Fug Madness 2013: One Fugging Winner, One Fugging Moment

It feels like just yesterday we were contemplating the merits of Nipples vs. Nethers in the play-in game. Or whether Zosia Mamet’s grouchy hipster fug was worse than Chloe Sevigny’s more smiley variety; which nearly nude model, Jessica White or Heidi Klum, was the bigger fashion disaster; whether Lena Dunham’s wardrobe was more depressing than Lindsay Lohan’s; and whether K.Stew or Ke$ha committed the bigger crimes against themselves. It was a particularly grueling spate of match-ups — even the ones that didn’t end up close in the votes somehow still felt like impossible choices.

By yesterday’s final it had come down to Kim Kardashian, the grasping fame-obsessed climber who got herself to A-list name recognition even as she clung to D-list tastes, versus Justin Bieber, the bieberly bieb who biebed himself into bieberly bieberdom.

Whom did you choose? Was this the second time the aura of Kanye West propelled his ladyfriend to a Fug Madness crown, or did a teen twerp’s pantalunacy make him Fug Madness’s first male champion?

Son, among your many problems: They are the opposite of peace signs, on several levels, when you do them nails-out.

In many ways, although the exact path from sixty-five to One Fugging Bieber was as surprising as ever, this outcome felt like destiny. The minute this kid found pants that clung to his calves like needy toddlers, yet dangled and billowed from his pelvis like dying balloons, he sealed his own fate. He took out seasoned fuggers like Julianne Moore and Lady Gaga; a rookie in Lena Dunham; and a perennial top seed (and former finalist) in Rihanna. And ultimately, he snagged 59 percent of the vote against the Kimye Kandashian juggernaut — his tightest clash, yet still a pretty comfortable win even though the decision itself was a nail-biter for a lot of voters.

And neither fugship shows any sign of slowing. We’ve never had even one repeat finalist in all six years of this competition, but 2014 could be the year that changes. BOTH these numbskulls could meet here again in a year (I mean, remember THESE from Bieber? They weren’t eligible for this run, and he STILL won). Or, someone new and glorious could emerge. All I know is, even though I’m exhausted and this sucker just ended, I already can’t wait to get it on again in 2014.


For the completed bracket, visit our handy Fug Madness Wall of Fame page.

But now, it’s time for the cheese toast with bonus fromage. That’s right: Our GFY HQ Chief Editor, Post-Production Guru, and Fug Husband/All-Around National Treasure has been toiling away at our annual recap of the Fug Madness insanity, set to the world’s silliest celebratory song plucked straight from the March Madness tradition itself. Here it is, at long last: the 2013 version of “One Fugging Moment.”

Thanks, Fug Nation, for making this lark of ours such a kick-ass good time. We sincerely love you guys so much. Our affection for you is larger even than your distaste for Bieber’s diaper pants.

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Comments (156):

  1. Karen

    He is just so foul.

  2. Ruth

    I love One Fugging Moment so much. My favorite transition? Vanessa Hudgens unzipping to Stella McCartney. Perfection.

  3. menderz

    Thank you so much for Fug Madness. Its so much fun!

  4. Maria

    God bless you, Fug girls. I can’t even begin to explain how happy Fug Madness makes me every year!!!

    • Trent

      ICAM. Fug Girls, you are a national treasure. Thanks so much for all your hard work every day, but particularly during Fug Madness. It is SO well put together, and I can’t even imagine the insane amount of time it must take you both to work out the brackets, choose all the images, write those wonderfully funny intros and captions, and make the whole thing feel like such an Event. Love you guys!

  5. Minutiae

    As always, the video is brilliant! My favorite part was Ke$ha’s picture cartwheeling through the frame. I must say that the Bieb is a very deserving winner–the whiff of d-bag just puts the wardrobe over the fug top.

    • Cecily

      Thanks for ID’ing the cartwheeler. That killed me, but I didn’t remember who it was!

      • foo

        It was an awesome cartwheel. My favorite part, too, with the unzipping to SM a close second.

  6. Fiona K

    Thanks so much for the cringes, the laugh out loud moments and the nail biting tension of the finale! I have to wait for another year. Fug Madness 2014…bring it!

  7. Julie

    Well deserved, Biebs. That was so fun. Thanks for all the laughs!!

  8. Susan

    I want to give him 2014 as well just because of those non-eligible pants! WTF?

