Fug the Show: Pretty Little Liars, episodes 2-21 and 2-22

I have to confess: The pants Aria wears in episode 22 are the entire reason I started fugcapping this show on GFY. Because I knew they were coming, and I knew we would all have to talk about them, and I figured if THAT was where things were heading then there might be some pretty hilarious mile markers along the way (which proved correct — ladder pants and rubber ducky shoes among them). I’m not leading with them in the interests of chronology, ┬ábut you can skip to slide 10 if you aren’t also curious about her hot jacket and Spencer’s ventilated blouse and Sydney Andrews’s weird-ass disease-backed dress. But WHY aren’t you curious? That is the question.

Plotwise: People are pretty, and little, and lying.

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  1. Jill

    Not only is the back of Sydney’s dress hideous, but she’s kissing the doors I guess.

    Those half & half pants are pretty awful but I did love the Whitesnake reference!

  2. Jen from cincy

    No offense, gals, but I just skip right over these “fug the show” posts. I don’t watch these shows, and I don’t care what they’re wearing!

  3. Heather

    Okay! (But why take the time to comment on it?) Fortunately plenty of other people seem to enjoy giggling at crazy costuming, and the rest of the time, we hope you still enjoy the red-carpet stuff, which will always be our bread and butter.

    • Kat

      Fug Ladies, please ignore the nay sayer. Fug the Show is AWESOME. It’s nice to have it mixed up a bit from the red carpet! Keep doin’ what you’re doin’ :)

      • Sajorina

        Heather, don’t listen to the skippers! For those of us who watch these shows and look forward to these recaps, you are a commentary genius and we appreciate your hard, yet hilarious work! Love you, gal!

    • Sarah

      Fug the Show is my favourite [other than maybe Fug the Fromage...which is always a goldmine of hilarity]! I was so disappointed when I thought you had stopped Fugging Hart of Dixie. Very glad to have the recent double post!

    • Stefanie

      Fug the Show is how I “watch” all these shows. It’s perfect cause I can keep tabs on whats happening on current shows I cant be bothered to watch all the while never missing a rerun of the Golden Girls or She’s All That/10 Thing I Hate About You.

  4. Anna

    I actually look forward to these posts every week, especially the ones on PLL and Gossip Girl. Keep ‘em coming!

  5. Kendra

    I LOVE Fug the Show posts! The plot recaps make me laugh so much, even on the shows that I don’t watch, and the costuming is fun to look at again :D Maybe I just get too bored at work – but I appreciate the day-time entertainment like you wouldn’t believe lovely Fug Girls!

  6. meggyoh

    But you guys, how dreamy was Spencer’s coat (when she hang out with crazy-pants Aria)? I want it so badly!

    PS Don’t ever stop with Fug the Show’s! They’re my favourite!

  7. Juanitatres

    I love the Fug the Show posts! I don’t watch ANY of the shows, but I still love these :) The commentary and pictures are so funny. I look forward to them each week.

  8. Dara

    I LOVE Fug the Show! The PLL and Hart of Dixie posts make my week. I am getting a little frustrated that PLL directors won’t just embrace the crazy and give us well lit, full body shots of these insane outfits. Commit to it!

  9. l0nepinemall

    I looove these posts – please don’t stop! I love PLL and I love seeing the outfits on TV and then wondering what you girls will say about them!

  10. Caitlin

    Once at the bookstore where I work, a skinny little hipster guy was shopping wearing pants (Very skinny pants) that were half-snakeskin. Seriously, one leg was snakeskin and one was just black. My friend came to visit me, and all I could say was “Look at that guy’s pants!”

    I love Fug the Show as well! It introduced me to Hart of Dixie, which I now love.

  11. vandalfan

    This is the only way I can (or have any desire to) keep track of these divine gems. You simply MUST keep up the good work. Many matronly lives depend on it.

  12. Jen from cincy

    The backlash! Yikes! All I’m saying is the Fug the Show posts aren’t my faves. Frankly, I feel like I’m too old for these shows. But you do your thing, ladies. Go on with your bad selves.

  13. Sajorina

    Heather, my favorite thing about this recap was that you labeled Pic #9 as “AREA AND SPENCER”… Ahahahahaha!!! But, I have to admit that I was so enthralled in the mystery and the drama, that I completely missed the horror of Aria’s pants! How good is this show that it makes me focus on everything but the outfits, except for Aria’s tennis ball shoes? I love this show & the recaps… Thank you!

  14. yeahandalso

    I wish this post had more on the plot, I need to hear your thoughts on what’s up with Scraggle. (What’s Up With Scraggle is a great name for a wacky sitcom btw)

    I’m glad that Mona seems to be getting into the plot more, at this point in the series Mona, Emily and Ashley (Hannah’s mom/ Sydney) are the only characters I don’t think are horrible, awful people.

  15. Adriele

    The second I saw those pants I immediately posted on your FB about them. I knew it was fugworthy! This episode was TOTALLY the video vixen day, I noticed that too. I wish my hair looked that cute when it was messy/curly. It take a lot of effort to look that effortless. Sigh.

    Ok back to the pants. WTF???? Ok, I’m done. Wait… CRAZY ONE LEGGED LEOPARD CAPRI PANTS!!!!!! Ok, now I’m finished. :)

  16. vinniepop

    I think they should totally make a singing Spencer spinoff and call it “Pretty Little Lyre”.

    And just to add to the previous comments, while I don’t watch any of the shows that GFY recaps, I quite dig Fug The Show and Fug The Fromage (and no joke — I was just about to cite “The Kind Touch” as an example, when I realized it wasn’t even called that at all – took me a minute to remember it was actually “The Client List” — *sigh* my memory has been been tainted by the fug.)

  17. Aria

    I love these posts too, although I blame y’all for my continued watching of Ringer — it’s not that good but I have to keep watching so that I can imagine your commentary (and then giggle when it posts)!

    I didn’t really remember Hanna’s red jacket, but I’m in love with it!

  18. NYCGirl

    I don’t watch any of the shows that are fugged, but I still enjoy reading the posts because of Heather and Jessica’s wittiness.

  19. Taanja

    I love PLL’s and of course I look forward to Fug’s comments about that deliciously delicious show. And I watch Ringer and the best part of that show is what you my dear Heather will say about the outfits.
    Never change!