Fug This Way

It’s official: The Fug Boat is making another run. But at least we can see her FACE this time, and that’s a leap in the right direction.

[Photos: Pacific Coast News, INF Daily, Splash]

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  1. Miranda

    I’ve always thought she was very pretty, and this haircut is very flattering. I feel like these outfits are GaGa Lite compared to previous years. Is it wrong that I kinda miss the early days?

  2. Art Eclectic

    How did Kim Kardashian miss getting to that first outfit before Gaga?

  3. qwertygirl

    Where is she? That sweater looks like it’s brutally hot for anyplace that’s experiencing a normal North American summer. And Stefani, it’s nice to see your face, and it’s a very pretty face, but when we wanted to you “show yourself,” we didn’t mean ALL of you, dear. Just your pretty face. Put some clothes on.

    And I now have “Poker Face” stuck in my head. Curses.

    • Chris P

      New York, but it wasn’t an average (infernally hot) day. It was actually fairly cool out – when I left my house to go to work yesterday, I almost wanted a jacket. (I live across the Hudson up in Bergen County, so while it’s a bit chillier there than in New York, there isn’t much of a difference.)

      That said, it was not cool enough to skin an auroch (or, since it’s New York, a sewer rat, I guess) and wear it. Stefani, as usual, needs to SIT HER ASS DOWN.

      I do love the hair and the face, though.

      • qwertygirl

        I realized that after the fact, and figured it was still pretty warm for what she had on.

        Agreed on the hair and face. Well played from the neck up, Stefani. The rest? Not so much (on the white outfit and the satin diaper–the sweater and pants were fine, if a bit much for the weather).

  4. Beth

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen her face before. Totally more revealing than anything she’s ever worn.
    Also, delighted that she could pair her gold lame` wrestler’s belt with both the giant purple diaper and the white librarian slacks. Well done!

    • HelenBackAgain

      Totally more revealing than anything she’s ever worn.

      Boy, you said a mouthful. That is SO TRUE. No matter how naked she was, she hid herself from us – now we see the real Stefani.

  5. sharmania

    She’s been back all of five minutes and I’m already sick of all the Gaganess. That said, her face looks fabulous without all the unnecessariness that she tends to hide behind.

  6. Eliza Bennett


  7. Squirrel!

    Points for wearing the same belt with two outfits?

  8. HelenBackAgain

    She looks good in white – now let’s just make it actual clothes – and I love the light makeup and easy hair, showing her face. Now that the super-crazy looks are all, “Been there, done that,” this is a nice change.

    And I am terribly distracted by the man behind her in Slide #2. His suit blending into her sweater makes it look like her shoulders are gigantic. Which would be very Former Gaga!

  9. A.J.

    I don’t know what happened, if her last album was a letdown for me or what, but I was a big Gaga fan and now am just meh. I’m bored with her schtick or something.

  10. maryse

    she was on GMA wearing the white outfit yesterday and today no fewer than 5 spots on GMA talked about what her outfit was made of and could we guess what it was made of. blah blah blah. pissed me off (GMA not GAGA). i like seeing her face though.

    • Carol

      Apparently that white outfit is made of paper … she really was wearing a very big napkin.

  11. luvthefuggers

    I just knew she was going to come back from this hip thing dressing more normally. How long can one walk around in hooves and apparatus? What does one say to another one when the other one is dressed in hooves and apparatus? is the conversation somehow better when someone is wearing all of that stuff? Is the conversation as crazy and fun as the hooves and apparatus? Don’t you always have to be ON ON ON when you are dressed like that? I would be exhausted by now of that costume gig.

    •  Carolina Girl

      I knew wearing those insane boots with no heel would catch up with her eventually. Even Posh could only manage to wear them once.

  12. Sarah L.

    In that second photo, with the hair, sunglasses, and turtleneck-ish shirt, she looks just like Andy Warhol.

  13. simply_read

    She’s okay looking without an origami centerpiece attached to her face … and I’m all for her keeping her clothes on at all times, so great … the last look: HELLS NO!

  14. Sandra

    Even librarians don’t wear black turtleneck sweaters in August. We also save the white Hammer pants for……oh wait, we never wear white Hammer pants.

  15. ceecee

    The fact that in the last picture she is cheerfully posing for photos with fans makes me dislike her just a tiny bit less.

  16. kindakute

    Bad botox.

  17. TLT

    The whole thing reminds me of when Kristen Whig does the Lawrence Welk singer with the high forehead and the tiny hands? Esp. the first shot.

  18. Priya

    I love you fug girls …. or, I should say, I love your witty commentary. Except when you attempt to apply it to Gaga …. then I always cringe a little, because you’ve obviously completely missed her point, right from the start. And I’m 33.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      I don’t know that I agree with that. Getting it is not the same thing as thinking it works.

      Personally, I thought her most brilliant presentation moment was the egg. But I think there are plenty of people who understood it just fine and still also didn’t like it.

  19. stephasaurus

    can someone who matters in her life just sit her down and completely validate her as a person and tell her she is ok the way she is so we can all just GET ON WITH OUR LIVES?!

  20.  Anissa

    Please don’t fear the library. Yes many a poor child has been traumatized by the stearn shushing librarian, but I promise we aren’t all like that. And at a library you can get all the FREE books you could ever want. It’s the best deal!
    Oh and for the record, I wouldn’t wear white pants like that to work in a library; too much danger of getting them dirty ;)