Fug Nation’s Oscar Ceremony Best and Worst

You guys know how unwieldy and insane the best/worst poll can be when we put EVERYONE in it. So we’re trying some different stuff here — some of which we crowdsourced on Twitter — just to see what we can all live with:

1) We’re splitting up the ceremony and the post-parties. To us, being the worst-dressed at the ACTUAL Oscars is a much bigger deal than, say, Amanda Peet showing up to a non-televised afterparty looking like an escaped mental patient. But the Peets of the world should still be recognized for their contributions. So we’ll divide them.

2) We’re limiting the contenders in each poll. We’ve tried to be democratic about it, but in the end, having 100 options to choose from — with at least 85 of them getting zero votes each time — isn’t worth the hassle of making the polls and scrolling through them to vote. To try and minimize the chance we’ll leave off one of your favorites, we’re going to do our best to assemble contenders based on the reader comments and polls as WELL as our opinions, to try and make it as fair as possible — which might lead to some people, like Jennifer Garner and Octavia Spencer, being eligible in both, because we didn’t like their gowns but a LOT of you did. So, might as well let the votes decide things.

Okay? GOOD. Then let’s get to it, and while we’re at it, talk about The Hathaway Gown Affair. Polls are after the jump.

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Comments (127):

  1. Eliza Bennett

    I like your plan, girls!

  2. val.

    This was really hard for me. I voted Chastain for best, even though Jennifer Lawrence was so close.

    But for worst… I went with Anne Hathaway, even though I think others looked legitimately worse (like KStew). But Anne should have known better, should have DONE better. Like you guys said, it was her night, and she blew it.

    • Chandra Prater

      I was torn for that exact reason. In the end, I went with Naomie’s vulva.

      • Popcouver

        Exactly. This was her night and she blew it. Can’t believe the Valentino she gave up for this mess. It’s gorgeous. http://www.peoplestylewatch.com/people/stylewatch/package/article/0,,20658247_20677487,00.html

        • Karen G

          Eh, I don’t care for the Valentino at all. And she was right; it was too similar to Seyfried’s. It was awfully gracious of her to switch dresses. The Prada’s not bad either really, just unfortunately darted.

        • Heather

          I linked to that on the slide – I actually don’t think it’s that similar to Seyfried’s, but I also think it isn’t a “gracious” thing to switch gowns. I think the gracious thing is always to just greet it with good humor and take it as it comes, instead of freaking out your stylist and upsetting the person who lent you/made you the first dress. Also, Hathaway would’ve come out ahead in that one anyway.

          • erin

            a) i love that valentino and am mad she switched, but … b) this does NOTHING to explain her horrible weird backwards necklace with the prada dress… it wouldn’t have gone with her valentino either! i am confused. but she got my worst, since she had a better option yet ended up wearing that aprony, nippley confection.

          • Mrs. Helpful

            Nipplegate. Gowngate. My guess is that the Valentino that everyone is linking to is The Wrong Dress. If you look at the dress that follows the white one in the sequence from the couture show at The Cut, that next dress has a large overall Baroque-style embroidered pattern similar to Amanda’s dress. It is also blush or lilac-ish colored, has a halter style neckline, and had some tulle sticking out at the bottom. All of which make is a closer match to both Amanda’s dress and the description in the Valentino press release.

            All that said, you are totally right that she should have just powered through and worn it and carried the day. It would have been so much better.

  3. Emma

    Yes, I definitely approve of splitting the awards dresses and after-party dresses. They tend to fall in different categories anyway, the latter being less formal, and the after-party dresses tend to be less iconic.

  4. marie

    if I’m not mistaken, Jennifer Lawrence and AnnE Hathaway have the same stylist right? is she playing favorites now? where is the RZ of 2 years back, when Anne really smashed it while hosting the Oscars?

    • Laura

      RZ styled Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway, and Jennifer Garner. However, her former assistant Brad styled Stacy Keibler (in Naeem Khan) and Jenna Dewan (in Rachel Roy). Brad definitely had the better night.

  5. Lisa

    Best was more of a dilemma than worse. Thought quite a few looked really good. But Melissa Mcarthy;s dress (and styling) was just too awful for words. I was offended for her.

    • Dazie

      I concur. We get it- she’s not tiny. But damn. A Hefty bag?

    • Fat Desdemona

      I know. It makes me angry. She is a beautiful woman and, as a large woman myself, I am depressed for how her stylist made her look. Large women can look sexy, classy and beautiful without the word “sack” being thrown around as an option.

  6. Dee Kay

    Kiebler won best of the night for me. For worst, I had to go with Hathaway, even though others looked worse. The thing is, she went up there to accept that Oscar, and my friend said, “Uh-oh. Nipples.” Now, when that is the first thing that pops into someone’s mind WHEN YOU ARE ACCEPTING AN ACADEMY AWARD, I would call that an #epicfail.

  7. Katharine

    I had a hard time picking Best between Theron and Aniston, but I’m a stone-cold minimalist at heart.

    Worst, though — nothing could be crueller than what happened to poor Melissa McCarthy. So Anne Hathaway wore a formal apron; at least she got an Oscar out of the deal.

  8. Maria L.

    I hated Annie’s nippletastic dress with a passion, but it’s getting as boring ragging on her as it has been listening to her. The fact that she blew it – and knows it- is punishment enough.
    Whoever dressed Melissa McCarthy should be forced to wear a polyester jumpsuit with no crotch snaps for the rest of his or her life; it’s as if the designer/stylist didn’t even try. The color, the fit – the everything – was atrocious and that woman, any woman, deserved better.

