Fug or Fine: Katy Perry


Is her dress trying to hypnotize me?

I guess we’ll find out when I start dissecting whether I like the hip kerchiefs with the dated white boots (Carrie Diaries, you should call her), and then suddenly I’ve gone from talking sense to clucking like a chicken anytime anyone says the word “hmm.” Bok bok bwooook. Uh-oh.

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[Photo: Splash]

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  1. val.

    This is not very flattering on her. I can’t figure out if this outfit requires a different body type, or if it would be unflattering on anyone and everyone!

    Either way, it’s not my fave. (Although the white boots are kind of funky and I don’t mind them.)

    • scone

      It’s doing really bad things to her boobular area, and it is pretty hard to make Katy Perry’s boobs look bad. I was going to vote that it was okay w/o the hip sadness, but actually the whole thing is unflattering, I agree.

  2. Katty McNiley Ripley

    You’re SO right. Those (white!!!) boots are more 80′s than all the “fancy” footwear on that show…

  3. Snarkypants

    That color is amazing on her, and I’m so glad her hair is a human color again but that dress is making her hips look sad, like they’re frowning and melting.

  4. qwertygirl

    Is the whole thing lenticular? Will the picture change as she walks? The color is good but the cut is less than forgiving and the boots just need to go. Her hair could use a little product too–I love Katy, she’s so pretty, but she just didn’t hit it out of the park on this one. Better luck next time, KP.

  5. Bonnie Klein

    The outfit gives her an oddly matronly (and decidedly bottom-heavy) figure, which she does not have. The boots are just horrible, ugly even by 80′s shoe standards. That said it is nice to see her covered and the color of the dress is nice.

    • Heidi

      That’s *exactly* what I was coming on here to day–the whole thing looks oddly matronly. It’s like the fabric and the boots are supposed to make it mod, but it just looks like her great-aunt bought it for her, thinking it was “cool”.

  6. KMG

    I hate the boots. I have a thing about white shoes in general, but I hate those boots with a passion.

  7. Sajorina


  8. Kris

    I thought those boots were little white ankle socks at first, and I wondered if she’d run outside while changing from gym clothes into her dress. That is never a good sign.

  9. TonyG

    On close-up, I like this a whole lot better (except for the shoes).

  10. Vandalfan

    The boots might work with an uber casual pair of cutoffs and a T shirt at Coachella, if anywhere, and I have my doubts. The fabric here is interesting but wrongfully deployed. Maybe lose the hip napkins and make it a one-piece sheath.

  11. Anne

    the color is lovely, especially good with her hair color and eyes. I like her necklace. I enjoy contrasting piping. that said…. My weekly gossip rag says that John “Toxic Slime” Mayer is planning to propose to her and they have been discussing wedding details. With that in mind, I think the dress is the fashion equivalent of those films of captured POWs where the prisoners blinked coded messages with their eyes. In other words, the dress is cheerful, but the coded message is SOS They are trying to brainwash me.

  12. LoriK

    I like the color of the dress, but the fabric has what I call the sobriety check point effect—if you look at it and it appears to move or it makes you nauseous you need to hand over your keys. I’m all in favor of knowing when to say when, but I still don’t think that’s a good quality for clothing to have. The boots are hideous, full stop.

  13.  HelenBackAgain

    “Has anyone in this family ever actually SEEN a chicken?”