Fug the Show: GCB premiere

I wasn’t really sure if this was a fair Fug the Show, since it’s not exactly a documentary about life in Dallas (although I can’t wait for the debate in the comments about Yes It’s Exactly Like That vs. No It’s NOT, Shut Up, Meanies; I think it’s a bit of both, and I say that as a non-hater who was born in Texas) and therefore it’s over-the-top elaborate and bright and tight and played for yuks. But then again, Gossip Girl is over-the-top. Revenge is over-the-top. And what is Lemon on Hart of Dixie if not over-the-top? So it’s ON, GCB. Especially after Leslie Bibb walked out in this and nobody batted an eye. Like this was something they’d all wear if they’d bought it first. Oh, show. This could be the beginning of a beautiful fugship.

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  1. Eliza Bennett

    “Especially after Leslie Bibb walked out in this and nobody batted an eye. ” EXACTLY. I was like, what?! these insecure women think she moved back JUST to steal their husbands and NOBODY says anything to her about showing up in a fringed cocktail napkin? Love.

    • Annie E

      And it was RIGHT AFTER all these “I’m being a responsible mom” scenes and lecturing Annie Potts for making over her daughter. Leading by example apparently did not occur to her.

  2. Gigi

    God I love Annie Potts and thank Jeezus she is back on teevee and playing a southern-fried crazy maven!

  3. Jenn

    I worry that this show will be like Ringer. Where I want to watch it, but then decided the fug recaps are better than the show. I pray this never gets canceled!

    • LoriK

      I also suspect that reading the fug recaps will be better than watching the show, but I don’t find that worrying. I think this show looks terrible, and not in a fun way, but the recaps will obviously be pure comedy gold.

    • coexxi

      I have to “third” this…. I don’t know what this show is, but the recap is funny!

  4. miette

    I am SO happy you brought your brand of snark to the “clothes” on this show.

  5. Sajorina

    Heather, did you forget that Cheryl Hines’ character in ” Suburgatory” is actually named DALLAS? Hell Yes! This show is Fuggery at its finest, so over the top and ridiculously awesome! I’m so glad you decided to FUG this show… It deserves to be fugged! Thank you! *ahahahaha…….*

  6. Amber

    I’m going to have to start watching this show now. I’m not sure if I should thank you or curse you…
    But this post was hilarious, so I thank you for that!

  7. Chaiaiai

    I lovelovelove the conceit of this show, the conceit of these clothes, and the conceit of ALL of your tv fugcaps. I need a cigarette RIGHT NOW.

    Also, Cheno, if you ever read this, never ever EVER change. You are a DELIGHT.

  8. Chris

    @slide 9: That did not happen.

    I have not lived a life good enough for that to happen.

    The mere possibility that this happened – let alone on national television – is proof enough that there is a God, and She is good.

    As for Cheno, she was probably in the process of bedazzling that thing when her glue gun broke. So there’s always hope for next week.

  9. Mahastee

    WTF is this show?? Seriously. I live in a remote area of a distant continent, and I have never heard of it. Nor do I have any idea what a GCB is – is it something, something, Belle? But anyway, I LOVE this recap!

    Uh oh HAT and What Meryl wore to the Oscars? I have tears. And a little bit of telescope envy.

    • Melissa

      I think it’s “Good Christian B***” and you can say Belles if you want…

      • Mair Mair

        The show is based on a book called Good Christian Bitches. After toying with both that name and Good Christian Belles, ABC coyly decided on GCB.

      • Mahastee

        Ohhh! Okay then, thanks ;)

        Considering the pearly neck wear I think I know which one I’ll go with…

      • Conchobara

        I read that the book was called Good Christian B****, but the network couldn’t use that so they went with Good Christian Belles but some Christian groups pre-emptively got upset, so they changed it to GCB. You know, to fly under the radar. Just like those clothes.

      • amy

        Texas women are not belles. They’re a different brand of wackadoodle.

    • Mair Mair

      The show is based on a book called Good Christian Bitches. At one point, ABC was going to call it Good Christian Belles, but after much hand wringing, they coyly decided on initials.

