Fug or Fab: Madeleine Stowe


I love to imagine that this photo, with its facial expressions that COULD be sincere, is actually ripped from a deleted Revenge scene in which these two are covering their hatred with smiles.

VICTORIA GRAYSON (left): Hello, husband-stealing slut.

LYDIA DAVIS: Hello, ice queen on whose ass you could freeze oil.

VG: Nice to see you classing up the joint for a change.

LD: You’re so attractive for your age, Victoria. Why are you chopping your body into pieces? Can’t you leave that to your enemies?

VG: Are you wearing red because it’s the color of your venereal disease?

LD: My smile may appear friendly, but it conceals the soaring glee I feel at seeing you dressed up like you run a bordello.

VG: Why? Do you need a job? Husband-stealing isn’t lucrative enough?

LD: It’s more lucrative now that he’s about to divorce you without giving you a single penny. Maybe. I’m a couple episodes behind.

VG: What?

LD: Um, never mind. Just know that if your fingers snap from my iron grip it’s because I’ve been working out this hand for EXACTLY that purpose.

VG: And if your shoes seize up and slice off your feet at the ankle, it’s because they hate you as much as I do.

LD: Kisses.

VG: Kisses.

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Comments (31):

  1. Leah

    These two don’t look like they should be headed to the same event. I don’t watch Revenge, but I’m assuming the fugly is the black lace. The top would be OK but the skirt is pure prom 1997.

  2. Karen

    Stowe looks like she’s going to an Elvira Tribute Night. A

    On the other hand, that coral red dress? WANT.

  3. currygirl

    All I can think of when I see this picture is Victoria Grayson saying to Lydia, “I WILL DESTROY YOU!!” But she’s whispering it in her ear so that all we see is the smile with the little dimple.

  4. Crystal

    It’s not BAD, it’s just unremarkable. AND she’s so gorgeous!

  5. vandalfan

    I have no idea who these two may be, but this look like a society matron’s luncheon trip backstage to congratulate her friend’s performance in a crowd scene of La Boheme’.

  6. Mongerel

    It’s not terribly objectionable as far as black lace dresses go, but it looks like transportation involves being luggage-strapped to the top of an SUV.

  7. Molly

    Where’s the “I don’t know who these people are” option?

  8. Kit

    ….although I love Lydia’s coral dress.

  9. Heather

    They are Madeleine Stowe and Amber Valletta — aka Dances With Wolves and a model — and they are on Revenge.

    • cpro

      I feel her most famous role is Cora in The Last of the Mohicans with the hotter than #*%! Daniel Day Lewis. They burned up the screen back in the 90s, yo. Also she was Brad Pitt’s beleagured psychologist in 12 Monkeys. She is awesomeish.

    • Toni

      I don’t believe she was in Dances With Wolves – that was Mary McDonnell. She was fabulous in The Last of the Mohicans and also The General’s Daughter (with John Travolta).

  10. Heather

    And yeah, I’m fugging the black dress.

  11. maryse

    heather – i don’t think madeline stowe was in dances with wolves. she was in last of the mohicans. “whatever occurs! i will find you!!!!”

    • Libby

      She was also in the “Revenge” movie where she burned up the screen with Kevin Costner. I’m loving her on Revenge (TV show), where her wardrobe, and ice queen attitude, are just awesome.

      • Heather

        UGH, that’s RIGHT. That’s the one. I haven’t seen either one and I always mix them up. Thanks!

  12. FashionShowAtLunch

    Dude. Heather, STELLAR dialogue here. Spot on.

    ABC should hire you to write dialogue between these two, for the inevitable showdown after Lydia regains her memory. Which she lost after a coma she went into as the result of a seventeen-story fall that miraculously did not kill her. God, I love that show.

  13. Mahastee

    Simulant female wears crappy dress. Should I really care?

    • Heather

      Isn’t that half the reason to come to this site?

      • Mahastee

        Yeah it is :) I just find her Cher-face distracts me from her acting AND her outfits. It’s all I see.

  14. Shiitake

    Lydia Davis looks lovely.

    Madeleine dressed in the dark, and should have stayed there.

  15. magda

    Heather, you definitely should do a Revenge Re-Cap for us!

    • thunderthighs

      Seconded! That’s my favorite show this season and the clothes are great (although maybe more fab than fug). Emily’s dress she wore to the engagement party was spectacular.

  16. Jen

    I randomly turned on the Hallmark Channel last night, and they were showing a Little House on the Prarie episode from 1980 featuring Madeline Stowe as a teenage orphan. She looked about 15. 1980!!! I want her dermatologist.

  17. ClaireL

    Your dialogue was SPOT ON. Round of applause.

  18. Sajorina

    I love Madeline Stowe’s dress! I WANT IT!!! But, yeah, she could be my mother! Anyway, I think she looks FAB! Amber looks super cute in that dress, but not with those shoes! Her shoes are FUG!

  19. Faye

    I *love* Revenge. It is a total and complete guilty pleasure that comprises all of my favorite soap elements. And Madeleine Stowe always looks great there — she should get the wardrobe department to outfit her more often if she chooses stuff like this!

    Amber Valetta looks great, and is a a surprisingly good actress.

  20. Lily1214

    Coral dress looks fine; black dress . . . well, the band across the thighs makes her legs look very short.

  21. Lily1214

    I’ve always liked Amber Valletta. Are you sure that’s her?

  22. Sally

    I had to do a double take – I was convinced the woman in black was Fran Drescher!

  23. NYCGirl

    Why are there seatbelts on her chest?