  9. Alix

    As long as he keeps wearing diaper pants, he could be on his way to a multi-year championship… Fug Madness FTW!

  10. nichole

    As always – thank you for putting this together every year. This is the perfect accompaniment to March Madness and I look forward to it every Spring.

  11. Amalia

    Sigh… So many perfect fugging moments!

  12. Cecily

    Utter brilliance, I, too, love One Fugging Moment so very much. I chortled, guffawed, and laughed out loud throughout. I think my favorite transition was the close-up on the animal print zipper which unzips to reveal yet another fugsaster. So funny.

    I wanted Kim to win, but OFM has convinced me that justice was indeed served on the Biebs’ extremely low hanging fruit.

    • Chris P

      On the contrary. Given the fact that this is a kid who has HIRED A SWAG COACH, I suppose that his fruit is still at the budding stage, at best.

  13. hb

    Such a well written summary! Love it!

  14. Elizabeth

    Good God, the cartwheeling Kesha nearly made me weep for joy. Or vomit. Yes, weep or vomit. Could’ve gone either way.

  15. annabelle

    Thank you so much for all the work you to do to put this together. I honestly look forward to it all year.

  16. Kate Pearce

    Awesome and such a worthy winner!
    Thanks ladies!

  17. VLo

    YES! A sushi dinner is MINE!

    Seriously you guys thank you. My friend and I have been playing this since the 2nd year (with printed out brackets, tallys, and a dinner on the line – we take this way more serioulsy than we should) and it is def a highlight of our spring.

  18. jen310

    OMG, what fabulous fun this was! Fug Madness never fails to entertain, enrage, and cause retinal damage all at the same time. I am so glad the Toddler Prince won but I believe every player this year was a fashion loser and a fug winner.

    Thank you, Fug Girls, for bringing us the joy that is Fug Madness. It is truly the best part of the year. Even with all the technical difficulties, you guys outdid yourselves. Now go out and drink yourselves silly.

    Bravo to Mr. Kevin Fug Girl for his excellent highlight reel of the this and each year’s fuggers. I especially enjoyed the swirl fade-out to Nicki Minaj’s swirled shirt concoction.
    Well done, sir, as always.

    Fug Nation is awesome and the comments are always fun. Thanks for all your insights and putting up with my run-on sentences. The Fug Girls and Fug Nation rock! See you in 2014!

  19. Nicole

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot–I had KK winning my bracket originally although my top two showdown was accurate. I realized not far in I had underestimated Bieber’s ability to fug his way to the top.

    And honestly, I’m sort of surprised we haven’t had a male winner yet. I think what catapulted Bieber to the top for this is that although you see badly-dressed guys on this site pretty regularly, there’s–let’s be honest–so much less variety in men’s clothing that it takes a special dedication to fug it up this badly. The world of women’s fashion is rife with sheer traps and elastic-banded spike pits and crotch-skimming quicksand, but how hard does a guy have to work to fug up beyond wearing ill-fitting jeans and maybe a T-shirt with a stupid slogan on it? Impressive dedication to his art. That’s what won this.

  20. Trixibelle

    Just brilliant. Congrats on all your hard work, and that’s a dedicated Fug Husband you’ve got there

  21. Emily

    Thanks for all the hard work on this! The competitions was loads of fun as always, and the One Fugging Moment video was fantastic. I love those transitions.

  22. Stephanie

    The Ke$ha cartwheel made me snort out loud! Thanks, as always, Fug Girls, for a great tournament!!

  23. emk

    The zipper transition, brilliant

  24. PHX

    Bie-peat! Bie-peat in 2014!

  25. Mongerel

    Thank you Fug Girls and Fug Husband. Dang, that video just drives it all home again. It made me feel like Coyote plunging off the Cliff of Fug.

  26. HemlockSillage

    Brilliant transitions on the video! The video is genius, and always a giggle filled pleasure. Thanks, GFY editor/guru/treasure. You do amazing work. It highlights that Biebs earned his crown over a *very* worthy field of opponents.

  27. Alexandra Donald

    We really need to get someone to re-record this with appropriate lyrics. There’s gotta be someone in Fug Nation who could do it?

    This was an awesome contest as always. J’adore you guys.

