Fug or Fab: Stacy Keibler

This was the night before the Globes, and is it just me, or does Stacy look a remarkable amount more… golden… than she did at the big event?

The dress itself is quite interesting; even though it’s giving her crotch a funky frame, and the colors are not an obvious match, I’m intrigued. But mostly, I am fascinated and maybe a little terrified of how hard she might have exfoliated to get that off by Sunday. Maybe it’s just a trick of the indoor/outdoor lighting, or maybe she just slathered herself in stage makeup. Or maybe she took a twelve-hour shower afterward and seared it off.  I hope Intern George helped; it’s the least he can do if he’s not bothering to come by here and mix the ginshakes.

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  1. Sarah

    Love everything but the crazy orange skin. Clearly fake.

  2. Eli

    I like the dress but the pastels definitely clash with her Orangina bath.

  3. ErinE

    I feel like that’s what you look like the 24 hours after you get the spray tan, then two showers later you look normal. But she surely had to shower after being sprayed? or maybe not…slicked back hair and probably got the dress for free so she didn’t care… but the smell!

  4. Stefanie

    I like the dress. And I love the fact she gave herself a good scrubbing before the gg.

  5. Art Eclectic

    I like the design, but feeling those color choices.

  6. Rayna

    You have to admit, whatever else you may think about her, the colors, the orange, etc, that this dress is just DIFFERENT, and not in a crazeballs, crack ho kind of way like Some People.

    Just sayin’.

    • TonyG

      Completely agree! The shapes, the cut, the structure, the seams, the colors…the designer executed this very, very well.

  7. Tracey

    I think it’s lovely… art deco-like and I don’t even mind the orangy tan (and I am usually the first to laugh at orange tans and ask why?) However, I’m glad she scrubbed for GGs and she looked fabulous on that night as well.

  8. Kate

    I really like the dress, however, the orange tan as the only accessory is a little distracting…

    Imagine if she were normal colored with a great necklace?

  9. Rubee

    The dress is very interesting, but so far perched in the wrong, orange, wax-figure like person.

  10. Scanderoon

    I don’t mind the tan TOO much. I think it’s mostly a trick of the light, plus the pastels of this dress really show up the orange-ness whereas the black of her Globes dress would make it look less harsh.

    Then again, maybe she showered 5 times between this photo and that one. Who knows?

  11. PB

    She has a bangin’ bod and that dress is sort of flattering. But any good is offset by her brown shoe polish skin color.

  12. Linda

    If she didn’t shower after getting the spray tan, wouldn’t all the excess rub off on the dress? I dont’ have the professionals coming to my home to spray tan me, but my experience is that you can’t shower for several hours, but you also shouldn’t wear anything you care about, because it will have tan rub off on it. An old teeshirt and sweats is one thing, but a designer gown worth thousands, on loan, yikes.

    I would kill for her body, wonder what she does.

  13. Helen

    Love it.

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