    I had to give the win to Naomi; I actually did not love any of the dresses, but hers was fitted so perfectly and was an interesting choice.

    • Edith

      I am so with you on Melissa McCarthy. Do we know who “designed” that monstrosity? Because whoever it was HATES HER. And her stylist needs to be FIRED, and her friends need to sit down and talk to Melissa about expecting more for herself, because some part of her thought this was the best she could do. Damn.

      • Lori

        I would pay money to be Melissa McCarthy’s stylist because I love her that much and so badly want better for her. She is gorgeous; she didn’t deserve to look like that. (I still voted Hathaway for the worst because she should have known better and she gets on my last nerve.)

        • jean

          I so agree. She’s lovely and Octavia Spenser proves that there are designers out there who will make a larger woman look really good. Melissa looks so much smaller in her films because the costume designers are tailoring her clothes. Her hair didn’t offend me as much although it was startling to see her with such stiff hair, but I see where they were going with it. She needed a dress to match.

          She really needs to get Adele’s person. Or Octavia’s. She deserves it!

      • sarrible

        She just needs to hit up Tadashi Shoji, because he is killing it for Octavia Spencer.

      • Mooshki

        David Meister. His website has a Red Carpet section (http://www.davidmeister.com/page/red_carpet) and I can’t believe he’s dressed so many celebs in so many hideous outfits.

  9. Mary

    Jessica Chastain would’ve gotten my best-dressed vote if that dress had been any other color. I just cannot get on board with that head-to-toe monochromatic look.

    Amusingly, something in the background of Octavia Spencer’s photo makes her look like she’s wearing a bow in her hair to match her dress.

  10. lindad

    Oh, Jennifer Lawrence. I remember on the red carpet I thought, “That could not be more beautiful, but I hope it’s not as awkward to walk in as it looks.” Sigh. The only thing keeping her from the top spot was that lapse in judgement. As in Ice Castles, she forgot about the roses.

    I’m happy to vote for Chastain in lieu of, though.

  11. Steen

    I personally am getting a wee tired of the Hathaway piling on. Her dress wasn’t my fav, but there were way more hideous ones out there and at least it wasn’t the same as everyone elses. It WAS pretty avant-garde, but she seems to dig avant garde and it in no way morally offended me in the way that Melissa McCarthy’s did (it was an insult to her, absolutely) , or even Valentino’s sheer laziness at dressing everyone the same. Had she worn the Valentino, we’d all be shrieking “bland! boring!’

    Pretty sure the girl can’t win right now.

    • lindad

      But I picture her holding her Oscar above her head and saying, “Talk about my apron nipple dress all you want — I won an Oscar, bitches!!” You know she’s probably doing it in her head.

      • Maria L.

        I think if she had, she’d have much less of an image problem now.

    • Lucasta

      I actually AM really tired of the Hathaway piling-on in general (I mean, I sort of get that she’s a bit irksome in interviews but she seems…way too innocuous for all the hate being heaped on her). But man, that dress was THE WORST. I GASPED when I saw it. I don’t mind piling on the DRESS because she is lovely and I thought that dress was AWFUL BEYOND WORDS, worse than McCarthy’s even.

      I had to flip a coin between Watts and Keibler for best, they were both delicious.

      • Sarah

        I’ve worked with her. Honestly, she’s horrendous. There *is* a reason why everybody seems to hate her and it isn’t just this unfortunate dress choice.

    • Anna

      I agree with you entirely. Even before I saw the results I knew Anne Hathaway had the most votes as the worse. I think it’s unfair, really, because there were several women dressed much worse than she was, but everybody hates the girl now. She annoys me terribly, but this conjoint hatred is unnecessary.

      • Aphy

        I can hate the dress without hating the person.

      • Scanderoon

        I think I’m more mad at her choice (as if it had any effect whatsoever on my life) because her alternative dress isn’t worthy of a night where you know you’re going to win an Academy Award. I think it was a bad idea to switch at the last minute, but worse is that this dress is not, well, fancy enough for the occasion. You can call it minimalist I guess, but it’s not minimalist in a classy way, like Charlize’s dress — as everybody has observed, it’s a pale-pink satin apron with nipple darts. It makes her look like somebody’s thirteen-year-old cousin that they’ve tried to dress up for a fancy occasion and failed.

    • Lori

      I hated her dress, but even more, I hated that it felt like it was ripped from 1992. It was ugly and lazy and dated, and her reasoning for changing was petty and ridiculous.

      • Billie

        Exactly. AND, the girl was a shoe in to win, so you know every designer was throwing their best at her. That, in and of itself, makes her worst dressed. Not only that, the Valentino she was meant to wear would’ve been really pretty on her.

  12. jar

    Best dressed was so close for me that I had to go with the woman with the date I preferred. So, sorry Naomi; if you’d had a Clooney on your arm (not just George…Papa Clooney, Sister Clooney, Ghost of Rosemary Clooney or heck, even Miguel Ferrer) you might have eked it out. Regardless, both Keibler and Watts were stunning.

  13. Michelle

    I voted for Jessia Rabbit Chastain for the best as I thought it was impeccable, but worst was a real toss-up. I ended up going to Helena Bonham Carter because, for some reason, what she wore actually pissed me off. It was so ugly. Normally I dig her wacky look but, I don’t know, not this time.

    • ceecee

      Me, too, on Helena Bonham Carter. So bored with her. Grow up, Helena.