  28. lamoll

    You Fug girls are so much fun — AND PROPHETIC! In honor of his win, Beibs gave himself a new hairdo — a copy of Miley’s — so he’s already gearing up for Fug Madness 2014! Long may he reign!

    Thanks for all your hard work to entertain your minions with this hilarious diversion from real life — MUCH appreciated!

  29. TaraMisu

    And thank you Fuggirls for making March something to look forward to…. I am not surprised the Biebs won, he’s a nightmare in droopy drawers.

  30. Kristin

    Thanks so much for a good chortle! Excellent video, as always. You brighten our lives considerably.

  31. LoriK

    March Madness ended in disappointment this year, but Fug Madness is always a delight. Thanks for doing all the hard work to make it happen for another year.

    The only thing missing from the festivities is video of the Bieb’s reaction upon learning of his win. I would pay cash money to see that. Somehow I doubt he has a sense of humor about it. I keep getting a mental image of the picture of his bodyguard supposedly holding the Bieb back from attacking the paps, that looked a whole lot more like the bodyguard was helping Bieber out of the giant SUV because his feet couldn’t reach the ground. To keep this totally on topic, he was dressed like an idiot that day too.

    • Calla

      LoriK, your comment just sent me into a total fit of laughter. Dressed like an idiot, indeed!

  32. Megan
  33. Goldfish

    Such a good FM, and such a good winner.

    I loved FM this year so much that I have disdain for those who did not participate, or who do not even know about this site.

    They are dead to me.

    Thank you for a good time!!

  34. Kate

    I’ll admit, he had my vote, just for the pants riding below the ass outfits alone. Sure he’s just a kid, but claiming young and stupid will only save you for so long. I do expect her royal fug ness, Kim K, to make a strong showing and even a win next year. I see leather muu-muus in her future, maybe even a series of mommy and me outfits complete with leather peplums and baby booties with heels.

    • Another Kate

      I shudder to think and yet I am somehow looking forward to this in sick anticipation

    • kmalkovsky

      Kate, I think you’re right about the Bieb. The pants alone sold it for me.

  35. Helen

    The Fug Prince is crowned! All hail the Fug Prince!

    It’s been a wonderful competition this year. I’m actually so fug-blinded that, at this point, many of the outfits – okay, some of the outfits – in the video made me think, “Hey, that isn’t so bad”…

  36. ringthing

    I just love this. The perfect line up of Elle Fanning’s shoes, precisely on beat – that’s some fine editing, Fug Husband. Thank you guys for taking the time to put Fug Madness together every year! It’s so much fun.

    • Aurora

      Great work this year, as always!

      You have a gift for keeping a familiar project fresh and fun…very creative.

      Re the video: especially appreciated the small touches that were right on the beat! …makes me giggle!

      Hope your team has as much fun as your audience…

  37. Sylvia

    The crotch grab right at “One Shining Moment” was grand. I voted for Kim, but I’m not upset that Justin won. It seemed like it was destined, as you said in this post.

    Plus, he looks like he’s pooping his pants daily. That deserves a win.

  38. Nicole McIlroy Steeves

    My first correct guess from the beginning since Bai Ling. And I have seen that pic of him and the Canadian PM a hundred times, but it got new comedic life in the closing shot. Hilarious.

  39. coexxi

    Thank you for the work you put behind this Fug-Girls!
    I voted for the friggin’ Biebs every time… because I just can’t with him. There is no trace of irony in any of his outfits or demeanor.

  40. foo

    Adding my thank you to the Fug Girls for the Madness. It was delicious fun. :)

  41. me

    Great job, great video, fun times and looking forward to 2014 :)

  42. poppy

    Thank you so much for doing this each year. I love it so much!

    I had hopes that the Vagkin girl would go farther, but am pleased with the results. The Bieb’s brought his fugging A game, and played to win.

  43. Princess Buwwercwup

    As always, Fug Madness was a delightful fashion eyesore and I look forward to it every year. The Toddler Prince certainly deserved his crown. Thank you, Heather and Jessica, for another fantastic year!

  44. Sonya

    He wore dungarees to meet the Prime Minister. Dungarees. That hung off one shoulder. That is all.

  45. Bunny

    I think Rihanna deserves to win someday, but Justin truly, truly earned it like no one else this year.

  46. Mike

    I just about snorted at the line-up of Zosia’s outfits. Jesus Christ, that perma-frown never gets old.

