Fug or Fab: Lucy Liu


Despite being cousin to a tutu — also the name of Desmond Tutu’s cousin’s little-read autobio, by the way — I think I kind of love this:

I can see the argument that it might be too young for her; I can see the argument that it’s inching toward Lara Flynn Boyle Loses The Plot and Wears a Ballerina Costume to the Golden Globes territory. But I think it’s also girlish and flirty and pretty adorable on her.

I also think she might be the Best Looking In Person celeb I've ever seen, so maybe I'm biased.

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  1. The Other Molly

    If she had on black shoes, I would like it better.

  2. Chasmosaur

    It’s the debut to a kid’s movie. If she’s going to do a younger look, this is the place.

  3. Jos

    It’s Lucy Liu. No matter her age, she’s going to pull off a look that most people won’t be able to. Also, I want that dress for me.

  4. Jeanie

    Her face is perfection! And that dress is cute too!

  5. Lynne

    @Jos, I agree completely. Except, for the part about wanting one. I’d look ridiculous in that dress. She looks fantastic and by the way… where’s she been? I’d much rather see her in a great TV drama than nearly everyone else from the Ally McBeal cast. Actually, how do we make a Lucy Liu — Portia di Rossi show happen?

  6. Sherri

    It suits her, and while it does skirt the edge of Tulle-Twee land, it doesn’t dive over. However, I am also on the NO NUDE SHOES bandwagon. I’m done with them. Beige is an abdication!

  7. Veronica

    AGH, my eyes tricked me on the poll. I meant to give this a thumbs up. It’s one of those dresses I think I like on her but would probably vote down on somebody else. I think she hits the right spot between cute and twee.

  8. EAG46

    I agree that black shoes would look better with it, and it kind of looks like she grabbed a few curtains and wrapped a belt around it. Of course, she’s Lucy Liu so pretty much anything she wears can look good, even this.

  9. LoriK

    I think Lucy is gorgeous, but I’m not entirely sold on this dress, even on her. The poll needed a “meh” option because it’s not good enough to be terrific but it’s also not bad enough to be terrible. And I’m joining the group voting “no” on the beige shoes. Enough already.

  10. Cecily

    Adorable. I think the black belt keeps it from being too frothy maybe. She looks terrific.

  11. Kate

    Love it. She’s adorable and her face and figure allow her to wear slightly younger things. I don’t think she looks like she’s aged a day in the last 10 years, sooo…

    I didn’t even notice the nude shoes (so I’m not “against” them really), but they are starting to feel a little lazy = )

  12. T

    I voted “terrific” even though I’m afraid of her because she doesn’t age. I mean, seriously, she’s gotta be a cyborg or something, right?

  13. Lori

    I think she looks amazing. Few ladies could pull off that look, but she’s killing it.

    I thought the shoes were more gold – like slightly metallic, kwim? Am I hallucinating? Probably, since everyone else says they’re nude. If they’re actually gold, I love them lots. If nude, that’s more “meh,” but doesn’t ruin the look.

  14. KayKay

    The dress is too young for her she can do better.

  15. ok

    This dress should be worn by someone at least 10 years younger than her, possibly 15.

  16. Stella

    Lucy is always gorgeous, so she gets away with this. That being said, I HATE Marchesa. So overly fussy, unflattering, and as the boys of TLo say, like “origami folded napkins”. You don’t have to follow the snore inducing all-black-all-the-time m.o. of Angelina, but there’s got to be a way to look interesting without also looking like a tortured coffee filter.

  17. Lynne

    Damn, that thing is Marchesa? And I don’t loathe it on sight? Well… it’s got that going for it, then.

  18. Anne B

    Either the shoes or the dress, Lucy. Not both.

    With those shoes, a cute non-tutu dress in a bright color would have been just fine, with those shoes. Great, even.

    Maybe a ballet flat with this dress? Not a foot-arching platform heel, you know? This is just a reach too far. It’s too self-conscious, not fun enough for that dress. Which you can, yes, still pull off.

    It’s a fun kids’ movie. FUN, Lucy. Remember?

  19. Geemee

    She looks freakin’ fantastic! Totally pulling off the dress. I wish she’d pull off — literally — those sky-high nudes and get some black pumps. Kate nailed it: nude shoes are lazy. (They do make her legs look fab, tho — I suddenly want to do those tiptoe exercises that work your calves.)

  20. jnadreau

    Love the dress on her, with that face & rockin bod, she can W-O-R-K it. I’d have gone with a metallic shoe, though. Sooooo sick of nude. Sick, sick, sick SICK! Please make it go awaaaaayyy!

  21. vandalfan

    Veronica- me, too, I seemed to have voted terrible when I meant terrific. I don’t think it’s too youthful in the least. I love the black ribbon belt, and can even live with the nude hoof-shoes, for once. But most other shoes could look as good, or better.

  22. Maretha2

    Two thumbs-up on a show with Lucy Liu and Portia de Rossi! They are both so beautiful, talented, and funny.

    She looks fantastic here.

  23. mahastee

    She is gorgeous and I miss her – where has she BEEN?

  24. Emma

    She looks too radiantly beautiful to be objectively critiqued.

  25. marcia

    I, too, would have liked a middle option.

  26. Bambi Anne Dear

    Yes it’s terrific but yes, too young and hair is dreadful.

  27. Kristalynn Busskohl

    I love her she is beautifuuuuulll, however, does her tutu look a little unfinished, or disheveled… Here’s the thing, when I see her face, I think slick, classy, a little ballsy… But a six year old’s dance recital isn’t ballsy, it’s a little… pansy for her edgyness. Bygones. You are still beautiful, and your smile enchants me.

  28. miss_msry

    Her legs are clashing with that dress.

  29. Jamee

    It’s not a dress I would wear myself, but objectively speaking, with her light makeup and easy breezy hair, she looks fantastic.

    I’ve skimmed the commets and can’t believe the hate for the shoes! Worse yet, I can’t believe people are suggesting BLACK SHOES! Matching the shoes to the belt? Really?!? A bright pump would look great in any color, and I get the disdain for the overuse of beige, but ANYTHING BUT BLACK.

    Anne B.–Don’t you think a ballet flat with a froufy dress would make it costume-y and over the top childish? I think grown up accessories are the only thing that make this sweet but not twee.

  30. Joni Woodhead

    @Jamee .. thank you! ballet flats would be too on the nose for the tutu-ish-ness of the skirt. Black pumps would be totally wrong for this. Yeah a bright color might have been a bit more fun and loud but i dont think there is anything inherently wrong with the direction she took.

    Just because a shoe is tan/beige doesn’t make it instantly awful. You have to judge each shoe on its own merits and the ones she’s wearing are cute. I would be happy to have them since I could wear them with 80% of the clothing I own, such is the benefit of a neutral color

  31. johanna

    she can pull it off because she’s asian ;D
    yeahhh,asian pride!