  14. Miss H

    Good plan but I want to give a shout-out to Sandra Bullock. She rocked her dress…hard.

  15. Corey

    I wish Jamie Foxx’s daughter was an option, she was the best dressed for me!

  16. Tanya

    Jessica Chastain was perfection, but I had to go with Zoa Saldana for best as that dress showed how to add details to a dress. Kelly Ripa would be my third, believe it or not. That dress is just wonderful.

  17. MG

    I still sort of like HBC’s “let them eat cake” hair.

    • Scanderoon

      I did like her hair this time around. LOATHED the dress though… I guess it’s a combination of boredom of her schtick and the fact that it was badly fitted in the bodice and just resoundingly droopy all over. It actually ages her because it looks like she’s trying to dress like a six-year-old.

  18. anna s.

    What I don’t understand is that Anne had to know that she was THE it-girl nominee. She was the favorite, she’d won everything so far in the awards season. So why should she defer to anyone on her dress? If their dress looked like hers, it would be a case of “Oh, Seyfried wore a dress that was very like Anne’s, wasn’t that tacky?” The nominee clearly gets priority on these things. Why in the world would she change if it wasn’t something in the actual construction of the dress that was an issue?

    • Annie S.

      I think it comes down to why people (IMO) don’t like Anne Hathaway: She seems SO DAMNED INSECURE ALL THE TIME. (Except, ironically, putting Lauer in his place for bringing up her, um, public exposure.) Thus the pandering for attention, the breathy “It came true!”s in her acceptance speeches. She feels like people don’t like her, so she tries SO HARD to make people like her that we don’t like her because of it.

      So while any normal person would say, eh, no one will remember what Amanda Whatsherface was wearing when compared to the gloriousness of OSCAR-WINNER Anne Hathaway, she’s freaking out. And making it worse by wearing a shiny pink formal bib with nipple exposure.

      • marie

        i agree. she’s Rachel Berry in real life!

        • mary lou bethune

          I don’t understand why so many people dislike Anne Hathaway so much. She is gracious, lovely, seemingly humble, talented, and she seems to listen to people who interview her. Plus, the way she handled that odious Matt Lauer ; calm and polite and all the while not giving him whatever he wanted,. was wonderful.
          So, ya’ll, why ? There are so many others with little talent, tacky life choices, vulgar clothes, rude behavior.

        • Sarah

          As above, I’ve encountered her multiple times through work and honestly, she’s awful. Absolutely awful. Hugh Jackman = one of the nicest gentlemen I’ve ever met. Anne Hathaway = obnoxious, conceited shrew. To put it bluntly.

      • Sara

        I never understood the AH hate before this awards season, or even knew it existed, and I certainly understand it now (she is very over eager and also awkward in front of large crowds; I’ve actually found her very charming in one-on-one interviews–see her recent turn on Chelsea Lately, where she gave a hilarious account of her meeting Daniel Craig), but what makes me sad is that Anne actually is tuned in to some of the hate. I’ve read a few places that she practiced and rehearsed her speech over and over so that people would like it more, which makes me sad. She gave an aching apology to Valentino for switching dresses last minute, probably aware the backlash would only intensify because of that switch. She’s obviously a lot more human than we realize, and I wish we would collectively give her a break.

        • Jessica

          I think the sad thing is that the rehearsing an “I’m so surprised” acceptance speech over and over again is EXACTLY the problem people have with her — her speeches feel unnatural and practiced and therefore contrived. You should NOT admit that you rehearsed and rehearsed a speech that began with “it came true!” — a statement that is supposed to be one of impromptu delight. If she had gotten up there and delivered a straight “thank you, this is wonderful” speech, people would have had no problem with it, I don’t think.

          A bigger problem for HER, I think, is that she is being VERY POORLY managed in terms of personal PR. She didn’t need to issue a public apology to Valentino, because no one would have even remembered that a week from now, and when it comes right down to it, that whole kerfuffle was the fault of the PR person who sent the press release about Anne wearing their dress before she was actually on the red carpet in it. I hated the Prada, but she’s allowed to change her mind. She should not have said she practiced her speech so people would like her. She does okay on her own — she handled Lauer perfectly, and I thought she handled the whole thing with her former fiance masterfully. But whoever is managing her now does not seem to know how to position her very well. I think they need to let her be MORE awkward and random and not try to train her out of it, because that has backfired like 95% of the time.

          I really think that she will benefit from a vacation though. People have Anne Overload.

  19. TaraMisu

    I like the new set up for this year, so much easier.

    I went with Keibler for the win, McCarthy for …. ugh.

    • Hima

      I voted the exact same way. And it pained me, because I really love Melissa McCarthy. But that dress was terrible. (Keibler looked great though. No pain there).

  20. lila s.

    Kiebler for the win! That dress was interesting and awesome and felt fresh and new without having to dip into the weird and stiff (not that Watt’s didn’t fit perfectly, but I imagine the shoulder/neck thing would get irritating).

    Jones’s dress was boring, unflattering, and ugly. Jones’s dress missed playing tee ball. She’s pretty, she doesn’t have to look exciting, nobody tried to make her look exciting, and they still managed to miss her looking ok. At least Hathaway and McCarthy and some of the others on the worst list tried something.

  21. Alicia

    For best, there were many lovely dresses, though not one of them stood out and made me stand up and clap, so that made it difficult. I ended up going with Kelly Ripa, but it could have easily been any one of my top five favorites. Worst is definitely Anne Hathaway, between the pointy-darts-shaped-like-nipples, the apron, and the blush color, it was more than I could take.

