Fug or Fab: Vanessa Hudgens

I’m not sure if I think this fits quite as perfectly as it ought to — that bodice is totally whack-adjacent on her — but there is also something deliciously 50s about it, which I love:

We overheard her talking to Aly Raisman at Fashion Week about how her best Valentine’s Day was one she spent alone, and she was so friendly and warm-seeming, now I just want to befriend her. And ask her how she’s planning to spend the last few weeks of her reign as Fug Madness Champion, because I seriously hope she’s planning to blow it out by popping up at her next event wearing balloons as pants and a parrot on her head.

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  1. Helen

    She has got to learn that tailors exist. This could be adorable if it fit, and the skirt were re-scaled for her petite size. As it is, the effect is more like a little girl playing dress-up in mommy’s clothes.

  2. Ruth

    This looks like an 11th hour Project Runway panic redo dress to me. The weird tailoring is not very flattering, the hem looks uneven, and worst of all, her hair looks sloppy rather than windswept or tousled. I get the concept of the enormous pleats (I don’t that’s the right word, but my fashion vocab isn’t large enough to know the right term), but it just looks sloppy, rather than sleek.

  3. Maria L.

    My first thought was slutty Marie Antoinette. It is also my second and third thoughts. It’s not her dress or her size.

  4. Audrey

    I am really just over big, clunky shoes.

  5. kiki d

    I actually don’t hate it. I do think the shoes throw it off. That dress needs some strappy sandals, something a bit lighter feeling than what appear to be giant black clunkers enveloping her feet.

  6. SaraK

    I feel bad about it, but my first thought was “demented Barbie.” And my second thought was “with stumpy legs.” Since she is apparently very nice and obviously quite prettyl, I hope her next dress is something that can keep the fun fifties flirtiness of this dress, only with a flattering fit. Boy, that was a lot of “f”s!

  7. rowynn

    You may be right about the bodice not fitting properly, but it looks wonderful in comparison to the hideousity that is the skirt. Wow, there is nothing good about that skirt. At all. But at least she didn’t waste a pair of good shoes on this mess. Those ugly shoes belong with it.

  8. Frances

    Shorten the skirt up by 5 or 6 inches and burn the shoes. There! So much better.

  9. Willow

    I feel that this is the sort of dress girls who talk a lot about Audrey Hepburn but know nothing about Audrey Hepburn wear to prom.

  10. Michelle

    This is one of those (rare) dresses that I like, but I don’t understand why. Maybe because she finally looks cute instead of insane or hookery?

    Chalk it up to my first day back from a long weekend, I guess.

  11. Crystal

    It looks like pants. I do not like.

  12. lilywise

    I like the idea of the dress, and I actually like the shoes with it. I really, really don’t like the hair with this dress. Something sleeker would have helped balance all the roses and volume and frippery on the dress. I also don’t think the dress fits her very well, primarily in the bodice. It’s not sitting correctly on her torso, and it looks like it was cut for a flatter bosom. Still, for a Fug Madness Champion, this is rather nice.

  13. Maggie

    Can we get Helena Bonham Carter in this, with a kooky fascinator? Thanks.

  14. Evalyn

    Delicate shoes! Controlled hair. Sized to make it fit her. And the skirt needs something under (crinoline) to give it shape. A for effort, C for exectution.

  15. MollySC

    I hate this with every inch of my being. I got SO excited when I saw the pic of her at NYFW, in the adorable blue mini. This cancels it out, like so many lace pants before it.

  16. Lucille Austero

    I know I’m totally dating myself as a child of the 50s, but does anyone else get Annette Funicello when they look at Vanessa Hudgens? It’s not a bad thing, nor is it particularly a good thing … but definitely a thing.

    • Rayna

      Maybe that’s it??? I’m not sure about her connection with Annette, but the dress has a definite 50s vibe and I love it. Black bugle bead roses on that delicate pearl pink is my favorite combination, but as Evalyn said, it was a good idea, badly carried out.

  17. karen

    HATE the shoes.

  18. giggleswick

    Getting a Hairspray roach dress vibe.

  19. Sarie

    Are thous rosettes or Oreos? Because they look like Oreo’s. But that may be because it’s lunch time.

  20. foo

    I really don’t like this, primarily because the fabric looks super cheap. (I imagine it would have picks all over it by the end of the night like cheap satin sheets)

    Now that I’m bitching about it, the dots on the bottom half are haphazard, especially the lowest one. It almost looks like a magnetic dress that sucked in some iron on the way, they are so random. (Which would make her boobs MRI level magnetism)

    She’s really cute, seems nice from your description and it is better than lace pants.

  21. Eric Coleman

    It looks like someone was throwing Oreos soaked in milk at her top and some of them have fallen off onto her skirt. This is horrific.

  22. Sandra

    That bodice looks like it hurts. Automatic fail.

  23. fritanga

    Isn’t she well past her 15 minutes? I mean, ill-fitting, cheap-looking dresses like this one (not to mention the messy hair and ugly makeup) are GFY’s bread and butter and definitely fodder for Fug Madness, but I am so tired of this person.

  24. Alicia

    I would like this so much better if it didn’t look like her breasts were erupting from the bodice. I really like the 50′s vibe, and even the color and black roses, which are girly but also a little edgy.

  25. h² fashion

    Maybe this would look good as a fitted mini dress, but all that volume at the bottom just makes it look like a costume. It also makes her look bigger than she is… or maybe she’s trying to hide a baby bump…


  26. Kit

    I was CONSUMED with curiosity when I saw the title of this in my reader but have been unable to check it out until now (I got moved at work and now I sit in a spot where the entire world can see my computer screen in every direction) so this is the first chance I’ve had to see it.

    The dress is iffy (i.e. not so bad); but the hair is full on crackalicious! I love how she never disappoints. It’ll be sad if she ever becomes more conservative…

  27. Bottle Ginger

    That dress looks like it was made for a much taller wmoan.

  28. Rubee

    I can literally feel the weight of the dress while I stare at this picture. The skirt dots are totally misplaced, even for a taller person.

  29. Sajorina

    Absolute HATE!