Fug or Fab: Boobs Legsly


I think Blake Lively got her social schedule backward. She should have worn this to the Gossip Girl party…

… and saved Peacock Sugarbritches and the Magna Cum Laude for this Lady Gaga event at Barney’s, at which she could probably have worn three actual high-school graduates along with their tassels and everyone would’ve said, “Well, it’s Gaga Night, so that’s actually very restrained and wise.” Not that the blue suit positively screams Gossip Girl, but it does at least say, “My, how I’ve matured in 100 episodes or less.” Let’s start with the cons: The shoulder detail makes me a TOUCH concerned she’s going to grab a microphone and bust out some Barbara Mandrell covers, Violet Beauregard has about three of these in her closet at home, and mayhap the trousers don’t like her crotch. But I don’t know — something about it also works for me. Like she’s trying to be a shade more SWINTON than showgirl.

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  1. kates

    I got stuck staring at the giant blue cowboy hat she was wearing.

    Turns out: not a hat. But it finishes off the Mandrell Sisters look nicely.

    • vandalfan

      And now that’s all i can see…

      • Heta

        I just clicked on the comments to see if anyone else noticed the 100-gallon hat she was wearing, and–lo and behold!–the hat made it into the first comment. It definitely completes the Mandrell reference.

    • Sandala

      Hahaha! Me too! What’s with the giant hat, oh not a hat!

  2. Jamie

    I might actually like some of her clothes if I weren’t so damned sidetracked by how her head always looks she’s trying to hide a hickey! Girl. What is wrong with your neck that you can’t straighten it? I do love a Mandrell sister though.

    • Bobbi

      I thought I was the only one who can’t stand the permanent tilt of her noggin. Boobs legsly is neither shy nor coy, her head stance needs to get the message.

  3. Emily

    I hate this. The shoulders — yuck. The crotch — yuck. The sternum — desperate. I mean, at least it’s just boobs, with legs covered, so I guess that’s better than some things. And I sort of like the color. But she is so, so pretty and I really think she should look into classiness, rather than maximumbodypartexposureness.

  4. Sandra

    Look in to shirts, young lady.

  5. theotherjennifer

    STAND UP STRAIGHT! and get a shirt. wth.

  6. Amber

    So glad I’m not the only one thinking she was wearing a *giant* cowboy hat. So glad.

  7. thrudur

    i like the color! and that would be all i like in this picture .. sorry blake!

  8. Kristen from MA

    Nice color, but I hate the fit,

  9. Stefanie

    Yeah I thought it was a cowboy hat too.

    But I do like this, and I want her boobs.

  10. Wade

    And, what’s with the constant head-tilt thing she seems to be doing everywhere?

  11. Chris

    Boobs, Boobs, Boobs. Your last name (according to Fug Nation) is Legsly, not Wangsly.

    Although the cleavage is distracting from the polterwang, so that’s a…plus, I guess.

    She should have worn Björk Swan to this, I agree. It’s far more Gaga-appropriate.

    Also, the only one who can SWINTON is SWINTON herself. Although, maybe I’m crabby, because the last time I saw SWINTON, I was pretty much the only person going, “Dudes, NO,” while everyone was dreamily sighing.

  12. Caroleena Stantonova

    I’m not usually a fan of lotsa boobage costumes, but I like this; I think she wears it well. Even though her body language sez “alright, let’s get this over with…”

  13. Katharine

    I don’t know how all these celebrities manage to keep wearing my very favourite shade of electric blue and making it super-boring and dull. This is super-boring, fits TERRIBLY around her bustline, waist and crotch, and also looks stupid worn like that over her naked chest flesh. Seriously. If you’re going to wear a jacket coyly exposing your cleavage, it needs to be a bit less… exposed than that. And I hate the epaulettes; they are at once too much and not enough.

    And I don’t like her hair like that either. It looks messy and possibly not recently washed.

  14. C-No

    If you are wearing a suit. YOU MUST WEAR A SHIRT. A SHIRT, I TELL YOU. This goes for everyone: male, female, old, young, hot, hairy, whatever: WEAR. A. SHIRT.

