Fug or Fab: Lindsay Lohan


Well, it’s a step forward from drooping lids and heavy arm-tillery (har). But is it a true step forward, a step off to the side, or maybe a 45-degree hop northeast? Where exactly on the compass would you put this? Usually I don’t speak cardinal directions, but in this case I can because true sartorial north is generally way off in front of her.

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  1. Jenny

    it looks homemade

    • Claire L1

      YES! I was just thinking that it looks like they used fishing wire to sew it together.

      • Aoife

        I think homemade would look better than this. And I’m no seamstress.

  2. Leah

    I just really don’t get the seam bisecting her nipple. Just a few inches up, on the top of her chest, and this would have been great.

  3. Fug de los Muertos

    This is an improvement, for sure. But the dress itself looks weirdly mall-style. Like she picked this thing up at a Jessica McClintock or something. I don’t think she looks bad, necessarily, just like a teenager at prom. But she’s getting closer!

    • liz_bee

      Agreed! But not even the best dressed one at the prom. Cheap-looking fabric, boring dress overall, really bad cut in the booble region.

      • Aunt Ho

        Agreed. I’m actually mad and her and her stylist, if she has one. Her face looks terribly plastic, and now she’s wearing down-market Barbie gown knockoffs that aren’t even made by Mattel.

    • Ms. Chanandler Bong

      hahaha, I was totally thinking Jessica McClintock. Like she missed her flight AND forgot her dress so she had to stop at the mall on the way.

  4. Lina

    Better. And there’s a good idea here on paper that the designer just didn’t translate to form very well.

  5. Beth C.

    I think it’s OK. But, yeah, that boob seam is so weird. It is better on the close up, but it still makes her look droopy in a way she isn’t and, I dunno, like it just needs a really good pressing or something.

    But she looks good and happy and not horrible, so it’s a step up.

    • Beth C.

      Oh, and Yay red hair! It’s so much more complimentary to her coloring than the platnum. I hope she keeps it for a while.

      • ortenzia

        i agree with her hair color — but the dark blush is not so great. stop trying to look older. start trying to look fresh faced.

      • jean

        And she looks about 10 years younger! And it looks healthy! How does that happen overnight? Money right? But for once it was employed for good and not evil.

  6. Candy

    Once I figured out that she now reminds me of Rose McGowan, I can’t stop seeing it. Oh, and the dress is awful.

  7. TaraMisu

    It’s better than her usual “outfits” but that bust area is WEIRD. And in the first picture I thought it was Kylie Minogue with blonde extensions. Lilo needs to leave her face alone.

  8. maryse

    i think this is a “how would you change this” type thing. that boob seam is weird, but if not for that, and if the dress were maybe in a different color, i would think it was a fab. not a fan of her chiclet teeth but that’s just me.

  9. Carolina Girl

    I think the boob seams are there to create the cone-style breasts that were popular in the 50′s. It’s like she’s trying to gradully accustom us to the idea of her playing Elizabeth Taylor starting with the boobs.
    Regardless of the weird seams and saggy looking boobs, it’s a definite improvement over how she usually leaves the house, but I’d like to reserve judgement on this and not give it a “Well Played” yet. We all know how quickly Lindsay can turn sugar to shit so let’s not jump the gun.

    • Emmaleigh

      I totally agree. It looks like a node to the 50s and she’s trying to get herself and the world ready for her to play Liz Taylor.

  10. Charlotte

    Honestly, I don’t have a bone to pick about the top half. But the skirt just seems so HEAVY. I never thought I’d advise Lindsey for go for less coverage, but I think a slit (not too high, dear, this is still the White House) would have offset the matronly feel a bit.

    Actually, the dress/styling combo give off a very Angelina Jolie vibe, with all the good and bad that implies. I wonder if that was calculated. I know Angie’s been a source of exasperation at GFY for some years now, but I still think Lilo could do far worse than to model herself – both sartorially and lifestyle wise – on the Jolie.

    • Charlotte

      I’m also really not loving the fabric choice, as it looks a bit cheap and shows every wrinkle. It looks a bit like someone had to do some alterations at the last minute and didn’t have time to press it afterwards.

    • Jessica

      Oh god yes (re: Jolie).

      • Sarah

        I agree about the Jolie impersonation – there are other pictures (I think I saw them on Celebitchy?) where LiLo is posing exactly like Angie. It’s not great.

  11. LozzaC

    it just looks so cheap. You can see where they’ve stitched the hem for God’s sake. I know she isn’t raking in as much cash as she used to, and her image isn’t great these days so designers probably aren’t tripping over themselves to lend her dresses, but I swear you could spend a couple of hundred in TopShop and get something better made and better fitting than this…

    That being said she looks clean and under 40, so it’s an improvement.

