Fug/Fab Face-Off: Amber Heard vs. Ginnifer Goodwin

If I hadn’t stuck her name in the headline, I might’ve tried to trick you into thinking that was Kristen Stewart. It’s uncanny, no? If Amber Heard’s acting career doesn’t work out on its own, maybe she should try to hitch a ride on the Stewart Express somewhere. Imagine a straight-to-DVD Twilight 5: Breaking Brunch Time. Or Panic Room 2: Oops, We Left Her In There. Sold. Anyway, clearly — based on the slides — I have definite feelings about who won this, and that it wasn’t even really a contest. But I do love a poll, so…

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Comments (27):

  1. Mouse

    I don’t really see the Kristen Stewart resemblance. Amber looks like she bathes…

  2. Jenna

    The only thing about Amber’s look that I would change are those shoes. They’re dreadful. Ginnfer’s shoes with that outfit would be great. Amber’s lip color on Ginnifer’s head would also be great. Ginnifer looks like a really gorgeous corpse with that nude lip.

  3. Eliza Bennett

    GiGi looks consumptive. Maybe if she’d worn colorful jewelry and accessories, it would have paid off. I want to like it, but I’m not sold. Amber’s is equally meh, but she does look bathed and perky.

  4. chickadee

    Uh, not even in Kristen Stewart’s dreams is she as pretty as Amber Heard. I really like this look on Amber, especially with the darker hair and bright lipstick. Ginnifer’s not so much.

  5. Vandalfan

    Amber is bringing it. Ginnifer is scaring it off.

    • pidget

      Indeed! Amber looks spectacular, in a really interesting and powerful way – a great combo of strong makeup and art-dress. Poor Ginnifer just looks sad and consumptive.

  6. Amanda

    Damn, Amber Heard is just gorgeous! And, apparently she can pull off any hair color.

  7. Lynne

    From a distance it’s LESS crazy? I respectfully disagree. From a distance, she appears to be mutating into a crow. A very unhappy crow. I’m growing very tired of this girl’s red carpet tribute to Sylvia Plath.

    Amber looks smashing.

  8. Willow

    I adore elaborate neck pieces on simple dresses – Amber’s is perfection.

  9. Laura

    What mouse, chicadee and Lynne said, exactly! Kristen Stewart, like Ke$ha, looks like she smells like ashtrays and dirty hair half the time (for Ke$ha it’s pretty much all the time). Amber Heard, whoever she is, is pretty and clean. And does Ginnifer Goodwin know about stylists, or does she just have one who hates her?

  10. Mongerel

    Amber’s dress wins by several miles. If she had brown eyes, she looks startlingly like my mom when she was young.

    Ginnifer’s shoes, though, blow Amber’s away. So elegant and flattering. Definitely in my top ten I have ever seen on this site.

  11. Sandye

    Did Gucci choose the outfits they loaned? If so, someone there hates Ginnifer.

  12. Sandra

    Amber looks sophisticated and elegant. Ginnifer looks bedraggled.

  13. Tiffany

    I think Amber looks amazing. Her face is so gorgeous to me, love her make up here and the way she is able to pull off the drama and not look try-hard-ish.

  14. Billie

    Amber wins, for sure, but I don’t hate Ginnifer’s. The top is a bit on the sloppy side, but the skirt is really striking.

  15. Elizabeth

    Doesn’t Amber’s makeup look totally 80s?

  16. Louisa

    I adore Ginnifer, but these clothes, that hair, and all that makeup only seem to diminish her considerable beauty. I imagine that she’s trying to counter the natural sweetness in her face by styling herself tougher, but it might be better to embrace the sweetness.

  17. Andrew S.

    I wish Ginnifer would just SMILE for once. JUST SMILE. PLEASE!

  18. Melinda

    I’m still chucking over “Panic Room 2: Oops, We Left Her in There.”

  19. Eli

    Ginnifer’s constant red carpet sexyface is so annoying. And I really don’t like her haircut on her. I like it when women fabulously pull off short hair (Halle Berry, Winona Ryder back in the day) but it just doesn’t work on her.

  20. kindakute

    Amber Heard is insanely gorgeous. Ginnifer needs to smile and I really hate it when people say that but it’s true. I even started smiling my biggest smile in pictures and sure enough I ALWAYS look glowing and happy. Go figure.

  21. Guerra

    Amber looks gorgeous, her make up is divine! But she should of worn ginnerfers shoes. Ginnefer needs to smile, I’m not being rude but she will never pull off sexy or fierce she needs to look happy!

  22. Sajorina

    I think they’re both pulling the neck fan off! But, although I like Amber’s dress & makeup better, I like Ginnifer’s shoes & clutch better! So, I would wear Amber’s dress and makeup with Ginnifer’s shoes and clutch… PERFECT!

    By the way, I totally see the Kristen Stewart resemblance!

  23. Helen

    Heard is so beautiful, it’s ridiculous. And looks great in this outfit. And, yes, any hair color!

    There’s a shot of Kristen Stewart just above as I’m viewing, in the “Hot Right Now…” section, and I am seeing no resemblance, looking at them right near each other. Dark hair and light eyes, I guess?

    Goodwin’s look, I love from the waist down. But the blouse and makeup (apart from the eyes, which I agree were brought out nicely) are just awful.

  24. ama

    yes, her eyes look fine, but what about those EYEBROWS? those are way too gothy for this already-gothic dress. and her eyebrows are just fine without pencil. good grief. i feel like without those brows, this look could be much more successful, even without the smile.

  25. Liv93

    Well, I think the very pretty Amber Heard has a very generic, forgettable face whereas Kristen Stewart may not be as “perfect” but she has more personality. So there.

    Amber pulled it off better imo.