  22. Margaret

    love the new format!!!

  23. Sarah

    I’m shocked that Mellisa McCarthy is not taking worst dressed in a landslide. Built up goodwill perhaps.

    • Katharine

      I voted worst-dressed precisely because of my goodwill towards her, because I’m convinced it wasn’t her fault. Hathaway probably had six stunners hanging on the rack waiting for her, and she picked wrong — but even though she looked terrible FOR HER, she still looks better than 90% of people on the street any day.

      Poor Melissa probably stood there and her stylist threw that at her and said, “Yeah, this was the best we could find, sorry,” and she thought about that terrible Rex Reed review which she has probably read, and every one of the other random insults about her size she’s ever seen or heard, and thought sadly, “yeah, this is the best I can do, I’m lucky to even BE at the freaking Oscars,” and then hair and makeup went out for a smoke and moaned about how they drew the short stick and went back in and did that to her hair while snickering behind their hands.

      It shouldn’t have happened, is my point. Whether or not she feels bad about her size, SOMEBODY should have grabbed her before she went out in front of millions of people wearing that. It was par for the course, for that Oscars, but I felt ashamed for her, and angry.

      That she should even be on this list at all feels like pure maliciousness on somebody’s part.

      • Sarah

        Ahhh…now I feel so bad for voting for her :(

      • Lori

        Katharine, do you watch Mike and Molly? The costume designer on that show nails it every time. I wish whoever picked those clothes would pick her award show attire, too.

      • Goldfish

        I feel like the style and color of that dress would have looked jacked up and unflattering on anyone, regardless of the size of the wearer. So I also think, as I would of an actress of any size, why didn’t she pay better attention before she stepped out in it (you could almost have that dress described over the phone and veto it).

      • Hima

        I think you’re attributing some random thoughts to someone who seems pretty confident in herself. I think she’s fantastic, and to feel sorry for her seems…well…more pitying that she deserves. I mean, she HAS looked a lot better in the past, so she knows how to dress well – or to find people to dress her well. We should respect her enough to judge her like we judge everyone else on this site when they dress poorly. Or horribly, like she did to this event.

  24. TereLiz

    For me it was no contest for either choice:

    Naomi Watts’ silver dress is so unique and she’s wearing the hell out of it! Plus I love how much fun she’s been having with fashion this awards season.

    KStew’s dress looks like an old dust ruffle stuck to a strapless bra, on top of zero effort put into the styling. I understand she was injured, but come on. This is even less effort than usual, and at the Academy Awards, ffs! Suck it up or stay at home eating ice cream and percocets.

  25. Karen

    Well, I voted for Melissa McCarthy for worst, because she looks like she’s wearing a grey blanket. Yes, she’s a big girl, but she’s looked great in the past, and other big girls looked great on Sunday. You can’t blame her body shape for that atrocity.

    Hathaway’s dress was weird and her choice was a mistake, but the nipples made me laugh, and McCarthy made me cry.

    Best is always so much harder! But I had to go with Chastain because: hubba hubba.

  26. Marg

    I voted for Hayek as worst dressed. She’s so beautiful that to mess up as she and her stylist did seems an affront. Had a impossible time picking between Jessica Chastain, Charlise Theron, and Jennifer Lawrence. Then decided to go with Kerry Washington because the dress was different, she was beautiful and I loved the color she chose more than the others. Charlise almost got me for rocking the short hair so well.

    • Amy

      I’m with you-I LOATHED her Salma’s dress. It was kind of Charo meets Boca grandma. But not in an ironic way…

  27. Bookworm

    Can we write-in? Because I was planning to vote for Robin Roberts….

  28. Bookworm

    … for Best Dressed, obviously.

  29. Sara

    I was voting on a curve here. For best dressed I was torn between Jessica Chastain and Naomi Watts but chose Chastain because she really *brought it* and deserves a consolation prize for her wonderful performance in Zero Dark Thirty. (Not to say that Watts does not, but Chastain looked more like a real movie star to me).

    For worst I had to go with Anne Hathaway. Even though Melissa McCarthy’s was far more a crime against fashion, this is arguably the biggest night of AH’s career and she goes with an ill-fitting apron dress at the last minute. I wish I wasn’t piling on to the bizarre AH hate, but she really flubbed this one. She is capable of *so* much better.

  30. Callie

    I voted Anne Hathaway even though Kristen is totally worse. BUT she wasn’t the focus of attention, and rarely does well anyway. Anne was the focus of attention and definitely knows better.

    I’d have loved to have been in the room when she found out about Amanda Seyfried’s dress. I bet there was DRAMA. I wonder if they called Amanda and asked her to change and she told Anne to grow up and shove it?

  31. Claire

    I don’t think Reese Witherspoon should have been on the worst-dressed options! I agree that it could have been tweaked, bodice a little odd… but overall I thought it was good! Not a best, but definitely not deserving of the worst list.

    • Hazel

      I voted for Reese as worst dressed. She’s stunning and has a fantastic figure, and yet the coloring (with the black) and the bunching made her look square and boxy and wide-hipped. It’s a horribly designed dress in my opinion, and if it looks that bad on her, how terrible would it look on the rest of us? That dressed belongs no where outside of a high school prom.

  32. KMG

    Melissa McCarthy for worst dressed for me. Although I’ve decided that I’m actually angry about her styling – whoever dressed her didn’t care how she looked and just didn’t care. It’s like a larger woman doesn’t deserve to look nice. I think Melissa knew she didn’t look great, which makes it even worse.

