You guys know how unwieldy and insane the best/worst poll can be when we put EVERYONE in it. So we’re trying some different stuff here — some of which we crowdsourced on Twitter — just to see what we can all live with:

1) We’re splitting up the ceremony and the post-parties. To us, being the worst-dressed at the ACTUAL Oscars is a much bigger deal than, say, Amanda Peet showing up to a non-televised afterparty looking like an escaped mental patient. But the Peets of the world should still be recognized for their contributions. So we’ll divide them.

2) We’re limiting the contenders in each poll. We’ve tried to be democratic about it, but in the end, having 100 options to choose from — with at least 85 of them getting zero votes each time — isn’t worth the hassle of making the polls and scrolling through them to vote. To try and minimize the chance we’ll leave off one of your favorites, we’re going to do our best to assemble contenders based on the reader comments and polls as WELL as our opinions, to try and make it as fair as possible — which might lead to some people, like Jennifer Garner and Octavia Spencer, being eligible in both, because we didn’t like their gowns but a LOT of you did. So, might as well let the votes decide things.

Okay? GOOD. Then let’s get to it, and while we’re at it, talk about The Hathaway Gown Affair. Polls are after the jump.

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