Fug or Fab: Julia Restoin Roitfeld


They say three’s a trend, which means that Julia Restoin Roitfeld’s friends and neighbors better brace themselves for her coming out to get the mail in her bra and a black lace robe. BEHOLD:

That was last night.

And that was the night previous.


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  1. Jill

    The bra in the first shot at least kinda looks like it’s meant to be fashion (albeit bad fashion), but the second one is straigth up Playtex.

  2. Chasmosaur

    You know, I remember in the 90′s when we wore dense lace bodysuits with cool bras. But there was usually a blazer involved, and jeans with ankle boots. It was about the hint of slut, not the full-on slut.

  3. tagatha

    *squints* Is she wearing that blouse backwards in the first picture?

  4. Fawn

    @tagatha Thank you! I was trying to figure out what was wrong with that outfit. You nailed it – it totally looks like she’s got the blouse on backward.

  5. that girl

    I actually think the first look is pretty cute. I would have gone with a peach or black camisole, but if you are going to have a visible bra, spangly sequins does seem like the way to go. I just wish the blouse wasn’t caught under her arms, or whatever’s going on there. The hemline’s great and the shoes are very sexy librarian.

    The second look, well, this is one person who does not look great with her hair up. The whole ensemble is just kind of meh.

  6. Sandy

    I’m totally down with you girls making $$, but HATE the audio advertisements on the page, even more that the flashy ones!

  7. LoriK

    I can’t vote because I need a “close, but no cigar” option. I think both of these would have been cute if they were less naked and, in the case of the first one, fit a bit better.

  8. Jessica

    Sandy, there should be no audio ads on the site at all. Are you in the UK? Often, audio ads are inserted into our ad pool there and we’re unaware because we….can’t see them, being in the US.

    As always, if you have problems with the ads, PLEASE EMAIL US at fuggingitup AT gmail DOT com where we are more likely to be able to see and respond to your problems than in the comments, where we may miss them. Please note that if you’re emailing to complain that we have a takeover ad, our only response will be that those are financially necessary to continue to run the site, unfortunately. However, if there is an actual technical issue, you run into weird audio, there is some gross ad in the Google pool of which we may be unaware (if there is not a large ad buy, you all see different ads) the ads won’t close, etc etc etc, email us and we might be able to fix it!


  9. vandalfan

    She was pretty close in the first outfit, except that her shoes are a size too big, and the fact that the homicidal see-through top is slowly strangling her starting at the clavicles. The second makes me itch, and cringe. Nothing about that is good. But props for using the same handbag two nights in a row, like a normal human.

  10. Geemee

    I really really dig that first outfit, especially the gold accents. The second I can live with. I appreciate a woman who has a “look.”

  11. 'Mela

    The first look is cute. Peek-a-boo blouse, and shoes,
    very 50′s.
    I love the shape/ length of the skirt, elegant.
    The huge gold-colored earrings, no.
    Trade in for small black crystals.

    The second look, no…

  12. Jen

    Her name makes me want to speak like Astro from the Jetsons

  13. CJ

    Unlike her mom, who usually looks like a mess with all of that ridiculous stribbly hair in her face, Julia looks quite put together here. I generally like the first outfit which is quite elegant, especially that little flip at the bottom of her skirt and the gold hoops peeking out, but I would have preferred a black (or nude) camisole under the blouse and there is some weird pulling above her boobs — not sure what’s going on there. Also, my mom would give her a tsk tsk for the gapping on the sides of the shoes, but the overall look is an almost-there for me.

    The second outfit is fug. Interesting how a very similar look gets an almost-there in one photo and a complete fug in another, but there it is. I look at this and all I can see is Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan, who somehow was able to pull off that kind of slut-chic well, I guess because Madonna’s outfits were her invention. And if you were alive back then, you know that Madonna spurred on the fashion of having your bra show, which became a thing for even good girls — and so for me, this look is of a certain time (and it’s not this one). Plus that’s not a bra that I would want to show off. However, with a black or nude camisole and different shoes, this could be cute.

  14. Gigi

    Lucky girl, she’s pretty. Must take after her father.

  15. sandy

    Chasmosau: “It was about the hint of slut, not the full-on slut.”

    That should pretty much be the goal of almost all outifts. :-)

  16. Kris

    The dresses are fug, but I can kinda understand. Haven’t you ever gotten a really cute new bra, but been single at the time, leaving you with NO ONE to show it off to? Exhibitionist underwear can be a burden.

  17. Bambi Anne Dear

    At least they’re two different bras……

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