  33. Laura

    A pretty good night, when the worst dressed list is that good, and the best dressed such a hard choice.

    • Vandalfan

      Exactly. If this is “worst”, I wouldn’t mind looking worst at all. (sell, except for McCarthy)

  34. Anna

    My best was La Chastain, once again. Red bombshell, period.

    The worst for me was Melissa McCarthy. The hair alone is worth the vote, but the dress is just as terrible.

  35. Kirst

    I actually want to vote for Kristen Chenowith for best dressed.

  36. Iri

    I went with Reese for worst dressed – becaus we’re really used to so, so much better with her!

  37. Sam

    Melissa McCarthy is my worst dressed because though Hathaway looked worse, I actually LIKE McCarthy and therefore it is a greater travesty that she showed up in a hybrid Hefty bag.

  38. Susan

    My my my, either i need to get my glasses changed or others do. I’m aware that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but some of the picks are baffling.

    Anne looked beautiful, Kristen looked beautiful, Reese looked beautiful, heck, everyone looked beautiful.

    I would never ever put Melissa M on a worst dress list . I might, however, put Charlize on a worst list and she gets points, just like Greg Louganis, for just showing up.

  39. Mickey Dee

    Anne Hathaway’s dress was upsetting. Pointy, puckery and plain. She could have had her pick of any designer or any dress, why that one was chosen, even as a second choice, is beyond me. I feel sorry that she will have memories of winning an Oscar in that gown. Switching dresses was a big mistake. BIG. HUGE.

  40. googler

    Melissa McCarthy, no contest for me. It’s like the stylist felt that she’s big, so they’re not going to bother. As if they had some of that high-fashion disdain for bigger people. And it sucks, because Melissa McCarthy’s awesome, and can look great.

  41. Chris P

    I’m going to go big and say both Fan Bingbing and Jennifer Lawrence deserve best. Equally.

    …okay, a slight edge to Fan, because honestly, I would have LOVED Lawrence’s gown in a gold tone. Plus, seriously, it appeals to my inner 5-year-old girl (and I’m a 20-something-year-old guy!). Then again, I might be biased and sort of crazy (judging by the fact that everyone else is on the Chastain train).

    Worst is almost as hard, although narrowing it down to three is easy – and those three would be Hathaway, McCarthy, and KStew. (Although I’m tempted to include Reese Witherspoon in the bottom – I hate those black side panels with the fire of a thousand suns.)

    I’d probably give the edge to Melissa McCarthy (or MELISSA F’IN MCCARTHY, as the case may be). This may be a bit merciful to Kristen Stewart (who may have had the worst-fitted dress of the evening), but she at least showed up in a gown. (With an injured foot, I may add.)

    Anne Hathaway showed up in a formal apron – which, honestly, I think is more egregious than the formal Snuggie. When I saw the Valentino she rejected and WHY she rejected it, I literally screamed obscenities at my laptop. But her styling wasn’t quite as…off as La McCarthy’s.

    Plus, it’s Hathaway. I think part of the reason why I’m reticent to pile on is because I’m tired of all the hate. I know, she’s PERFECT (most of the time). She TRIES TOO HARD. She probably bathes in the blood of murdered kittens and unicorns. But I just can’t be bothered to hate this with the fury it obviously deserves.

    As for Naomie Harris – yes, I feel like her gynecologist, but…call me crazy, but I kind of liked the color. If the slit had been a bit more modest, it probably would have worked better.

    • Chris P

      Okay, let me correct that:

      Everyone is on the Watts train, with an assist from La Chastain and Keibler. Still, I mean…Chastain looked GOOD, it’s just that I wasn’t blown away by her, you know?

  42. jerkygirl

    I had a hard time picking between Fan Bing Bing and Jessica Chastain for best dressed, but in the end I had to choose Fan because BIG PINK WOW!!! But it was really close. Jessica’s dress was gorgeous and really brought the movie star glam.

    I don’t hate Anne Hathaway at all, but I voted her worst dressed because that afterthought of a 1995 prom gown/apron/nipple picker-upper was just not good enough for her, or for the Oscars in general. It wouldn’t have been good enough for a seat-filler, let alone an actual nominee.

  43. Susan

    While I am on my soapbox, why isn’t Quvenzhane Wallis your #1 for best dressed? She looked beautiful and was fun.

    And, a shout out to Jennifer Hudson for looking fabulous in her dresses and being the best spokesperson ever.

    I believe Helana Bonham Carter is now an icon and should be mentioned as HBC from now on.

    • Fiona

      I suspect the Fug Girls wanted to leave young Quvenzhane out of any ranking shenanigans. She’ll have time for that when she’s killing it as an grown-up movie star!

  44. Lori

    I’m glad I voted for Kiebler for best dressed, because it turns out she’s behind Naomi Watts, whose dress I also adored.

    I hated Melissa McCarthy’s dress, but in the end, I hated Anne’s more because 1) nipple darts, 2) she’s the nominee and should wear the good dress, and 3) seriously NIPPLE DARTS.

  45. JaniceG

    Had to go with Melissa, much as we all love her, for Worst – I wish she’d find out who Adele’s stylist is and grab that person. M has looked bad more often than good this season.

    I know y’all couldn’t fit everyone on each list but I don’t understand why Stacy as a girlfriend made the Best Dressed list but Sunrise Coigney as a wife didn’t qualify for Worst Dressed: it was a naugahyde-and-car-upholstery disaster.

