Fug the Show: Dallas, three more episodes

This is long — I am trying to catch up on what happened while we were at Fashion Week – but I promise, it’s worth it: This show is really juicy, and EVERYONE is striking deals behind everyone else’s back. John Ross and JR are backstabbing Christopher, Elena, and Bobby; John Ross is going around JR to work with Pamela; JR is not telling John Ross that he’s trying to RUIN Pamela; Sue Ellen is throwing her hat in the ring with John Ross; JR decides to backstab John Ross a little; Christopher really needs to learn to hold a knife because he is pathologically incapable of doing anything pointy; and then John Ross goes around JR, which is THE WORST IDEA EVER, except I’m terrified Hagman might perish before he teaches John Ross that he’s an impudent little scrub.

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  1. SugarMagnolia

    Aww, what happened to the pictures?

  2. junaitatres

    I don’t watch this show and I don’t I really understand what’s happening in terms of plot. However, I enjoy the hell out of these recaps. Well done!

  3. Vandalfan


    : – (

  4. Jill

    I’m only halfway through the slideshow and I love it so much! Especially the descriptions of Judith Light’s dialogue.

    One thing though….for so long you were calling Ann Ewing “Sue EllAnn” and it confused me when you used just Ann. I was thinking who the hell is Ann?

  5. Eva Noel

    Man, I love these.

    My TV guide info had something like “an old nemesis resurfaces” as part of the description for the last episode, and it took me, like, 90% of the show to figure out it was talking about the Venezuelan guy, and even then, I still held out hope it would turn out to be someone more interesting in the last five minutes.

  6. Eirwen

    Love it! But am dreading losing the great JR!

  7. sherry

    Just love these recaps! Bwah. Get out of my head. But I’m going to be horribly sad in the episode where JR dies. Realllly sad.

  8. Angela

    I can’t watch the second season, no amount of Hagman is worth the bad acting and dumb plots of the younger crowd.. But nothing will become me and your recaps!