    Ergh… looking at her makes me feel so sad. I feel like still inviting her to this stuff is just enabling at this point.

  12. Mo

    Better for her, but she could do better. I wish she hadn’t messed up her face.

  13. llism

    Her face looks better than it has in a long, long time, but that dress looks like it came David’s Bridal and cost about $59.00. I don’t think I’ve seen anything as cheap-looking at that bottom hem.

    • Edith

      Agree about the hem. The only way it could look more obvious was if she’s done it herself using hem-tape instead of sewing.

  14. TheReset

    I’m more concerned at how batshit crazy those poll choices were (I mean that in the best way possible).

    • Eliza Bennett

      Hee. Right? I picked ESE because the glump of letters amused me, but I have no clue what the choices mean. Do we pick by farthest from North?
      I just wish Lilo didn’t look 50 already. It drags down what would be “cute retro” and sexy on someone else to matronly weirdness.

  15. Neil

    Considering her past, I think this is a total home run. Objectively, without considering her past – turn the makeup down 30% and it’s a total home run. I think she looks spectacular.

  16. The Fugger

    It’s not horrible, although I forgot that LiLo was a Satinist. Points deducted, although…while the seam is a bit weird, I think that’s mostly the fabric. Oddly enough, if it had been leather it might have worked better.

    I could remark about her face, but…like, okay, she got some really bad plastic surgery. And until she corrects it, I’m kind of over the entire, “BUT WHAT DID LINDSAY DO TO HER FAAAAAAAAACE” thing that goes on in every single LiLo post. Yeah, Linds ruined something that was – at one point – very pretty. But as much as I’d like her to go back to her old face, I don’t foresee that happening in the near future.

  17. TonyG

    I think she looks pretty here. Well done, I say. In the second photo, she seems a bit awkward which takes away from the look, but in the other slides, it looks like a fab to me.

  18. Megan

    Girlfriend can really clean up when she wants to. I think she looks fine. The dress isn’t my favorite, but it’s not terrible.

  19. Adu

    How does this manage to make her look so top heavy? (And not in a good way). Guess it could be worse.

  20. Crystal

    I know this ain’t a State Dinner, but side boob has no place at the Correspondent’s Dinner.

  21. Adrienne Leeds

    Just in case you missed my cheek implants, I shall highlight them in a lovely shade of addict.

  22. BrownEyedBetty

    So close. So close and yet….. I am in total agreement with you, fug girls. Her hair is finally so pretty and flattering. yay! She is able to pull off black (prob because of hair color. ) However, the bodice makes her boobs look octogenarian. eek! And the volume of the skirt makes it more “oscars” than “nerd prom” (as I heard the correspondent’s dinner referred to this am) and we also have wrinkles. lots and lots of wrinkles. ENE got my vote.

  23. jjdaddyo

    No Vaj flashing.
    No drunken/ drugged out face-planting.
    Actually lookos like she is ready for a semi-formal occasion.
    Cheap looking fabric, uninspired cut and sewing- looks like she bought it at Tyson’s Corners Mall on her way in from Dulles.
    Just say no to side-boob.
    Matronly- and adding to the matronly-ness is lack of boob support.

  24. S

    Wait, was she at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner? Whom do I need to vote out of office to make sure that doesn’t happen again?

    That said, this is the best she has looked in ages. Flaws and all – she is definitely on a bit of an upswing (from a very very low down place.)

    • Rachel

      You can blame Greta Van Sustawhatever from Fox News for her attendance. Sadly, we cannot vote out Fox News.

      • jerkygirl

        I was just wondering if Fox News sent her, hoping she’d get drunk and embarrass the President or something. I hope I’m wrong. That would be, kinda terrible actually.

    • Kris M

      I’m not American, so I don’t actually know what this dinner is, but I assumed it was something political and classy and I was wondering why she was there.

  25. Abby

    Things I like: Her hair–so much better than the blonde. The fact that she doesn’t look totally cracked out. I cannot see her vagina.

    Things I don’t like: The dress itself–it looks rather cheaply made to me. The boob seam does not help. And her makeup. Dial it back about ten notches, please. It’s mostly the lip that’s too bright, IMO.

    I don’t know what’s going on with her face. Plastic surgery and/or fillers, I presume. I do not like. They make her face look super-weird.

    All that said, she looks good, considering her past sartorial choices.

  26. Softwear

    I’m glad she has red-ish hair. I wish she hadn’t done that to her face. I wish she hadn’t worn that dress.