  46. Amoki

    I agree with Jessica’s assessment of Anne being mismanaged. She’s intelligent and well-spoken off the cuff, but it feels like she’s being coached to be politely, inoffensively apologetic ALL THE TIME, which a) is very grating when it’s insincere, and b) is killing the humor and awkwardness that balances out her emotional theater geek personality.

    All that said, I don’t hate Anne but I DO hate that dress with a fiery passion. I hate the color, I hate the fact that it has an empire seam AND a waist seam, and I hate the frou frou back. The whole thing is the sartorial equivalent of nails on a chalkboard for me.

    As bad a lot as Melissa got (and it is bad) I’m mostly just sad because I see the potential and it was so obviously not realized because of her size.

  47. TonyG

    Love the new format.

    My picks were Jessica Chastain (in a photo finish over Jane Fonda) for Best, and Norah Jones for Worst (that outfit and the haircut just made her look so much worse than anyone could have imagined for her).

  48. dvj

    As noted elsewhere, not all big gals have the same big shape. You couldn’t put Melissa in an Adele dress — her apple shape is much more challenging. I’ve also noticed she seems to eschew major spandex mummification, which is totally her choice, but actual fleshy bits seem to stress us out a lot more than smoothed, immobile girth. Having said all that, I still think whoever styled her is a lazy asshole.

  49. Goldfish

    I’m not sure Kristen Stewart could get herself together for a prom at this point.

    So many other worst votes I could have cast, but I couldn’t get past her. Disclaimer: my vote included not only her dress, but her unwashed hair and the cold sweat she carried around with her all night.

    But as I read somewhere else, she had to go. The place was filled with married directors.

  50. wendy

    haha my votes are so predictable! Naomi best, Anne Worst!

  51. Kat

    Argh! It was a PERFECT tie between Fonda and Kiebler for best dressed, for me. In the end I voted Fonda just because I think getting older in Hollywood is stressful for a woman and THAT is the way to do it. Excuse the CAPS, I just feel quite EMPHATIC about this.

  52. Moa

    Stylists or not, the one thing I’m mostly baffled about is why these people are so afraid of colour. They’ve got access to the world’s greatest designers and are in privileged positions where they can play around with styles and have fun sartorially, for work even. I am so happy there were some people who dared to go in pinks, reds and bravest of them all was Jane Fonda, but then again, when you look like that you could essentially wear a garbage bag and look a million bucks.

    As for best and worst, I voted Olivia Munn for best (liked the colour because it was bold and really flattered her, and the detailing was cute albeit a bit like Chastain’s black dress), and Melissa McCarthy as worst. Her dress looked like cheap jersey, the colour made it look even cheaper and didn’t do anything for her, the fit was weird and her hair looked CRAZY.

    • Moa

      Sorry for the double post but I am wondering why Salma Hayek is in the “worst” category. I thought the general consensus seemed to be that she looked fabulous.

  53. Kelly O.

    Best was so hard to decide! Charlize Theron, Naomi Watts, and Stacey Keibler all just looked so fabulous — as did Robin Roberts for the write in vote. But I just had to pick Jane Fonda. She’s 75!!! Worst – eh, I picked HBC. But that was probably a given. I was mightily disappointed that the stunning Melissa McCarthy wore a gray sack. She looked fantastic last year!

  54. R

    This is so sad! Salma Hayek was my favourite for the whole night and she’s on the worst dressed list! As a side note, some people should be automatically excluded from the Worst Dressed list because being badly dressed is their thing ie Helena Bonham Carter

  55. Billie

    They were a handful of ladies on my shortlist, all with more interesting gowns (Saldana, Watts, Kidman, Washington), but I ultimately chose Charlize Theron. The gown may have been very simple, but the overall look and presence Charlize had just made my jaw drop. She was PERFECTION.. And, when I went to work the next day, she was the person everyone was talking about.

    Worst was easy – Kristen Stewart. Hathaway’s dress may have been disappointing, and McCarthy’s may have been awful and unflattering, but at least these ladies put in an effort. They tried, and they managed to look like they wanted to be there. You know, if you can’t be bothered to get your gown properly fitted, cover your bruises with some makeup, wash and brush your hair, and at least pretend you wouldn’t rather be home smoking a bowl, then just. stay. home.

  56. aurelia

    giiirls, you didn’t even talk about one of my favourites, Samantha Barks!

    • pantsonfire

      Yes! I LOVED Samantha Barks’ whole situation. Simplicity + absolutely magnificent necklace. I thought it was a brilliant choice. For similar reasons, I also like what Mary Elizabeth Winstead wore to the after parties (I think)…the crisp white top and black skirt, impeccably tailored. Simplicity done perfectly is breathtaking.

  57. tarnec

    I couldn’t vote MMC for worst dressed, it was just too sad. Just seeing her hair made me want to cry.
    There should be a separate “sabotaged” category.

  58. sarah

    i think the plan of splitting up ceremony and post-oscars best & worst is brilliant (as is culling the huge number of unnecessary ones in each group). however, my 2 cents on the designation of “best” vs. “worst” in each category is that it seems a little unnecessary. going through the slides is the lengthy part of the poll (at least for the readers :) so if all the slides are there anyway, i don’t need to see which category they’ve been put in. and i actually like the idea that someone’s best dressed might be someone else’s worst (ie i REALLY didn’t like jennifer aniston’s dress so i might have voted it worst dressed had that option been there). i like to see whether there are any surprise votes for dresses in each category so i sort of think all the candidates should be in each one. just my opinion…carry on doing a wonderful job :)

  59. Erin

    Three cheers for the poll split!