      • Gigi

        “Bitches” was rejected by ABC, “Belles” was rejected by the Robert ‘Steel Magnolias’ Harling, the series creator. GCB is the result of their standoff.

    • Chris

      Apparently, GCB is the network-appropriate acronym for the original title of the show. (For starters, they’re certainly Christian, and they may not be good.)

      Also, that was not what Meryl wore to the Oscars. That was what Meryl wore to the Globes.

  10. Sandra

    If this is truly the way Texas women dress, I hope they’re doing it ironically. And when I go to church this Sunday, I’m going to thank Jesus for making the classic navy blue that is the default mode for ladies from New England. It isn’t adventurous, but at least it isn’t hideous.

  11. Mair Mair

    Greetings from the People’s Republic of Austin, and THANK YOU for the bat reference! You made my day. :-) Now that I know that there is bat-themed fashion, I may have to watch.

  12. Sandra

    Also, please to be having some Hot Harry Goes To The Caribbean coverage? Did you see him in that linen suit?? PHWOAR!!

  13. drlemaster

    IIRC from growing up in Dallas, things should be less frilly, sparkly, and samey than these outfits, but more expensive-looking jewelry. (That might not translate to T.V. so well). Also, all the western attire is fake cowboy. It should be mixture a fake and authentic cowboy wear, sometimes within the same outfit.

  14. Jen

    Looking forward to more insight from the Beans, “Uh Oh Hat,” — Love it!

    • Margaret

      What Jen said! The Beans are following in mom’s footsteps — we want more!

  15. Fae

    My friend and I were watching this, and we summed it up with two words: Dallas people. The descendants of carpet baggers who rode the train all the way down to the end of the railroad, and just settled there, and overtime got rich. They pretend they’re Texan, and emphasize it multiple times with as many cowboy hats with suits as you can find.

  16. maristeph

    Any chance you ladies can write a fug recap for Gossip Girl? It’s been a lot better lately! Or at least, better for Gossip Girl….

  17. Victoria

    Annie Potts is frigging 60! She looks awesome despite the neckware.

    I was hoping you’d be fugging this show when I watched it.

  18. vinniepop

    SO happy my wish has been granted and this show is being fugged. Even if it’s done tongue-in-cheek, fashion this enjoyable/jaw-dropping can’t be left unfugged, and for that, I thank you.

    And you ARE right – squint your eyes and bedazzled Leslie Bibbs does a total Magic Eye-morph into Elizabeth “Nomi” Berkley…eerie!

  19. Molly

    So glad you’ve taken this one on! I watched it on Hulu last night and found myself falling in love …

  20. vandalfan

    If they’re supposed to be in Texas, shouldn’t their hair be bigger?

  21. Erin

    You totally forgot that the silver duster corset is a design of Swingtown’s husband’s, who is really the only one of that crew who was nice to Mrs. Bobby (I can only see her as Ricky Bobby’s wife) from the onset. If that’s what he recommends someone wears to a ball, I canNOT wait to see the rest of the collection!!

  22. Erin

    As soon as I saw the ad, I knew I had to watch! I love that you Fug all of my secret shows (meaning the shows I watch that I don’t actively tell people about)!

  23. Caity

    Though those faux Hooters shorts are ridiculous, can we all stop and marvel at the fact that Leslie Bibb is 37 and still looks exactly like she did on Popular. I want to know her secrets.

    • Sajorina

      YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s like she hasn’t aged a day since “Popular”!

  24. Stefanie

    Okay, Im going to have to Hulu this show based purely on my love of this post. ABC should be thanking you girls.

  25. Mare

    okay. The combination of the display of pearls on this show and this post have put me off from pearl necklaces, possibly forever. At least white pearls. I’m hanging on to my pearls of other colors.

  26. LawyaGal

    ABC should send y’all a gift basket or a bottle of champagne or something. Thanks to this glorious post I am downloading right now.