  27. blah

    apart from the weird nipple seam, this is the best we’ve seen of her in a long time. I really like her lipstick shade. It works well enough. Better Played, Lohan. Just stop the face tweaking!

  28. Kellilee

    Wear. A. Damn. Bra.

    I know this dress isn’t really made for a bra, but seriously. Certainly there is something she can invest in to pull those cans up.

    • Miriam

      Seriously. That is all.

      • Edith

        Amen. There are two options – (a) get a longline, halter-neck bra, or (b) wear a different dress. Going braless to the White House correspondents’ dinner is NOT AN OPTION. How the HELL did she get invited, and why didn’t she react to the news by saying “I need to find an elegant, lovely dress with which I can wear a bra, just for this occasion! Huzzah!” ???

        Otherwise, she’s clearly moving in the right direction. Good for her.

  29. jerkygirl

    Better, but still badly played. She looks like some Congressman’s “escort.” Could have been a lot worse, really, but for someone with her reputation, she should have foregone the sideboob and the low-cut halter top. At the freaking WHITE HOUSE. Glad to see her looking fairly healthy and sober, though. It’s. . .a start, at least. However, I can’t get excited about seeing her looking scrubbed up and not under the influence, because probably by tomorrow we’ll be seeing pics of her face down in some bushes swearing she was only picking up a penny or buying “sea jasper” or some other weird “explanation.”

  30. Linda

    I’m going to cut her a huge amount of slack.
    She looks clean, her hair looks great, the dress probably does look better in person than photographed, (it does have an Angelina vibe to it).

    She doesn’t look like a 50 year old hooker, i.e. her mother, so that’s something.

    I have nothing to compare her face to since she’s looked like hell for the last 6 or so years, so to me she looks good.

    I really wish Robert Downey Jr would mentor her. He is proof positive that you can crawl thru hell and come out the other side.

    • Donna

      I agree with this. Given how she’s been in the past few years, I’d like to give her lots of positive reinforcement and applause. Keep it up, Lindsay! We can talk lips and seams and lipstick colors some other time; right now I think this is the best she’s looked in a while and I’m just going to give it a high five.

  31. Katharine

    The dress IS better than many other things she could have worn based on her history, but that doesn’t make it good. It’s horribly unflattering. And her makeup is awful. Bad enough that she’s fake’n’baked everywhere else, but she couldn’t even match her foundation? She looks like a bald eagle, which I suppose is thematic at a White House dinner, but hardly a good choice. And that lipstick is a whole other shade of vile on her.

    About the only thing I can sign off on here is the hair, which is pretty.

  32. Leah

    @jjdaddyo: Am looking out my office window at Tyson’s right now.

    • jjdaddyo

      Then you’ll probably see her, on the way back to the airport, stopping by in her limo to return the dress.

  33. Becky

    When saw photos of this dress this weekend, my first thought was “the fug girls are gonna rip this apart.” I’m shocked at the hemming and hawing over it. It’s awful. It looks really cheap. Has terrible seams on the boobs and at the bottom. Makes her look a lot heavier than she is. It’s just a bad dress. And don’t get me started on her lipstick and same-old hair. Girlfriend needs a stylist…. badly.

  34. liz

    It looks like a terrible bridesmaids dress…

    • Amy

      SERIOUSLY. The fabric? The length? The fact that it doesn’t fit? Bridesmaid dress.

  35. pinkcheese

    She looks so much better here, and I’m really starting to root for her to pull it together and knock it out of the park with this Liz thing.

    Yes the dress is a bit off, and the material looks cheap, but I have to wonder if it’s the best she can afford right now? I mean, while she probably has more money than I do right now, I doubt she has enough to afford a top tier stylist, or a swank outfit, and for sure she’s not nearly far along in her “comeback” for any big name to be willing to front her a well-fitted gown, etc. All told though, each time I’ve seen her lately she’s gotten a bit better, and a bit more pulled together.

  36. KCH

    David’s Bridal called. They said “we told you to stop, you are NOT our spokesperson”

  37. ceecee

    She looks healthy and sober and she’s (mostly) covered so I call it a win. The bar is set pretty low with this girl.

  38. val.

    Sadly, she still looks about a decade older than she really is. It doesn’t really matter what she wears; her face looks terrible and there’s just no saving it.

    It is going to be hard for her to ever look “classy” unless she manages to deflate her lips and cheeks.

    As for the dress… it just looks really heavy and doesn’t seem to fit all that well, either.

  39. Shiitake

    LiLo does look lucid and showered. There are worse choices that this dress, and she’s made those choices.

    Why would Greta Von What’sHerName, and her FauxNews masters, want our wayward girl at the White House Correspondents Dinner?