  60. Peg

    I thought that Kristen Stewart looked quite awful. Her signature unkempt look can work well with casual or edgy clothing but she needs to pretty it up when she puts on more traditional evening wear. If she has a stylist they should be stoned because as a general rule her body is not being dressed to its best advantage. She is boyish so why would you put her in things designed for a woman with curves.

    Anne Hathaway may have looked in the mirror and actually thought that she looked equally great in the dress that she decided to wear…especially if her stylist was pressuring her. I don’t view it as such a terrible thing to not want to wear a similar dress to someone that you could well be photographed with. I haven’t made a study of her but the few interviews I have seen gave me the impression that she has a dorky intensity and a need to be liked that is never going to play as well as Jennifer Lawrence’s equally dorky goofiness.

    There was a time when I found Meryl Streep incredibly annoying. When she was young she could come off as a bit too focussed and introspective. It seemed as if a movie with her playing one more heavily accented woman was coming out every week. Now I love her.

    Back to the original point of the post – Naomi Watts was my favorite. She took a chance with that dress AND she looked amazing.

  61. CJG

    For best, I was deciding between Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Chastain and Zoe Saldana. I literally gasped when I saw Zoe because she looks so darn pretty in that clean, crisp white and then I gasped a second time when I saw the gorgeous tiers at the bottom. Good gasping. Jennifer Lawrence’s was a beautifully-fitting princess-y dream that she will look back on proudly, but Jessica Chastain won me over because I love beading and the fit was unbelievably impeccable.

    That was probably one heavy dress, yet it didn’t pull down at the top. It fit her to absolute perfection and the beadwork complemented her figure in a very sculptural way. I can’t imagine how many people it took and how difficult it was to make this dress and make it look this perfect. If I had the chance to see one dress in person (and try it on!) it would have been Jessica’s. I get that some people didn’t like the color on her, but I still gave it the win. Also, I hate how many actresses put on something last minute that doesn’t fit or talk about how their stylist picked it out for them and they just put it on. Chastain OWNED this dress. With a fit this perfect, there was not a chance this was a last minute decision. Or that anyone else could have worn it. This was her dress, she had to plan ahead for it and have fittings, so she had to be totally on board with this and be part of the decision making process and that makes me like it (and her) even more.

  62. Kyasarin

    I cannot, in good conscience, vote for any of these ladies as worst-dressed. The truly worst-dressed was, no contest, Brandi Glanville (or whatever her name is). Her dress was a horror show of non-color and non-fit.

  63. Eva

    Did anyone else not recognize Catherine Zeta Jones in that picture? I thought it was Angie Harmon at first. Not that I wouldn’t want to look like Angie Harmon because she’s gorgeous, but…I’m just not sure if it’s the picture, the angle, or if I”m just completely delusional.

  64. Sajorina

    Best: Jessica Chastain!!! PERFECTION!

    Worst: Melissa McCarthy!!! FUG to the 10th power!

  65. Joanne

    Despair of voting figures – Anne’s dress was ok (breasts and nipples are kinda what makes women women – I have occasionally shown some nipple action myself.) this was just a big ‘hate on Hathaway’ – there was a dozen dresses uglier. Please felon Fugly funs – Grow the f*ck up.

    • Annie S.

      Well, now, that’s a bit rude. I really don’t understand the “you shouldn’t vote for Hathaway as worst-dressed because you’re being MEAN” thought process. I have mixed feelings about La Hathaway. I thought she deserved her award, I think she’s she’s smart if not terribly press-savvy, and she is a gorgeous woman. My hatred for her dress has nothing to do with my feelings toward her; if anything, the dress pissed me off because she deserved – and could have done – so much better.

      I’ve loved things she’s worn in the past, like the froofy red Marchesa toga from years ago, and the stunning pearlescent column she wore when she was nominated for Best Actress for Rachel Getting Married. Her BAFTA Burberry this year was divine. She has VALENTINO on speed dial. She is capable of looking amazing, and she looked terrible on the biggest night of her career. That’s why I voted for her. And I have a feeling a lot of Fug Nation feels the same.

  66. ferg

    Why is CZJ nommed for best dressed? She looks like someone in the Arabian Nights – which I love – but it’s very costumey and a bit tacky

    • Vandalfan

      Yep, and Theron was misplaced, too, with her stiff peplum breastplate.

  67. Lauren

    I thought CZJ looked great, although thinking about it, I wasn’t actually that keen on her dress…I just though she looked great in It, if you know what I mean. Naomi Watts nailed it for me, but I did NOT like Kidman’s frock, or her styling. I thought Octavia Spencer looked great, and felt sad for Melissa McCarthy. I have no particular beef with Hathaway, but that frock was just depressing. Reese Witherspoon is soooo pretty, and though I liked the colour combo of her dress, it was not flattering. Chastain looks gorgeous, but I would have been interested to see that dress on her in another colour. I am starting to worry slightly for Aniston’s face. Zellweger looks as though she needs…..some help with something. I’m not sure what. Kerry Washington’s dress was great, not so keen on her centre parting. Keibler, and Jennifers Lawrence and Garner seem charming, and looked great.

    Here endeth my judgements.

  68. Kristin

    My heart breaks for Melissa McCarthy. Girlfriend should have hit the ladies, whipped at the celly and fired her stylist on the spot for that embarassment.

    Amy Adams and Jane Fonda- so close for best. Went with Jane in the end for the less obvious winner of a dress, because she wore it with such aplomb and fierceness. If I can’t be Helen Mirren, Jane might be an acceptable second choice.