    • amys

      I LOLed at Zosia frown, too.

    • Alyce

      I also laughed, very loudly, at that point in the show. Something about seeing her lined up in different places with the same scowl was just hilarious :)

  47. kayla

    I loved the One Fugging Moment, especially the montage of Elle Fanning’s horrible shoes. Priceless!! Today I was reading a People magazine while I was at the nail salon getting my toes did, and I saw a picture of Lady Gaga in a Louis Vuitton wheelchair. (????) My first thought was that I could hardly wait for Fug Madness 2014!

  48. Ghanimatrix

    Magnificent. And it seemed so appropriate that once the “bieberly bieb who biebed himself into bieberly bieberdom” appeared I started laughing and couldn’t stop. Truly, despite the fact my personal vote went to KK, he really deserved to win.

  49. Corriner

    The One Fugging Moment video is the ultimate. I loved the side-by-side side-boob and the Elle Fanning shoe drum beats!

  50. philippa

    Can’t top the beautifully written comments already here, so will just say a heartfelt thank-you, both for Fug Madness and for everything you do all year long. This site gives me a happy like no other!

  51. McLisa

    Thank YOU for bringing the fun (and the FUG) to my workday!

  52. RT

    Why is Fug Madness the highlight of my year? Once Christmas passes, I start yearning for it (I don’t follow basketball, so I always need to go figure out when exactly it will be happening). Then, it begins! The excitement! The time spent not doing my job at work while I ponder deeply and seriously each vote. The guilt I feel each time I go home and vote again, because it seems like I’m probably not supposed to do that.

    This is the first year where my personal favorite fugger has gone on to win, and it is so satisfying. Thank you Fug Girls for this wonderful entertainment. I am already sad that I have to wait so long for FM14.

    (By the way, I try to play “fug” at least once a week on Words With Friends, and am always taken aback when I am told it is not an acceptable word. How dare they.)

  53. cam81

    Thank you for all the hard work that has to go into Fug Madness! It’s so much fun to play along, especially knowing whomever wins is going to deserve the Fug Madness crown.

  54. Vandalfan

    A hearty handshake and a pat on the back to our GFY HQ Chief Editor, Post-Production Guru, and Fug Husband/All-Around National Treasure. Well played, sir, well played.

  55. Gracie

    Thanks to the Fug Girls for yet another year of stirring, fugtastic competition. And I echo the cheers for Fug Husband–the video editing was fabulous!

  56. Janie

    Oh! And I also loved how Stella McCartney’s foul unhemmed pants lined up with the word “long” in the song. Such an amazing One Fugging Moment. So many fabulous and hilarious edits… I can’t even name them all. Slow clap…

  57. Laceflower

    Loved it; this year more than all the others. Thank you Fug Girls and Fug helpers. It was so much fun I actually got my DH interested and we just watched One Shining Moment together. Alert the press; I wonder if this will be on the Canadian 6 pm news? GREAT JOB.

  58. A. Beaverhausen

    And how Vanessa Hudgens shorts lined up with “short”. Brilliant! And so much fun. Thank you, Fug Girls!

  59. Kris

    At the beginning of each Fug Madness video montage, it never ceases to amaze me how many truly horrendous clothes weren’t even the worst outfits that year. That said, I cannot wait for Biebs to find out about this. The subsequent Twitter rant should be hilarious.

  60. Ruth

    How I wish you could get David Barrett, singer/songwriter extraordinaire (?) to record a One Fugging Moment version of this. My guess is that he doesn’t have much to do.

    • Sajorina

      That would be AWESOME and the start of “One Fugging Soundtrack”, which I gladly volunteer to work on Pro-Bono!

  61. Nicole

    A little sad Kim didn’t win, but glad we all took a stand against the Biebs wearing one-shouldered overalls, circa ’92, to meet the Prime Minister. I still have some faith in humanity!

    Great season Fug Girls!! xoxoxo

  62. justine

    Thank you so much! I would also love to see how the fug girls picked their brackets to see where you and fug nation agreed and split.

  63. MizWeirdo

    I was right; this is PRICELESS.

    BEST One Fugging Moment video EVER.

  64. Ann

    Can you promise to publish the indignant email The Toddler Prince is sure to fire off at the first notice of his magnificent fug victory?