    The end.

  15. Izzie

    When I first clicked on this I thought the massive blue thing in the background was actually a verrrry wide brimmed hat (I know someone has already said this) but I was so confused that I didn’t even notice she wasn’t wearing a shirt which, to be honest, doesn’t surprise me at all!

  16. Geemee

    Ill-fitting suit, greasy hair, boring shoes. Man, Blake is really going thru a rough patch.

  17. Lee

    I love a good suit but I hate this. All those lines of puckered fabric mean it is at least a size too small. She is the worst offender of the “size 2 insists on wearing a 0.” Combine with the sternum of desperation and you get something that probably costs thousands of dollars looking very cheap.

  18. Jen

    Can someone tell me what it is about her face that bothers me?

  19. Anne B

    This outfit is sooooo not Secretary-Of-State-chic.

    For starters, the former First Lady/ Senator/ current wizard of foreign policy would NEVER do that crap on the shoulders. For another, UP A SIZE (does it always have to be all about you, Boobs?). A pantsuit is for getting s**t done, not showing people what you’d look like in a neck-to-toe coat of blue semigloss.

    Finally … What Would Hillary Do? Wear a blouse.

    You’ve lost my vote, Legsly.

  20. Sarah

    How great would it be if she was wearing a massive, blue cowboy hat!

  21. Jen

    For a second I was interested, thinking she was wearing a ginormous hat. Disappointed again.

  22. Beth

    You know she wants this to have a mini-skirt. And if it did, I could totally picture Dolly Parton wearing it. The difference is, Boobs Legsly thinks this is classy, whereas Dolly Parton has the charm of totally owning up to taking style cues from the town hooker growing up.

  23. Lina

    God, the shoulders. All I can see are bird droppings, like she’s been letting pigeons roost on her head. I don’t suppose the designer thought of that…. I am pleased to see her legs full covered, although the fit of the crotch makes me laugh because how can she be this inexperienced at choosing pants that fit?? Except that this is BL. Of course she doesn’t know what pants are supposed to feel like. I totally agree about inverting the outfits between venues, though. Gaga parties call for nudity and fringe. Network press events, not so much.

  24. amanderpanderer

    This is not amusing enough. If she is going Grimace, she should go FULL GRIMACE, and sell me a McDonald’s shake.

  25. Mahastee

    My CRAW. She sticks in it.

  26. amys

    Lace shoulders and giant thumb ring, no thank you. I might like it better if she were wearing an actual giant cowboy hat—at least I’d think there was a chance she wasn’t taking her self so damn seriously. Too much chest, not enough styling. Get a tailor, Boobs L.. You have a beautiful body; please learn to dress it. Thank you.

  27. Glenn

    I seriously thought there was a giant hat in this outfit!

  28. understateddiva

    Up. A. SIze. girl

  29. NYCGirl

    The pants are awful even aside from the crotch issues. Also awful: the shoes, the shirtlessness, the SHOULDER PADS!?

  30. JL

    I think she is really pretty and she has an amazing figure but
    1. Go up a size
    2. Even though you have amazing legs and boobs it does not mean that everyone wants to see them constantly
    3. It is not a bad thing to have a stylist

  31. jenny

    she could never be SWINTON!

  32. ChaChaHeels

    All the comparisons to better ladies–they must stop. Parton, Clinton, and SWINTON are all in another category completely.

    Lively should just fire the people who dress her. Simple as that.

  33. Sajorina

    I LOVE IT! Thumbs up for Boobs!!!

  34. electric

    It’s nice that she tried, and she’s headed in the right direction, she just needs to wear something that fits properly.

  35. Bevvie Hedstrom

    I glanced at the pic and I immediately voted “This is great!”

    Then I read the comments. And now I hate it.

    Am I really that fickle? This comes as quite a blow. :/

  36. Penny

    BLAKE! Just go out wearing whatever you wore on your telly show! They make you look SO much better than you ever do when left to your own devices! You are actually ruining your own career through YOUR OWN OVEREXPOSURE!

  37. Amanda

    Glad I’m not the only one who thought she was wearing a big foam cowboy hat.