  69. wordphreak

    Could we please just see a picture of the Valentino Hathaway chose NOT to wear? It would answer a lot of questions.

    Also, as a point of order (and biology), a woman’s vagina is NOT visible from the outside without a lot of maneuvering and special equipment. You would be seeing her labia, vulva, crotch. But not vagina. So many people get this wrong, and I’m pretty sure they had some kind of science/health class in school.

  70. Jane

    I voted for Stacy Keibler for best because hers was the only dress that made me blurt “Wow!” right out loud. First time I’ve ever thought George Clooney was the lucky half of that couple. Jessica Chastain a very close second though – dazzling.

    Although Melissa McCarthy looked the actual worst (and I agree she should fire her entire styling team and go ask Octavia Spencer for advice), I voted for Anne Hathaway as worst because (as commenters above have noted) the expectation was so much higher for her. Every designer in the known universe must have been lining up to dress the virtually certain Oscar winner. Her insecurity about wearing a dress that might possibly be compared to someone else’s is actually an example of the neediness and insincerity that bugs people about her. I can’t understand how the same girl who has been practising her acceptance speeches for months would all of a sudden have a freak-out about her dress. Chances are, nobody (who actually matters) would have noticed and even if they did, they would have accused the OTHER actress of copying the Reigning Princess of Hollywood. Either way, it’d have been a one-day wonder and a way less big deal than the hassle she ended up causing for herself.

    Anne, I’m among the many who’s found you irritating beyond belief this awards season. but even I don’t think it’s too late for you to reinvent yourself in the public’s imagination. We love a comeback story. Just take an extended vacation with your Ryan Gosling-esque yummy hubby and then come back in a quirky role that makes us see you differently – just DON’T campaign for an Oscar for it! Give us a little breather from you and you can still avoid sliding any further down that slippery slope towards full-on, permanent Gwyneth unbearableness. :-)

    A zillion thanks to the Fug Girls for their above-and-beyond dedication to us Fug Nation junkies who gotta have their daily fix. Put your feet up and recharge your batteries, ladies, in preparation for what I’m sure will be several months of fabulous posts on Kate Middleton’s maternity clothes.

    Have a great weekend, all.

  71. Squirrel!

    Aw, Salma got a lot of love from Fug Nation, but she’s not up for Best in addition to Worst. But thank you for culling down the contenders.

  72. pantsonfire

    Naomi Watts for best dressed for me, hands down. First, impeccably fitted. Second, it’s interesting, but not in a way that takes away attention from the graceful, lovely woman. It’s one of those rare dresses that makes you more interested in the person who had the vision and good sense (and a bit of bravery) to wear it (and it turns out, help design it, because I recall she worked with Armani on it for months). It’s artistic and sculptural and also evocative of space, which I will always love. I actually can’t put my finger on why, exactly, it evokes a bit of an intrepid, glamorous, futuristic space captain exploring vast, sparkling galaxies, but it does. And I adore it. It’s a dress that evokes a narrative while at the same time making her look like a million bucks and not overwhelming her loveliness.

    As for worst, in perhaps the most predictable statement I have ever made on this blog: Hathaway. I can’t, and wont’, say that my opinion isn’t colored by the fact that she, during this whole carefully manipulated Oscar campaign, began to grate on me–I’m sure it does color my opinion (just as I will always be more generous with Jennifer Lawrence, for example). That said, the pink Prada had nipple darts, and I still maintain you could see actual outline of areola. Second, I don’t think an unsupported halter does anything for her figure: it’s just one long, uninterrupted line going down from her collarbone to her nipples, emphasizing the distance. Also, empire waist and natural waist–what? Plus pale pink bunchy satin. Here ends my screed.

  73. nmlhats

    I am as tired of La Hathaway as anyone right now, but y’all are hating on her dress more than it deserves. It’s understated–boring to some–but it fits and it doesn’t look ridiculous. There’s no way it should be leading this poll for worst dressed.

  74. Heather

    My true favorite was Michelle Obama’s shiny pewter metallic Naeem Khan with the chevron pattern running through it. I guess you left her off the list in order to avoid any politically-minded voting/commentary, but that dress was STUNNING. After sitting through that exhaustingly long ceremony, I literally squealed with delight when I saw it appear on the screen!

    Naeem Khan sure had one heck of an Oscars between FLOTUS, Stacy Keibler, Nina Dobrev’s amazing after-party dress, and the Kelly Ripa patterned skirt dress. Good for him!

  75. CopyChic

    Can I change my worst to Naomie Harris? That coochie curtain, hideous pattern and unflattering color were singularly awful. Say what you want about AH’s pink bridesmaid mistake, Naomie’s deserves more fug wrath.
    BTW, I doubt it’s the last we’ll see of Hathaway on an Oscar red carpet vying for gold. She’ll get another chance to pick the correct dress.

  76. Willa W

    I’m not sure what I want more – Stacy Keibler’s gorgeous dress or her equally gorgeous boyfriend (Intern George!). That dress is FAB and Bras G should be crowned King of Stylists for putting her in it.
    As for Hathaway. Girl, please go back to your “Princess Diaries” days and ask yourself what your fictional grandmother the queen would have thought of that mess of a dress. Shame on you for bailing on Valentino and going with Barbie’s cast-off bridesmaid dress, you’ve done so well recently, you should know better!

  77. Bambi Anne Dear

    I need to know who the plastic woman is in the background of Reece Witherspoon’s pic. A bff of Phoebe Price? Which reminds me, where is Phoebe Price?

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