Fug the Show: Carrie Diaries, episode 2

The first one after the pilot is always tough. There is still real warmth and potential here, and the soundtrack is of course nostalgic and great, but it’s weird when Carrie’s handbag is more of a character than her sister. And it REALLY does suck for Carrie Diaries that Jane By Design came first, because it makes all the New York scenes feel like a retread; then again, only four other people besides me watched Jane By Design, so they probably aren’t too worried. Part of the sticky wicket for this show might be that since I know none of these people are in Carrie’s life when she becomes The Carrie Bradshaw, it’s like we’re treading water waiting for utterances of “YOU’RE DEAD TO ME” and “BYE, I’M SHOOTING MYSELF INTO SPACE,” and “IF YOU NEED ME, MY ADDRESS IS ONE YEMEN ROAD, YEMEN,” and such.

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  1. Gingerlocks

    I was one of those four people :) For some odd reason the preposterous storyline of “Jane By Design” kept reeling me in despite my attempts to fight it and get that hour of my life back.

  2. Sarah

    I’m liking this show. Love Love Love the soundtrack and I love how the mean girl has such an 80s face (is it the lips?). Also love the little call-outs to SATC (shooting Carrie through the window, the camera in the walk in closet in the first episode. That said, I think it works best if you disassociate the story from SATC for all the reasons you said. I think I”ll keep this one on my PVR until it disappoints me…especially since the fuggirls are recapping it!

  3. malevolent andrea

    I wore a dusty rose colored satin suit (with rhinestone buttons, oy) to my cousin’s wedding in 1985 and the jacket had a peplum. So, yeah, suits with peplums were a thing in the mid-80s.

    • Halo

      In sixth grade, so 1985-86 school year, I had a strapless, sweetheart-neckline jumpsuit with a peplum. It was white jersey with big pink stars all over it, with boning in the bodice. To this day, I don’t know how I was allowed to wear that when I was 12 and already had a B-cup bust.

      For the record, that outfit was completed with a cropped denim jacket and matching pink, low-heeled slingbacks that look just like wee Carrie’s.

      • Aria

        Yes, I remember this totally hot (in my teenaged opinon) white dress I had, probably 85 or 86 though) that a fitted sleeveless sheath with a peplum and [hanging my head in shame], the back laced up from waist to the neckline. I think I bought that w/o my mother knowing about and would put a jacket on when I left the house so she couldn’t see how revealing the back was. [I do kinda wish I had a picture of me in it, I was sooo much thinner back then!]

  4. cathy

    chandler bing reference?! you girls are my lobsters <3

    • Stefanie

      Chanandler Bong FOR THE WIN!

      I might actually have to watch this show. (I think we’ve established my 1stWP about not having the CW in HD so I never watch it. But I think this looks good enough to fire up my laptop for! )

    • Jessica

      Well then I guess I’m going to Yemen!

  5. Marion

    Thank you! The hair has driven me crazy. So wig or styling with/without extensions?
    Also, your book has made its way to south of France, thank you amazon!

  6. Chrystie

    Loved “Jane By Design,” a total guilty pleasure. Sad they canceled it. No desire to watch this SATC reincarnation. JBD did it better!

  7. Kate

    Big fan of Jane by Design. Too bad ABC family has a pension for cancelling shows just after 1 season!

  8. Jill

    High-top Reeboks would be more realistic…..at least at my high school in 1984.

  9. kalua

    Uhhhggh, I have such conflicting feelings about this show. I was about 9 in 1984 and my older sisters were of similar age with Carrie and Doritt. So I remember stuff see? Now the 80s were crazy colourful but they were edgy and rough. It’s not that the costumes are wrong but they seem too polished. The original Degrassi show had the actors do their own make up and wear their own clothes, so if anyone wants to get an idea of how the (mid to late) 80s kids were, Degrassi’s a better option.

    Anna Sophia Robb is adorabe. Her fake blonde hair is not. Seriously even season 1 SATC Carrie had darker hair. Her curls? Ha! No way in hell she could have such curls. Doritt’s hair looks legit. Keep in mind styling was done with limited products no ceramic products, no hair straighteners and low-tech hair driers.

    So far the plot is unintersting. I mean we know what happens to the main heroine, and we’ve already had a number of teen shows that covered every possible issue. The characters are ok. The wrting is ok though not exceptional.

  10. Eliza Bennett

    The saltine crackers-standing at the kitchen counter was a nice shout-out to a moment in SATC season 4 when Carrie’s talking about her “secret single behaviors.” Little things like that, that kind of point to Grown-Carrie and the viewers who watched and loved the first show, make me happy. I’m not on board with the intern-who-leaves-her-job- to-run-a-secret life plot thing, especially since it’s NOT in the carrie diaries book.

  11. Sabrina


  12. Carol


    A Chandler reference. You guys. Are SO PRECIOUS to me.

    I haven’t watched this because I’m still getting over the awfulness that was the SATC movies. Although I DID like the first one AND bought the DVD because I was SO HAPPY that Carrie and Big *finally* got their shit together. I haven’t watched it or wanted to watch it since.

    So I’ll just settle for your re-caps =D

  13. Hayley

    Re: Maggie’s boy-toy cop not having a partner, that’s actually realistic. My brother’s a cop in a small city/town and aside from his first 3 months on the job he has NEVER had a partner. maybe it’s only big city cops? or maybe movies and TV have been lying to usOMG MY MIND IS BLOWN.

    Also, am I the only one who finds the aggressively nostalgic soundtrack super distracting? They are jamming these episodes with as many 80′s hits as they can find so it feels like there’s actually someone from the CW in my living room, screaming “IT’S THE 80′S!!” in my face. I got it. And you can have scenes without music. Seriously. I also worry that the music rights budget for this show will sink it. This is the CW, after all.

  14. Abby

    Wait wait wait! Martha is here?? As her companion??? IS SHE THE DOCTOR?

    • Christy M

      I honestly didn’t recognize her until I saw the screencap with her name!

  15. Andrew S.

    Sorry girls, I love ya but this isn’t ANYTHING like JbD

    What I enjoyed most about the episode was Carrie’s ‘if he falls for those tricks, he’s not worth it’ line and the fact that the daughters were still punished during this ep. I’m so used to all parental punishments being dropped by the next episode that it was refreshing to see the threat carried out. I hope they develop Dorrit more & quickly while I’m invested enough in everyone else to say.

    Also – http://fashionofbradshawdiaries.tumblr.com/

    a fashion blog about the fashions of the show. It’s surprising how well they’re making the modern pieces they find work for the 80s.

  16. Sajorina

    I’ve decided not to watch this show… I like the recaps way too much and I don’t want to spoil them!

  17. Vandalfan

    Lordy, this captures some of the 80′s. Now I know why I hate lace overlay, it’s all Madonna “Borderline”.

  18. Regina

    As someone who works in the entertainment industry (theater…..) as has done shows set in the 80s, yes they scoured all the goodwill’s in Mahattan for those shoes. Which are awesome… (They probably also scoured Ebay and Etsy…)

    • Aria

      hmm, all they actually need to do is go to my mom’s house and hit up my closet (and my sister’s)- we still have things in there from the 80s!

  19. Kristin

    I had a peplum dress in the mid-80s. It was an exaggerated 1940s style: rayon twill with a wide belt and shoulder pads. I wore the hell out of it – it made me feel like Rosalind Russell.

    Also I miss the comfort of those low-heeled shoes.

  20. Sizemore

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  21. Sheila D.

    Yeah…I watched Jane By Design and that’s why I can’t watch this because of the overlap.