Fug the Show: Dallas, episodes 12 and 13

They double-pumped this last week, to my surprise when I sat down last night to watch them, and we have a two-hour finale tonight. I’m not sure what burning things off like that means for the fate of this show, but I know there is a cliffhanger planned. So please, TNT, don’t just cancel it without giving us some closure. I need some more soapy shenanigans from these people before I say goodbye again.

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Comments (11):

  1. JENNY

    As soon as I saw Anne’s wretched blue shirt I knew you would comment on it! Also, Christopher counting the apples had me LOLing. :)

  2. Brenna

    If it gives you any piece of mind, I believe they only doubled up so that they could finish the season before the NBA playoffs start on April 22.

  3. missespresso

    Nice tribute to old Dallas in photo #25 (the one where Christopher learns addition): there’s a painting in the background with Jock and Miss Ellie.

    I liked Pamela’s shoes at her wedding actually. The dress was boring.

  4. Jill

    John Ross even kept his socks on to have sex on the floor.

    I so love these recaps!

  5. witjunkie

    Ol’ Barnes is looking ever more Emporer Palpatine-y.

    • msjacqmills

      That’s exactly what my husband says! And, I love all of the Star Wars comparisons in the recap.

      I miss JR. :(

  6. Vandalfan

    Socks? Seriously?

  7. Eli

    Normally I find John Ross too weasely looking to be attractive, but he was definitely rocking the little underwears and the three-piece suit last week.

  8. elisabeth

    I loved the montagy ending last night — really set things up for another season.

  9. jen

    I never really got over Steven Weber.

    (Steven…call me…)

  10. LydMal

    When John Ross walked out in those boxer briefs I actually audibly said “YES.” My partner was less than impressed.