At the very least, it’s always refreshing to see Sacha Baron Cohen out of character.

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  1. Laura

    The third pic makes her look like Ariel. Which is kind of a good thing.

  2. filmcricket

    Yeah, his suit needs about an inch of give everywhere, it’s not only a skosh too short, it’s a skosh too tight as well. I seriously dislike her dress.

  3. Orange Clouds

    Unbelievable how handsome he actually is.

    • Dazie


      I wish he’d be HIM more often, the majority of his on screen personas make me stabby.

      His suit is lovely, but could stand about another inch, yes.

      Her dress- I just can’t. :-/

      • Other Emily

        Yes, he needs just a hair more length (and he is quite tall, so it’s not that surprising that things are a tad short for him generally). But otherwise he looks delicious. I loathe his characters on the whole, but he himself is very appealing here.

    • Jen M

      I know! He really is good looking. Just a little weird.

    • Jules

      I always forget he’s so handsome, but when I remember I also think that it doesn’t overcome my dislike for what’s become his particular brand of humour.

  4. aeb

    you want a thingamabop? i got twenty. but who cares. no big deal. i want mooooooooooooooore length on the dress (and a pedicure too).

  5. Lori

    hoo, that third photo has a lot of mammary tissue hanging out!

    Don’t love the dress–looks like a Disney princess negligee that got attacked by her angry animated helper animals.

    Gee, she’s so much tinier than Amy Adams.

    • derpshooter

      “Gee, she’s so much tinier than Amy Adams.”
      Isn’t that what she always says in interviews? bleh to her, but haha to you!

  6. Rayna

    Love her, love him, love them together. Love seashell bra dresses. FREALS

    Do not love seashell bra dresses that look like a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen.

    Unfug – make it a “modest” cut and see how magical! Oh, yeah, fix up boyfriend’s suit, too, just cuz.

  7. Sandra

    Is this another design horror from She Who Must Not Be Named?

  8. Kris

    Not that I have anything against breast implants, but this dress makes it clear that she has them…at least in my opinion. Maybe it’s just good boob tape, but her boobs look like they are bolted on. Weird. She looks extremely uncomfortable.
    Who knew that SBC could look normal??!!

  9. Scouse Helen

    She must have industrial tape holding those bra cups on. It looks a bit tasteless to me; like she’s saying, “never mind the stars of this film, look at me! MEEE!!!”. Is she trying to do a Liz Hurley? It’s not working.

    The frock actually reminds me of outfits worn by women in Benny Hill (cheesy 1970s British comedian) or Kenny Everett (cheesy 1980s British comedian) sketches, where bosoms were always at the point of falling out, unknown to the wearer. Our comedy has evolved rather since then…….

  10. Stefanie

    Im going to start on a positive note: Her hair is lovely.

    And Im going to unleash on a negative: The dress, the length, her shoes, her lack of pedicure, her facial expression, HER IN GENERAL, and Sacha himself are horrible.

  11. Meemojeemo

    Dear God I could not hate this more. When did we jump in our time machines and go back to 2002? (Also known as the year of “Yikes, is it cold in here, or am I just ALMOST NAKED?”).

  12. Helen

    Oh, I was so hoping this would get fugged!

    He needs to go up a size overall, which I hadn’t noticed in other photos.

    But SHE… needs a new stylist. This looks like an ’80s South Beach bikini top! It’s hilarious, but not in an on-purpose way.

  13. Montréalaise

    Her breasts are awfully perky for a woman who is 36 years old and has two kids.

  14. AndersonicTK421

    I can’t help but think we’re treading in some Holmesian spousal career contempt re: Isla’s facial expression.

    The evidence:
    Strong family religion on Hubby’s side: check!
    Successful Hubby: check!
    Expectation that Hubby Success will rub off on own career: OBVS.

    I joke. I’ve always liked her, and them, and him in certain circumstance; and, they’re both quite good looking. I just don’t know what her sour puss is about…

    • Mukel

      What do you mean by “strong family religion on hubby’s side: check!”

      Sorry, I can’t follow your Holmesian logic. Just wondering if you’d care to elaborate.

      • narshkite

        Gosh, thanks for the anti-semitism and the sexism. That really adds to the conversation.

    • Carolyn

      Isla converted to Judaism many years ago so I’m not too sure what you are implying here.
      I would’ve said that their careers were on par with one another when they first met which again was a long time ago.

  15. hb

    I know I personally would be so self concious and feel so cheap if I let it all hang out like that. A party must be much less fun if you only have about 4 movements you can make without a public indecency charge

  16. Erin

    All I can think of is how tickley and itchy the ends of her hair must be on that sensitive upper-boob skin.

