Apparently, Intern George’s former paramour Elisabetta Canalis has debuted an underwear line.

Fairly standard-issue stuff, right? OR IS IT. Because, which perhaps is par for the course when you’re selling intimates, we need to take a look at her crotch.

Is… are we SUPPOSED to be seeing this? WHAT are we seeing? Why are we playing peekaboo labia? Did her pants just rip from wantonly insisting upon standing with her legs at a 90 degree angle? Or are we supposed to think, “Hey, while we’re here, let’s check out her panties in action”?

And how do we think Intern George is feeling about all this right now? Well, let’s see if we can suss it out.

1) Barely concealed wincing and attempts to avoid eye contact.

2) Profound amusement

3) A wicked slow-clap

4) The old “Ehhh, what did we really THINK was going to happen?!?” reaction

5) The “PUT IT AWAY”

6) The “Whoa whoa whoa she is not my responsibility anymore” hand

7) Deepest distress on an existential level

You decide.

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