I wasn’t really sure if this was a fair Fug the Show, since it’s not exactly a documentary about life in Dallas (although I can’t wait for the debate in the comments about Yes It’s Exactly Like That vs. No It’s NOT, Shut Up, Meanies; I think it’s a bit of both, and I say that as a non-hater who was born in Texas) and therefore it’s over-the-top elaborate and bright and tight and played for yuks. But then again, Gossip Girl is over-the-top. Revenge is over-the-top. And what is Lemon on Hart of Dixie if not over-the-top? So it’s ON, GCB. Especially after Leslie Bibb walked out in this and nobody batted an eye. Like this was something they’d all wear if they’d bought it first. Oh, show. This could be the beginning of a beautiful fugship.

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