  17. Vandalfan

    He’s stunning, and his suit looks fine to me. But, her? With the spilling over bodice and ankle skimming hem, her dress simply looks eleven sizes too small.

  18. kickassmomnyc

    They both need to go up a size. And he needs A TIE!!!

  19. EMN

    I suspect that this was one of the most unintentionally porn-y sentences you’ve written on this site. “Add in the red hair, and we’re about two minutes from her swimming down to her storage cave to show us her gadgets aplenty, her woozits and whatsits galore.”

    Also, the cut of her skirt means that she really doesn’t have to stand pee-pee dance style. She doesn’t look narrower; she just looks like her feet are on backwards.

    • Mara

      I think she actually needs to pee badly, and that’s she’s wearing that expression. Can you blame her?

  20. amys

    She kind of looks like a short, bored, red headed Cindy Crawford to me…who is about to fall the hell out of her too small seashells. Ugh. SBC looks good though.

  21. Sonya

    Holy crap, Mr. Borat cleans up VERY well. Yum.

  22. RachelB

    Jessica, your use of “whatsits galore” made my morning. Thanks!

    Also: yes, it’s too small, but that’s not why I hate it. I can’t get behind a seashell bra and/or stomach cutouts on an otherwise “tasteful” dress. I mean, I can’t imagine liking any dress that features those elements — but if such a dress exists, it’s gotta be loud and proud with the tacky/trashy/costume-y drama.

    Finally, both Isla and JB’s dresses seemed like unsuccessful interpretations of a Game of Thrones theme (though Jessica’s was oh-so-close). Which brings me to a fun game: imagine Khaleesi in either of those dresses. Would they still be unsuccessful?

    (My answer: I am confident that Khaleesi could rock a dress with a seashell bra and stomach cutouts, and we all know how amazing she looks in girded, gilded, breast-baring shapes ala Jessica Biel. But even she couldn’t save these dresses!)

  23. Jen S 2.0

    I can’t be objective on either of them, ever since her “tinier than Amy Adams” bit and his COMPLETE DOUCHEBAGGERY on the Oscars red carpet. Next!

    But Little Mermaid reference FTW!

    • Celeste

      If you’ve ever seen her next to AA, that comment would make so much more sense to you. It’s not as though anyone would ever think that Amy was FAT, and I refuse to believe that’s where she was going.

      • Carolyn

        Especially since there are recent photos of the two of them hugging outside their daughters dance class.

  24. pantsonfire

    I think there abides a secret vamp in me because I gotta say, I like the idea of the dress. I would have no complaints if she just went up, like, 1/2 a size or maybe just increased the cups 1/2 a size. Basically, she just needs those cups to cover like an inch more, all around, and we’re golden.

    I think the length is perfect on her because she’s petite.

  25. H.C.

    well, now I can’t help but think a clean-shaven SBC & Isla should go as Eric & Ariel for their next costume party.

  26. Trace

    I’m not surprised that Isla looks miserable – it’s fricken FREEZING in London at the moment and I’m surprised she hasn’t turned to ice standing there in that white dress!

  27. Vi

    He’s wayyy more handsome than I remember. She is almost showing her whozits and whatzits just standing there. I am getting cold just looking at her. London in winter is no place to wear that dress……I can’t think of anywhere, actually, that dress SHOULD be worn, but, def, not London this time of year.

  28. Chrissy

    They don’t look too happy. I hate her dress. It’s too short, too low cut on top, and the cutouts are dumb.

  29. Mara

    Personally, looking at her cross-legged stance and miserable expression, I believe girl’s gotta pee, yo.

  30. Esme

    Wow, she does look miserable; these are the times I reach for the old stool softeners.

  31. Gabby

    His jacket is too small. Tooooo small. And what is this corset-bustier relic thing she is wearing? Also a bad color on her. Don’t even get me started on him.

  32. Jenna

    I don’t like him. I don’t like her. I think they are very pretty people, though. Horribly dressed, but pretty. She’s wearing a strapless plunge bra with a dress attached to it and a prodigious amount of shimmer. And his suit is just too small all over.

  33. Mukel

    To all those who just realized how handsome he is, welcome! I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers.

  34. Aria

    She is so, so pretty, and I covet her hair [unfortunately, my blond hair does not want to hold the red dye - i tried!]. But this dress is just awful. It doesn’t fit, and even if it did, don’t like the tummy cutouts. And the color white does nothing for her. Maybe she got talked into wearing it by her stylist and after she left the house, realized how bad it was, hence the unhappy look on her face.

  35. Lily1214

    Isla’s gown is too small.

  36. narshkite

    The look on her face is the one i had for the first 5 months of pregnancy because the only time I did not feel like i was a minute from vomiting is when i was actually vomiting. Could she be expecting?