  27. Merricat

    THANK YOU. Watching this on Sunday, as soon as Leslie Bibb appeared in that silver, tasseled nightmare, I thought “the Fug Girls HAVE to say something about this!!” Especially since I’m pretty sure Leslie says something about Blake (Cricket’s secret gay husband who’s a fashion designer, like who is he kidding?) either having designed it or picked it out and how awesome it looks on her!

    To me, that was the most shocking moment of the episode. Not the fatal BJ or anything else. The thought that the show wanted us to seriously think that outfit is gorgeous.

  28. Kat

    Fug Ladies, there was a new Pretty Little Liars three days ago and Hannah was wearing formal shorts! I need to know your thoughts!

  29. Belinda

    I can’t believe no one’s mentioned anything about how when Leslie Bibb had the realization that Cheno’s company owned Booby-Licious or whatever, she had to pull out her yearbook to make sure that the pieces of paper did indeed both have the word “kitten” on them…I’m not sure how intelligent they think their audience is that they felt they had to do this to make it clear, haha. Am so glad you fugged this show, I was hoping you would when I watched it!

    • Wendy

      That was the moment I said (out loud to myself, no one else within half a mile) that this was the only episode of this show I will ever watch. I prefer shows that don’t think I’m stupid.

      Also, I could not look at Kristin Chenowith’s face again. I like her OK, and I don’t know if she’s had work done or not, but I thought she looked terrible (aside from the ridiculous wardrobe). Annie Potts, however, looks freaking amazing.

    • Beth C.

      especially after there were, like, four lines from various people about how she insisted she be called “Kitten” in HS before that.

  30. Julie

    “The number of women wearing pearl necklaces in this episode, given that the cold open was a man dying during a blow job, is astonishingly amusing.” — It took me a minute to get this one but when I did, I laughed until I cried. Great job on the recap.

  31. maryse

    i’m going to have to watch this show.

  32. Liane

    The cast of this show is beyond awesome. I love Annie Potts, Cheno & Charlie’s stripper girlfriend from Party of Five. And Swingtown is great. Although she’ll always be Yitzhak from Hedwig & the Angry Inch to me.

    • Jenna

      Exactly! Yitzhak forever! Also, Miriam Shor was raised in Detroit and is a Wolverine, so she will never be not awesome, as far as I’m concerned.

      Anyway, I sort of love this show already.

  33. Brooke

    Impressed, amazed, and delighted that you Fug Girls survived awards season and Fashion Week, and you still got it. Between the Hoth reference, legwettos, and this – some of the best stuff from you ladies.

    Can I put in a selfish request for some more dialogue fugs? Those – especially with Karl Lagerfeld – literally make me shoot coffee out of my nose.

  34. Charlotte

    ‘I think Meryl Streep wore this to the Oscars’
    made my tummy leap with happiness

  35. Jamie

    I live in Dallas, and only about 4% of the women actually dress like this. The 35-50 age range of women with too much money and too much time are the guilty parties. Mostly, it is usually too hot (from April to November anyway) to wear that much fabric, and sadly, no one dresses up for church any more.
    Maybe it is because I DO live in Dallas, but I found this show delightfully tacky and bawdy, and I will add it to my list of guilty pleasures alongside cotton candy, kittens on the internet, and Aqua Net hair spray.

  36. Kelly O

    Why I did not watch this originally I will never know – it has Mary Jo (erm, I mean Annie Potts), Cheno (who I adore in everything she does and weep quietly when it’s inevitably cancelled), and Mrs. Ricky Bobby. In wacky sorta-pseudo Texas “Gee Look How Rich I Am” attire.

    (I live in Houston, I used to live in Dallas, and although yeah it’s a little over the top, I have to say it is not so far over the top that you cannot see forever, as the song goes.)

    And y’all seriously how short are those dresses if they’re THAT short on Cheno, who is ridiculously tiny. I mean, on average-height me, they would be like shirts or something.

  37. kf

    The tasselled gum wrapper dress was the turning point of this show for me, from “Oh noooo” to “World of YES.” I’ve decided you need a sense of humor to be from Dallas; you don’t really need one to stay here.

    Please tell me someone’s doing Houston next!

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