Fugging Dawn

The caption for this photo generously referred to it as a flirty summer play suit.

I call it “pajamas.”

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]

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Comments (22):

  1. Bri

    But damn, girl has some great legs.

  2. Claire L

    I’m with Bri… and then she’s topped it off with glorious hair! Those legs and that hair would give me enough hootzpah to think I could shop at Gymboree too!

  3. toxxic

    Eww disagree Bri, girl needs to tone up.

  4. Emily

    If you’re above the age of two, you shouldn’t wear anything referred to as a “play suit.”

  5. A.J.

    @Emily – EXACTLY.

  6. maria

    “Rompers” are for children, young children. Under the age of 8. This is another trend that makes me crazy along with “cascading cardigans”.

  7. Sherri

    I pray there are not ruffles across the butt of that romper. No no no no! Not in public!

  8. yeahandalso

    yeah, totally pajamas…she looks like she should be getting into pillow fights in a sorority and/or being chased through the woods by Jason with a machete

  9. Amber

    I kind of want this, as pajamas of course. Looks comfy!

  10. Geemee

    It’s cute! It’s something I’d wear to clean the house and I *might* leave it on to run the trash bin to the curb. But I would not get in my car and drive someplace to let other people see me in it.

  11. Geemee

    And toxxic, the girl IS toned. If that’s cellulite we see on her outer thigh, it’s called “genetics.” And she’s NORMAL. This need for perfection is what has tweens in the bathroom throwing up what they just ate.

  12. Kara

    @Emily & maria: PREACH. I hate rompers. Rompers are for children. She is bare-faced so I’m-a tell myself she is indeed wearing PJs and just ran out to do an errand real quick.

  13. vandalfan

    All the evils of a jumpsuit with half the fabric.

  14. Kris

    Hey! That’s my old romper from when I was 10, the one my aunt made from repurposed sheets! I wondered what happened to that… actually, wait, I hated it even in the fourth grade, never mind.

  15. anny

    @Geemee – me neither, I mean venture out of the yard. Not least because those shorts are really SHORT and she’s one long stride away from flashing her fulcrum at us.

  16. Valentina

    You wouldn’t believe how many Express ’90s rompers are in our thrift stores (Santiago, Chile)… No matter the season, every time I go shopping I stumble across at least one of them.

  17. Mongerel

    I dunno…pajamas? My ladies and gents don’t turn up in bed dressed like this. Ms. Greene can look nice with the styling and the lighting, but dang. This is just…a miscalculation.

  18. Zed

    I think she looks fine, she’s just out and about. She’s not carrying a purse, just her car keys – she’s not even shopping, let alone at a premiere. She’s clean, tidy, pretty, and has the bod.

  19. Sajorina

    I’ve been known to go to Walgreens and to the Gas Station in my pajamas; and they are better looking that THAT! She looks pretty without makeup, though!

  20. Heather

    @ Valentina – that is a fascinating cautionary tale against globalization!

    Would NOT sleep in this because I’d have to take it completely off for my 3 am pee. (Of course, I wouldn’t wear it in the day either, for that reason and many others.)

    Cute sandals, though.

  21. Carol

    Unflattering at the midsection … she looks like she has no waist!

  22. Zuzzie

    @Zed – yes.