Fug or Fab: Milla Jovovich in Chanel


Milla is one of those people whose face you can count on to sell pretty much anything:

Even a tank dress that appears to be breaking out into hives of newsprint.

[Photo: WENN]

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Comments (31):

  1.  Gina

    She can totally sell it.

  2. Alex

    I’m loving it, but it’s hard to tell that since the stairs are such an optical illusion.

  3.  Nina32

    ABSOLUTELY horrible. Looks like she made it herself out of garbage bags.

  4. TonyG

    The black part of the dress — is that made of sequins (I hope). It looks almost like the cheap tarpaulin one uses to make a make shift rain shelter, and I know it’s not that.

  5. LoriK

    She’s selling hard, but I’m not buying. The way that dress is put together looks so amateur hour. It looks like something I would whip up in a long afternoon if for some unknown reason I found myself needing a tank dress molting newspaper. I have no idea how Karl keeps his job, but I’m starting to think it involves video of Chanel executives doing something really disgusting.

  6.  Looly

    She’s selling, but I’m not buying.

    • robabeau

      Agreed . She couldn’t be doing much more to sell it, but it’s simply unsaveable. She should really be the face of some broad spectrum sunscreen maker because she hasn’t aged in, like, 15 years.

  7.  ErinG

    After someone accidentally sent the skirt through the shredder instead of the dry cleaners, Blake Lively threw away that gorgeous gown she wore in Cannes, and poor Milla had to dig it out of the trash… Really just so sad. (That’s what this looked like to me, at least!)

    • Karen

      That was my first thought as well: this is the really-cheap, no-good knock-off of Blake Lively’s stunning black-and-white gown, and further proof of how perfectly constructed the Cannes gown was.

  8. Harrybythebeach

    Looks like a cheap and ill-conceived Ecuadorean prom dress.

  9. C. Mak

    My first thought was that she had mariachi band puffy sleeves on her hips … cue the maracas, amigas!

  10. Liviania

    I am with this right to the point her dress starts molting.

  11.  HelenBackAgain

    I think I’m kinda fabbing it! Poster Alex, above, makes a good point about the background though. I’d like to see this against a solid-colored background, to be sure.

  12. bilbo

    Looks like she layered an unsnapped bodysuit. tuck it in and I like it.

  13. KHS

    I think it’s ALMOST there…but the shape of it is just weird to me. I like the top part – don’t think it looks garbage baggy, and I also like the newsprint part. I just wish it came together better. Maybe it just erupting out of her back? I don’t know…then it might look like she pooping newsprint? Um. Fine. It might just be a full fug after all.

    Ah! I just saw bilbo’s comment about the unsnapped bodysuit – and that is exactly what it looks like. And I bet tucking it in would fix it for me too. Thanks bilbo.

    •  GarageQueen

      Totally agree. It’s verrrry close, but needs Tim Gunn to come in and give some feedback to Karl.

  14. GSM

    She must have some pretty vicious cats at her house.

    • Joanie

      So that’s where my little sea witch of a cat goes at night! It’s nice to know she’s doing her part to give FugNation something to talk about. (It almost makes up for her nasty breath — my cat’s, not Milla…although Milla may also have bad breath. I don’t know her life)

  15. Art Eclectic

    Fantastic from the waist up. From the waist down it looks like the had an incident in a bathroom stall involving toilet paper and black paint.

  16. Rigor_Mortis

    If not even Milla Freaking Jovovich can sell your dress… your dress REALLY sucks.

  17.  Jules

    Not sure about the dress, but she’s always struck me as someone who would be amazingly fun to be around so I’m willing to give the garment a pass.

  18.  Slowsnow

    I am with the poster who wondered how Karl keeps his job with such bad fashion and unbearable mannerisms. This is a paper shredder mess.

  19. Veronique

    Just ugh–really just ugly.

  20. Gypsy Danger

    FUG. It looks like this started out as a regular, somewhat boring dress until she wore it into the infected zone and was attacked by Resident Evil zombies.

  21. Sue

    The top half looks like the nori in a maki roll. Actually, the bottom half looks like the rice sticking out of an upside-down hand roll. Oh man, I could really go for a snack right now.

  22.  Linda_AZ

    Mount Frou-Frou erupted all over her lower body.

  23.  Sharon

    I am from Texas and that dress is the one thing that is UNFORGIVEABLE…

    it is TACKY.

    There. I said it. And… I did not add a, “bless her heart”. So, I REALLY hate it.

  24. Debbie

    I feel like the bottom part would look better if the top part weren’t so shiny.

  25. the truth

    fab 4evah.