Fug or Fab: Evan Rachel Wood (And A Bonus Random Fug)


It’s not that I don’t understand the need to go casual in the winter climes; it’s that I appreciate when people actually try to do it in a creative, thoughtful, interesting way. I FREELY admit that if I were ever at Sundance, or indeed when I am at Fashion Week in February, I would/will totally go jeans, boots, sweater. But then again, nobody would/will be looking at me (thank God) so HA. Life under the radar rules.

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  1. Tiffany

    I love the suit…but the shirt under it is awful and cheap looking. The SHOES are brown and worn down, and I feel like they do not match the feel of the suit very well. I think with a different shirt and shoes, this could be so great. What she has on makes me think of a wacky old professor whose wife bought him a new suit, and he doesn’t know what to wear it with.

  2. Other Emily

    My hair always looked revolting when I was pregnant, too. It took serious work just to make it look normal, let alone good. So I’m going to give her a pass. But she is absolutely gorgeous in that third picture. Stunning.

    • Heather

      Oh, man, I had the opposite. My hair was FANTASTIC the whole time. And then went right back to sucking, but with the added sadness of having shown me what COULD be but won’t be. SIGH.

      • Other Emily

        Lucky. But not one strand of mine fell out the whole time, so I had a gigantic mane of stringy, dull hair. It was…not awesome.

      • Vi

        Mine was awesome while I was preggers, and then decided it had enough of being on the left side of my head and promptly all fell out after my babe was born. It was so not a good hair year for me. This was LONG before Riri made half a shaved head popular…:P

  3. jerkygirl

    She looks like a rail-riding hobo from 1935 who stole some banker’s suit but kept her own shoes and mixed her Dapper Dan hair pomade with bacon grease to make it last longer. All she needs is a bindle and a beat up derby. (In other words, the hair and shoes are terrible but the suit itself is pretty nice)

  4. Sajorina

    Love Evan Rachel Wood and the idea of the outfit is good, but if she had styled her hair like in the 3rd picture and worn cute pumps, I’d be totally on board! Still, look at THAT FACE! ♥

    I thought I’d make FugNation a favor by posting a link to “Banana Soda Es Muy Loca”, which I’m listening to right now and giggling! Enjoy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpnYE4Cf-tc

    • Edith

      Thank you. I… didn’t hate that video, and it is quite true – banana soda es muy loca. That shit is, in the words of a wise woman, B-A-N-A-N-A-S. I kept hoping Irish step-dancing would break out, though.

      • Wade's missing shirt

        Thanks for posting the video. It was “interesting.” I think renaming the song to Banana Soda es muy pretentious would be more fitting though.
        She looks like Brenda Walsh’s doppelganger.

  5. Edith

    I love the suit so much (brown! pinstripes! tailored!) AND the shirt (purple!) that I had to vote unequivocably, even though the hair is tragic and the shoes are desperately in need of polishing. Then again, maybe the shoes she intended for this outfit got soaked in the snow, and rather than wearing wet shoes she just went with the old pair she brought simply because she loves them and also snow.

    Audrey Napoleon looks like Amber Tamblyn in Elvira drag. Eeeek.

  6. ErinE

    I loved ERW in Across the Universe, but never since then. I suppose this is an improvement to the clothes she chose during her Marilyn Manson stage, but that’s not really much of a compliment.

  7. KateShouldBeWorking

    Audrey Napoleon’s outfit looks seriously flammable

  8. Beth

    All I can think about is why I never noticed before that she could play Laura Linney’s daughter. Maybe I’m just thinking about Laura Linney more now that she’s introducing Downton every week again.

  9. Orange Clouds

    Why does Evan Rachel Wood look like Diane Kruger?

  10. Willow

    I wish Evan had gone for a better shirt, something a little sleaker and less pyjama-y and then gone all out and given us a SWINTONIAN QUIFF.

  11. Ruth

    I think ERW s a dead ringer for Delta Burke. Put a black wig on her, and there you go.

  12. Trace

    Wait, ERW is pregnant? And married to Billy Elliot?? Awww.

  13. Rebecca

    From the thumbnail and those aggressive bangs I thought Audrey was Carly Rae Jepsen.

  14. PB

    ERW is a beautiful woman. I can’t quite understand why she is dressed as a shabbily dressed man with greasy hair.

  15. Sandra

    It appears that Miss Napolean has a bad case of Angelica Huston Complex.

  16. heather

    I adore a woman in a tailored suit, but I wish the vest was solid rather than pinstripe. With the shirt, it’s a stripe overload for me. A solid black vest would make the shirt pop, and give the eye a break from all the stripes. The boots are kitschy, but yeah, I’d rather polished than not. And I kind of want to brush her bangs out of her eye.

    • Meg

      Yes to all those notes. I LOVE the suit but the stripes are just too . . . too many stripes.

  17. Gramilla

    So…I’m not big on fashion I’ll admit. I see this though after all the shit I’ve randomly seen her in and think “Well she’s trying something new. Not like ‘slutty scary omg you’ve been porking Marilyn Manson but since he’s a freak you’re the pitcher’ type new. She wanted a grown up, out of the woods I feel look but someone wasn’t there to say well you’ve taken a step forward but you’re not out of the woods yet kiddo.
    Even though it’s so 70′s I wish that collar was popped out. The jacket could be a better fit. She has such a petite and adorable figure. I swear to god if she ever gets implants she is dead to me. If it was cinched and slim the “frump factor” would drop a bit. The pants…I’m no tailor but something needs to be done. Taken in upstairs?
    The BOOTS. Is this really a thought? Anyone in their right mind (Yes Manson was so long ago but did he really screw you that badly) wear them? Make a statement (without saying a word!) but what is your statement? Please don’t get me wrong. Did anyone see Pretty Persuasion? Fuck. REW was amazing and so young. SO I feel like she can dress. I hate/loved her in True Blood and always looked amazing. Yes I know she never dressed herself during the show though. I’m done with parenthesis by the way. I just find it the best way to allow you into MY MIND MORTALS.
    Rachel, love. Brush your hair. That dippity-do is a a dippity-don’t. It’s true. You’re hair can look as soft and subtle as a cloud. Don’t gel it down into a crusty fast food grill runoff. You are a gorgeous girl I believe. I enjoy you. And when my boyfriend is surfing gofugyourself for hours at a time I want to see you looking pretty and ethereal every few hours I venture into his domain. Please?
    Love Graham.

  18. Esme

    The pants fit funny; it looks like a suit someone would buy at a thrift store in a Stephen King book that would make something bad happen.

  19. Pouncer

    Her bangs are what are muy es loco. Why are they scalloped???

  20. iLoveEDM

    Found her Facebook Page! She’s ahead of the curve.

    The Addams Family… Duh nuh nuh nuh!

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