Fug or Fab: Kristen Wiig

Hallelujah. Somebody got run over by the color wheel.

I’m less decided on the Dijonnaise flats* (which I just realized sounds like either a band, or a really pretentious vacation destination — “Oh, we’re going to our cabin in the Dijonnaise Flats”), but I think the impact hue is fabulous on her. Can we sidebar a moment about centered slits, though?This is the second one present at this party. Is that going to happen again? Because I remember a certain denim skirt I bought about ten years ago and every time I sat down in it, that sucker opened up like flaps on a tent. It lasted about a month in my closet before I gave myself a stern talking-to and then filed for divorce.

*Also, I totally know those aren’t flats. What is wrong with me? Clearly a wire crossed and then maybe started a small electrical brain fire. Maybe I was too busy checking real-estate prices on The Dijonnaise Flats to pay attention to myself.

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  1. Lynne

    SO CLOSE! This dress is an enormous improvement since it is not the color of old dish rags. Shoes: No. Lipstick: NO! But I love everything about the green dress. Even the hem length which she seems to be pulling off quite well.

    • steen

      I almost hate to criticize the length because she otherwise looks awesome. It’s just that I keep imagining this dress hemmed to above her knee…She would be perfect and, btw, I love those shoes.

  2. Mia

    I love the color of the dress so much that I’m willing to forgive all other transgressions, although the slit, the length, and the shoes could all be improved.

  3. Jill

    I love the color, I love how the dress fits on her. Sometimes she wears not so flattering styles? Plus her hair color looks nice.

  4. Kristen

    I love the shoes, and love them with the dress. Now if the hemline could hit just above the knee…

  5. blizzybee

    I know, I know, the shoes need to go, and center slits are a friend to no woman (or man? Yikes). But I had to fully fab this. Because she must be reading the site and took note! She wore a color! And lightened her tresses a wee bit! So much better, even if not quite well-played.

  6. Dr Skylaser

    Wait. . . flats? Those aren’t flats.

    Sidebar: TOTALLY with you on the front-slit thing. Even if it doesn’t ever favor bystanders with its best impression of a tent, it still looks like you’ve got your skirt on sideways.

  7. Sandra

    It should be knee-length, it should not have a slit, and those shooves should die a fiery death. But that COLOR!!!! Love. It. Except for the previously mentioned adjustments, that dress is danged good.

    • pidget

      Exactly! It’s autumnal, but is showing off her nice arms and shoulders well. Shooves (hee!) must go. Because she’s lean and long, she could go just below the knee hem-length without looking stumpy. Bold cuff suggestion + lipstick and she’s off to the races!

    • Lisa

      Exactly what I was thinking.

  8. Mukel

    They’re not flats. Some brighter lipstick and a cuff bracelet or something. Then it would be kind of sassy.

    • Heather

      I know, what was I doing? I am sure I meant to write pumps and … something just unplugged and then I went to the Dijonnaise Flats and it was all lost.

      • TereLiz

        I could totally see how Ms. Wiig broke your brain momentarily. Your mind was probably thinking platsforms, which somehow turned into “plats” and then, because plats isn’t a word, I’m guessing, morphed it into “flats”.

        Happens to the best of us!

        I love that color green on her. It’s a great color on almost everyone. (This is the green I look best in, as opposed to that hunter green/Ultramarine green Pantone has forced upon us for fall. Makes me look sallow.)

        • TereLiz

          ROFL, I mean platforms, not platsforms. See, Kristen broke my brain, too!

  9. DanerKebab

    I kind of dig the shoes. If the dress had a different slit placement, I’d be totally on board with the whole thing.

  10. Gigi

    Egads, it looks like a culottes jumpsuit at first glance! I love the color, but maybe if this were caught in motion it would look better.

  11. Cat

    Props that she’s wearing a color, but the dress is kind of fug. The slit should not be front and center (a back slit would be better) and the length is awkward and weird (and unflattering). Cut 5-6 inches off (seriously), and move the slit and this dress would be much better, even with those shoes.

  12. Vandalfan

    Shoes, length, and slit all need tweaking, and I’d add a thin black belt, but this is such an improvement that I don’t want to discourage her.

    But it looked like a Gaucho pant jumpsuit at first and I almost had apoplexy.

    • ohmygodGO

      I had the same gaucho thought and was so sad as the color is AMAZING. It just being a front slit is so much better in comparison.

      I would love the shoes if I wasn’t so sick of that style of shoe. I dig the color.

  13. anny

    Hips up, totally great; and she can keep the shoes if she cuts off the skirt and wears jeans with the top. (And then we can go round the corner for a beer.)

  14. mhorv4

    She looks great, all I would change is move the slit to the back. Lover her hair and the dress otherwise.

  15. Amber

    The shoes are gross and the slit…eek. Back slit: ok. Front slit: no way. The length could be changed, too.
    But otherwise, I think she looks great. From the waist up, it’s fully fab. Just a few minor tweaks and she’s got it!

  16. Miss Louise

    The dress and shoe colours are great (especially the dress), but not together. Front slits – whose idea were they anyway? Surely not a woman’s, because we all know how compromising they are to wear. But I’ve mostly come on to say how much you Fug girls make me laugh! ‘that sucker opened up like flaps on a tent’ made me laugh out loud, and I almost never do that online.

  17. Vandalfan

    (And it would not be a cabin, but rather the ancestral villa on Dijonnaise flats, with porte cochere, a wine tasting room, and plenty of bidets.)

  18. Janis

    That dress needed some kind of something, or the colour would make it look too plain, like a green bean. If it were knee-length, it would look too timid.

    So instead of a front slit, I would have side slits, like a cheongsam.

  19. Nancy

    great hair coloring! great dress coloring! great fit! Just hem it a bit…

  20. rb

    Fabrizio! Yes, finally a color, and yes, hem to above center slit, but no — Kristen is a vegetarian, so I believe those are Vegenaise Pumps. (Not flats.)

  21. bambi_beth

    I have suede Dijonnaise pumps. I wear them All The Time during the appropriate season. They go with everything and I think they are the more interesting upgrade to the nude pump. These have a very noticeable platform, maybe that’s why they are disliked? I think you get rid of the slit (like everyone else), and maybe wear a chunkier bracelet, but this looks like a slam dunk to me. Color! Pretty hair! Pretty girl! Interesting clutch!

    Slam dunk!

  22. Chrissy

    I really don’t like this. The color is nice. But it looks like culottes with that slit. I hate a front center slit. I don’t like the neckline either. I don’t like the shoes because the color looks nauseated.

    • Emily

      I totally agree about the slit. At first glance I thought this was some weird jumpsuit with shorts. If the slit were in the back, I think she would look fab.

  23. Kate

    You guys OWED it to her to give her a Well Played. Next time she wears color, even if she’s wearing a bunch of purple balloons going to a Halloween party as one of the Fruit of the Loom guys, you MUST give her a thumbs up. In that case I’m sure you would, because that seems like a good costume, but I’m trying to make a point. Stop belly-aching about her wearing beige if you’re not going to jump into the sky with glee when she wears a color!

  24. BrownEyedBetty

    She needs some Lippy.

  25. fritanga

    OH THANK GOD she changed her hair color to something lighter, brighter and infinitely more flattering than that awful super dark brown mess. Unless one is Cher, one cannot wear long dark hair successfully past a “certain age.”

    And I like the dress! It’s not beige! The neckline is not choking her! It fits beautifully! She looks happy and healthy! FINALLY.