Fug the Show: Gossip Girl, episode 4

I’m not kidding: The ENTIRE Chuck Bass subplot this week hinged on that old myth parents tell their kids about how their suddenly absent, cherished family pet got sent to a wonderful farm. Next week, someone will learn that Santa isn’t real.

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  1. lavonspants

    “Statler & Waldorf.” Heather, you are my lobster. LOVE!!!

    • Eliza Bennett

      I came here to say that! Lavon and Chuck should do a menswear line. I clapped at Chuck’s dotty bowtie on a pink gingham shirt with a paisley pocket square.

  2. Heather

    Your screen name is “lavonspants”?!? You are MY lobster.

  3. hfree

    I grew up in the horse world. I’ve been to many a horse event. Blair, even with the weird hat, is the only one who is dressed appropriately. You wear boots, jackets, and an Hermes scarf if you are feeling fancy. You don’t wear sandals and a sundress. You don’t even dress up that much for the National anymore (although I think the Fug Girls would find the sartorial history of the National Horse Show very interesting, it used to be the place to be seen).

  4. MunchletteBelle

    I’m pretty sure Lily’s dress in this episode is a version of one of the dresses Duchess Kate wore on her recent tour with Prince William. I think the Duchess’ dress had more in the way of sleeves, because that’s the the Duchess usually rolls, but I definitely remember that pattern.

    • marie

      oh thank goodness, it’s been nagging me where I’ve seen my dress..that was the one she paired with the whitish hat while boarding the plane on their Asia tour, right? anyway, back to the show, the only thing I love here are the expressions on Georgina and Chuck’s face..especially that bitch face of hers while watching the video? probably dan’s exfoliation of serena grossed her out..or maybe she’s scheming on how she can also try that exfoliation

  5. Emily

    I finally turned off the GG series recording on my DVR. I figure reading the recaps is more fun and a better use of my time!

  6. Sara

    how did no one comment on the fact that the extra during the horse scene in the brown polka dot dress is almost exactly the same as Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman??!??!

    • M

      I totally noticed that, too, Sara! And they showed her twice!

    • Froney

      Exactly, spot on! Sometimes I wonder if the wardrobe department is laughing with us or at us. :)

  7. Annie E

    Sage is quite possibly the worst actress to ever appear on this show, but Chuck and Blair were giving her a run for her money with that ridiculous horse plotline. They sounded like they were reading their lines right off the page, but the writing was terrible and the investigation into a horse possibly without precedent on this show, so I don’t blame them for not knowing what do to with it.

    Dan seems to be spiraling into absolute nihilism, which has become kind of funny.

  8. Popcouver

    I get far more enjoyment out of these fugcaps than I do out of the show anymore… the writing is the absolute pits. It’s kind of sad because this show used to be so clever and witty!

    Anyhow, I no longer have a single friend or cohort left on this planet that is still dedicated to watching GG… so thank you, Heather, for filling this void in my life.

    Can we do a live-tweet or live-blog for the finale? Yeah!

    • AJ

      Live-blog for finale would be AMAZE. I too feel as if I’m on an island of Gossip Girl viewing, and the Fug recaps are my little life raft of sanity.

      Also, can I just express my disappointment in the Chuck and Blair storyline? This is the finale season, give it some juice! I expect snoozefests from Serena and Muppet-hair Dan, and Nate has been worthless since the first season, but those two, THOSE TWO. They deserve more than an outgoing storyline about some pony farm and oil (seriously wtf). OK, time to calm down.

  9. Vandalfan

    If the Bold and the Beautiful has not already used the deserted island/ hallucinogenic berries plot line, for goodness sakes don’t give them any ideas.

  10. mepe

    Please don’t ever reference Dan making Waldorf salad again…it’s possibly worse than the Rufus/Ivy afghan scene. thank you. On the other hand, a Chuck helmed “Statler & Waldorf.” men’s clothing line = brilliant.

  11. Shanna Bowie

    I’ve been waiting for this recap all week just so I could see the reaction to the last outfit. Did not disappoint. And I would buy every item in the Statler & Waldorf line for my imaginary boyfriend.