Fug the Show: Ringer, episode 19

So, what does a lady wear when she’s trying to purr about the erotic allure of your green energy initiatives? A surprisingly high-necked shirt, actually. Seems like a misfire, no? Also: BLOOD, and more frothy gruffudding than one slide can ably contain.

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  1. Donna

    Yay, a Ringer recap! I am going to make a cup of tea and then come back and revel in it.

  2. Terri

    Have you seen this Ringer preview? It’s hilarious:


  3. Sandra

    Andrea Roth is an idiot to have fallen for the idea of wind turbines in Palm Springs. It would never ever pass the Zoning Board. Also, as everybody who has ever been there knows, Wyoming actually does have large quantities of energy-rich wind passing through it, which is why the turbines are already there. Haven’t these screenwriters ever heard of Google?

    But I highly approve of the gruffing and the ffudding and all variations on that theme. Ioan does righteous anger like nobody’s business and has done for years. YUM!

  4. Jill

    OMG, slide 4 with the Ffudd and Eyelashes repelling each other had me in stitches!

    And why do SMG and AR wear cheek blush that looks hideous? Almost like they have a sunburn that never goes away.

    This is without a doubt the most entertaining TV recap ever.

  5. TaraMisu

    “Ioan gruffs his uffuddest ffudd, and FBI ARA harnesses his Eyelash Shield and the two end up repelling each other”


    This show had better be renewed, just for these recaps.

  6. Rebekah

    “WHAT HO: Shenanigans!!”

    I am going to start saying that at random lulls in conversation. For real.

    Also, I laughed my tail off at all the gruffudoring. And I’ve never even seen this show.

  7. Madeleine

    Harry Potter AND Star Wars references all wrapped up in gruffeddy goodness??
    You are awesome!

  8. Sajorina

    These take me like 1/2 an hour to go through, but it’s well worth it! This episode was soooo juicy and revelatory… Almost everybody on this show has either killed someone or is trying to have someone killed! Fleeing to Mallorca sounds pretty good to me! I’m totally hooked & these recaps make my day… Ha!

    I’d like to correct something: When Agent Eyelashes was staking out the Dry Cleaners and he saw a guy give the woman at the counter a tarot card, she didn’t give him a briefcase, she gave him a Dry Cleaned jacket or coat! Then, FBI ARA went all Nikita on the guy’s ass after he took the jacket/coat from the guy and cut its lining to find it was filled with money; and finally judo flipped the bad guy into submission with some kicking & punching and a bloody stare!

    • Heather

      My attention to detail is… lacking. But not on purpose. Thank you!

      • dvj

        The bundles of very fake-looking money were arranged in the coat just like they would be in a briefcase, and the coat was lying flat when FBI ARA ripped open the lining, it was pretty much the classic briefcase money shot, but wrapped up from the dry cleaner. I’m not sure how lining a jacket with bundles of money would actually work, maybe superglue or something.

      • Sajorina

        You’re more than welcome, GFY Heather! I understand! Fortunately, there’s people like me who notice every detail!

  9. dvj

    Awesome, as always. Heather, you are so dependable!

    Ditto on the jacket. A quick addition to the probably meaningless things that happened in the past inventory: I think the thing that Poor Twin was looking for in her boots collection (and couldn’t find — I’m pretty sure rich people keep their shoes in better order) a few eps ago was the cell phone she got off Dead Guy in Trunk. Which is what latest Unmasked Dead Guy wanted when they met in random warehouse #X. She referred to it as her only protection or insurance or whatever to Solomon (I can’t remember his initials). We don’t know what happened to it. And we probably never will, either due to horrible continuity editing or cancellation.

  10. Hel

    I concur on the brilliance of slide 4: I was picturing Ioan and ARA as superheroes fighting with their special powers: respectively the Gruffud and the Eyelash shield.

  11. Loramir

    I basically have no idea what is going on in this show, yet I find your recaps delightful. I’m just here to provide this link to Ioan, not gruffudding at all but smiling most attractively (okay, that second picture is a bit smoldery and gruffuddy), in a kilt.


    You’re welcome.

  12. ChocoChip Destroyer

    “It’s as safe as eating at the same restaurant — or sharing DNA, or shaking HANDS — with Jessica Fletcher.”

    Is it wrong that I kind of wish the dangerous Jessica Fletcher could pop up as Sad Sack’s grandma or beloved aunt?

  13. Jo

    Yesss! Jessica Fletch would be great! Another top notch recap-da iawn (‘very good’ in Welsh).

  14. Andrew S.

    I have completely stopped watching the show and only read these XD Also, why all the hufflepuff hate, y’all?

  15. vandalfan

    Slide #4 is totally Blue Steel. The rest of this is What The Front Door, but I wouldn’t miss these recaps for the world.

  16. Corey

    Dying over “torn murder sweater.”

    Also, I loved that the location caption for the murder warehouse was just “The Bronx,” like of course the Bronx is chock-full of murder warehouses. Please let this show be renewed.

  17. taylor

    I have nothing new to say, since I say it every week, but damn, I LOVE these recaps! Also, slide 4′s caption was the exceptionally fantastic.