    • Sajorina

      He will probably spit at the computer monitor and threaten to kill “FUG”!

  65. Chris P


    …so does this mean that Bieber will go away now? I mean, since he won Fug Madness, this is OBVIOUSLY the apogee of his career and it can’t get any better from here.

    I still think that The Biebs and Kim should have been co-champions (err, ko-champions), simply because we’d be able to BANISH them both.

    I also think that if Lindsay hadn’t run head-first into Bieber, she would have made it to the finals again. She really got a bad draw this year.

  66. Sajorina

    Thank you, FugGirls for an AMAZING Fug Madness! And thank you Kevin, I mean GFY Master Editor Extraordinaire, for the video… It is AWESOME and sooooo FUNNY! I laughed out loud! I abstained from voting on the finals, but I’m fine with the winner because either of them were deserving of the title! GREAT JOB, you guys! ♥

  67. Little Nell

    Brava Fug Girls and Mr. Fug Girl, esq. An outstanding contest, right from the play-in. You have earned the thanks of a grateful Fug Nation!

  68. Katie

    cartwheeling Ke$ha was my favorite part too! hilarious – I look forward to Fug Madness and this video every year!

  69. Mrs. Ditter

    This…is amazing. My best laugh of the day, for sure. Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

  70. amys

    WELL PLAYED!!! Awesome work as always. Thank you guys so much for the daily entertainment! This OFM was definitely my favorite so far. I literally laughed out loud throughout. Loved the editing, esp. this gem: “…and the road is long” matched up with Stella’s unhemmed, too long pant cuffs. And Zosia’s frowny face, Ke$ha’s kartwheel, etc. etc.


  71. Carnac

    For those of us who still have the Fug Madness jones, can we get some repechage polls? How about The Sheer Lace Bandeau (Ri-Ri) vs The Pelvic Harness (Ri-O). The Frown (ZMam) vs Sheer Madness (KStew). Public Mayhem (LiLo) vs Model Mayhem (The Klum).

    • Katharine

      Love Fug madness in any form, but this would be fun : a few dishonourable mentions as “consolation” prizes to those doughty fuggers knocked out despite perpetrating epically bad frock horrors …

  72. judy

    I screamed at the cartwheel. Those transitions are a thing of beauty. BIEBER 2014.

  73. Sarah

    Well done, fug girls and fug husband.
    Hoping desperately that the Fug Madness Curse goes into effect upon our worthy winner.
    Someone more experienced in the field of editing Wikipedia than myself should add to his Wiki page’s awards section his most recent title of Fug Champion.
    May his Fug reign ever supreme so that we might have a good laugh.

  74. Tiffany

    I have to give a big thank you to the Fug Girls!!! I made sure to look at every slide, not just for the horrific fashion, but for the BRILLIANT commentary! Your sense of humor brings such joy to my life, it really can brighten up an otherwise boring day. I even read all the slides covering show that I don’t watch…because ya’ll are that entertaining. Thank you so much for putting in what is surely a vast amounts of work to make this happen. :D

  75. Sweetsinger

    Hey Ladies, thanks for all the fun!
    It was the funnest Fug Madness ever–
    And the wackiest winner since our beloved Bai Ling.

  76. Donna Robinson

    The “One Shining Moment” video is AWSOME!

  77. Gabby

    Your transitions were inspired this year. Loved it. Thanks for another March of Fug madness.
    Love you guys.

  78. Katie

    As a Louisville Cardinal fan, this season of Madness has been absolutely fantastic. Fug Madness helped relieve some of my tension after close Cards games, although there were definitely some nail biting match ups here, too. Thanks so much, Fug Girls, for all the fun.

  79. Jane

    Super-sad that KK didn’t win: I was so looking forward to the mental image of one of her entourage breaking the bad news that She Who Thinks She’s Super Stylish had been voted worst-dressed by Fug Nation. And she’ll probably get a pass next year because kinder people than me will be all “She just had a bay-bee, cut her some slack.” Ah well, guess this’ll have to be the one time I DON’T celebrate when a Canadian wins something! :-)

  80. Amoki

    Standing ovation for the Chief Editor / Fug Husband. That was some of the most marvelously edited fug I think I’ve ever seen.

    Thank you, and thank you Heather and Jessica for the year-round entertainment. Brava!

  81. deee

    Yay fug girls! Yay fug hub! Yay internets!

