOUR!” (Yes, I did DVR Beauty and the Beast when it was on ABC Family the other week. That movie is REALLY GOOD. A) I am partial to movies wherein the heroine loves a library ladder as much as I do, and B) Jerry Orbach AND Angela Lansbury, and C) sometimes I just start singing “Gaston” to myself in the shower and I am pretty sure it’s the perfect song.) On the other hand, stripping Maleficent is ESSENTIALLY what happens to Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty on, like, a metaphorical level. Also, I just got sucked into a Wikipedia wormhole reading about Maleficent (my favorite, obviously, and certainly the scariest of the Disney villains, I think) and have no idea who I was even talking about.

Ah, yes! Rihanna. So pretty. As is the dress:

Yes, it’s the girliest thing that ever happened and the hemline is kind of bizarre, but I think it’s extremely refreshing to see her take her inner Zooey Deschanel out for a walk. Let her out more often, RiRi — this suits you.

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