  40. R

    There is definitely something very Angelina Jolie about it. Her hair looks SO much better.

    Someone needs to go to Hollywood and run a “How to dress your curvy figure and large boobs workshop”. Key attendees could be Christina Hendricks, ScarJo and LiLo

    • Jeanette

      What R said!

      Can we also add Melissa McCarthy to the list of attendees please? Everyone ‘can’ look lovely, it’s just a matter of dressing occasion and body-type appropriately…

  41. R

    I just saw that picture of Rosario Dawson in the green dress…she can go to the workshop as well :)

  42. Anita

    BRA! For the love of God woman, please invest in some foundation garments. Those boosies will be down to your knees soon.

  43. Karen

    Well, it’s a step in the right direction. There’s certainly room for improvement but she looks better than she has in a while. Except what she’s done to her face is criminal.

  44. Jenz

    This is much better than she’s looked in a while. Her skin looks nice, her hair looks healthy (I love her as a redhead.. the blonde just washed her out). Just a few notes: Steamer! Bra! Your Real Lips!


  45. Amanda

    It looks like something I would attempt to make, after searching for hours for a dress, then saying screw it, and grabbing a 12 pack on the way home from the fabric store. I don’t mind the pleating on the lower boob area, but I would have avoided having the V start that low and would do a kind of corset look. Then maybe lace panel straps?

    I just hate that the V is so low, not because I’m against cleavage, but because it looks like an afterthought. And having it that low with the straps that wide looks awkward.

    Beyond that, I like that she’s not that weird white/orange blonde, but I really hate the lipcolor. It’s too orangey/coral for me.

  46. Az

    Even if RDJ mentored her, I don’t think she’d improve. Because, as Lainey at laineygossip says, Lindsay is an asshole. An entitled asshole at that.

  47. ccm800

    Why get all oranged up if you’re going to use your un-orange shade foundation. She looks like a kabuki mask. whoever her face doc is ought to share cell with the doc that administered meds to MJ. CRIMINAL.

  48. jewlz

    that’s a shit ugly dress, matronly boobs, drab material, sad nod to marilyn,and stumpifying to boot! WTF whoever was paid to style Lilo for this event?!!!

  49. Sajorina

    The dress is a good idea in concept, but the execution isn’t good… Those weird seems & the wrinkles ruin it! And, her hair looks good, but she needs to tone down the makeup a few hundred notches since it accentuates her altered features! It’s OK, that’s all!

  50. Guerra

    This dress could only look cheaper if Lindsay was wearing it!! Too late

  51. Jennifer E.

    I’m so appalled at this dress. i hope she DID get it at David’s, it’s just too cheap for LiLo.

    Besides the awkward boob seams and OBVIOUS hem, it’s WRINKLED. it looks like somebody pulled it out of a suitcase and threw it on. She should have worn her backup dress.

    love the red hair, blah blah blah.

    lastly – we all know now that this is NOT a political event, and that our tax dollars DO NOT pay for it, right? also, Barack (he sends me emails signed “Barack”; yes, i’m on a first-name basis with the leader of the free world. i know you’re jealous) had NOTHING to do with the guest list. i’d hate to have to break out that rant again.

  52. Andrea

    I wanted to like this, because at least she’s mostly not naked and overtly cracked-out, but the detail shot of the wonky sewing on the terrible boob seam just elicited a vocal “UGH”.

    I do love that, with the exception of the last two options, the poll is a very nice bell curve right now.

  53. Remi

    I saw a thumbnail of this on another site and thought it was Angelina Jolie.

    I thought I needed glasses, but I’m glad Im not the only one who made the link.

  54. qwertygirl

    She looks sober and she’s dressed. I’d say it’s a win.

  55. CJ

    I like her hair, and her eyes are open and look focused (yay), but she could have done so much better in choosing the dress. Yes, it could have been so much worse, but, I still don’t think this is very good. The satin is cheap looking and wrinkly and WHAT is going on with her boobs? Her boobs are sitting soooo low (not a crime at home watching a movie on the couch, but hoist those babies up at a formal event). They are so low, her waist has disappeared, and the horizontal seams on the boobs are horrible. I don’t think I have never seen that before….and there is a reason. It looks terrible. Also, they don’t look too bad here, but in other photos from the event, her red lips looked cartoonish. Oh, Lindsay, you can do so much better!

  56. Kimmie

    She looks reminiscent of Tara Reid on the night she had the full boob slip.

  57. MegoPachego

    It looks like she’s wearing a super supportive old lady halter bra that isn’t doing its job. But I guess that might be a nod to the crazy old lady lip injections, which also aren’t working for her.

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