Fug the Show: Gossip Girl, final season, episode 7

Some of the dominoes are starting to fall — we get a nice twist about Ivy’s co-conspirator — but the most important facet of this episode is: This show’s power teens dress like my nightmares.

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  1. aeb

    re: andre the giant. nate’s whole office is outfitted in old-school celebrity mug shots, so that’s the andre the giant reason. he also has sinatra’s. and whomever that lady is in photo 19 (i should know, but can’t remember right now). it’s part of the whole scoop thing.

    anyway. i love these recaps. almost sad for gg to end just because that means these will too!

  2. Beth C.

    So, I’m going to be honest, I have only sporatically watched this show, so I’m not really clear on all the plot points, and this may have been explained at some point, but I do have one question. Who on earth uses MICROFILM anymore??? I mean seriously, is this some kind of cheesy 50′s noir spy film? Elementary schoolers have camera phones now, shouldn’t they at least be fighting over a thumb drive or a memory card or something? Or is retro spy gear cool among the ultra-rich now?

    • Annie E

      It’s from an oil deal from a long time ago. Why BART didn’t burn it eons ago I don’t understand.

  3. Annie E

    So, Blair is the best and everything, but I would love for the show to end with Nate and Chuck together.

  4. Carrie

    You know Dan’s going to end up being swayed by the power of Serena’s magic vagina and fall in love with her for real, nullifying anything interesting about this “twist.” UGH GOSSIP GIRL WHY SO BAD?

  5. Lily

    “It is idiotic that Ivy and William, after hiding away, would then kiss each other in the street in full view of everyone.”

    See Stewart, Kristen as well as Sanders, Rupert.
    Apparently real life people ARE that stupid.

    Nelly Yuki’s spectacles are just SO much fug.

  6. Josephine

    I am so into that Blair outfit in picture 7. I don’t care if these pieces clash, I love it.

  7. Rosa

    I have to tell you, I don’t watch this show, I have never had a desire to watch this show, I don’t know any of the characters you’re talking about and really don’t care to. But I do love reading your recaps. Even though I don’t know what you’re talking about, your descriptions of the characters, scenes and plot lines are hilarious. Love it!

  8. Vandalfan

    Rosa speaks for me, too.

  9. chefgirl866

    So I have come to the conclusion that for its final season gossip girl is trolling everybody with this ass backwards season.

  10. Patrick

    NELLIE IS GOSSIP GIRL PEOPLE!!!! You heard it here first.

  11. Aria

    I am still trying to figure out why everyone was in love w/Blair’s white blouses and navy/black pleated skirts; really show? That’s what Blair’s “dark side” created? And Serena- she’s like some dumb dog who loves whoever is currently scratching her tummy. I was watching some S1 eps on my iPad and this show is just a shadow of its former self.