    (Honestly, that video was awesomely tacky and sublime at the same time. Very impressive,)

  82. Laura

    I love GFY! This year I did great in the brackets, too! Thanks for making me feel like a champ in at least one tourney! Your commentary has been so awesome. Genius.

  83. Shanti

    YES! Called it months ago, when Bieber first appeared in those ridiculous red “pants” and the spiky shoes! This is my favorite kind of fug because it makes me laugh, and also because he is so obviously delusional. This is a boy who HIRED A COACH AND IS PAYING HIM MONEY to recommend this look. He genuinely thinks this makes him look tough.

    Thanks, Fug Ladies, for all your hard work. It can’t have been easy, coming up with new and hilarious ways to comment on the same hideous outfits over and over again. Thank you for the line “a formal burrito.” Thanks, and take a well-earned rest!

  84. doublet

    I just wanted to add my thanks to the Fug Girls and everyone else who was part of FM! These seemed like the toughest decisions yet all the way through. I would be okay with a lot of these contenders taking the title, but I had Bieber set to take all from the beginning, so I’m glad I wasn’t alone! This was so much fun- can’t wait til next year!

  85. wendy

    I am actually in tears. Thank you Fug Girls. Dreams so come true.

  86. Erin

    My husband’s response: “I don’t get it, why’d the call him a male?”

  87. Kyasarin

    *Sigh* One Fugging Moment . . . and then it’s over. At least until next year.

  88. Laura E.

    That was brilliant was always. “Congrats” to Justin on breaking the Fug Madness glass ceiling.

  89. Loren

    Well done, as always, ladies- and gent. The Kesha Fug-wheel was the best!

  90. Joemama

    I just re-watched the video and got SO MUCH MORE from it the second time ’round! The “wind in your face” lyric with Jesse J’s face…Ke$ha cartwheeling across the stage to Gaga emerging from the giant vagina…Oh. Lord have mercy. The tears, they flow! Great job.

  91. whiterabbit11

    Such marvellous editing – I really loved the swirly fade to Minaj’s swirly bosoms – and a worthy champion in the Toddler Prince. His prize shall be the honour of being crushed beneath SWINTON’s heel. Many thanks for a wonderful competition!

  92. TonyG

    What a great competition and a well-done video (KeDollarSignHa’s cartwheel…hilarious!). Thanks Fug Girls and Fug Husband!

  93. Tess

    This was my very first Fug Madness (I’ve read through all the archives, but that’s different from being in on the action) and it was a delight from start to finish. Thank you, Jessica & Heather, for everything!

  94. Callie

    Excellent slideshow. It reminded me I’m surprised Zosia Mamet didn’t go further. However, our champion is more than worthy. I salute you ladies. Fug Madness is always a joy.

  95. fritanga

    Utterly fabulous – the best yet.

    Kardashian was consistently appalling, but Bieber was so exquisitely unrepentant in his horrible clothing choices that he just HAD TO WIN.

    Kid, celebrate your victory by visiting the Sixteenth Chapel in the Vatican! You so richly deserve it..

  96. Jules

    This made my day.

  97. Bambi Anne Dear

    I must say I’d missed seeing the Biebster’s leopard print poo-catchers and that last pic of him running shirtless with his tightie-whities in full view was head-shakingly sad.

  98. Cecilia

    Anybody else think he’s a clone of that little twit Tiberius from “Spartacus”? Sad to think that Roman armor would be a vast improvement over the Bieb’s usual attire.

  99. Simone

    Who makes Bieber’s pants. Surely they can’t be commercially sold anywhere

  100. cilla

    Great video – it brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for the memories!

  101. Nancy

    This was my first year following Fug Madness and it brought me great joy and many laughs. Thank you so much ladies, for being here and doing this!!

  102. Bella

    Thanks, Fug Girls (and Hubby) for all the viewing pleasure. Coming here, I was assured of at least one good laugh every afternoon.

  103. Amy

    MASTERFUL video! Does the GFY HQ Chief Editor, Post-Production Guru, and Fug Husband/All-Around National Treasure have a brother?

  104. Marti

    Even though I didn’t vote for him I give it up for the Biebs. The beyond fabulous video made me wonder why we didn’t have at least a 32-way tie. I love you Fug Girls.

  105. Michelle

    As a Canadian I just have to say WOW hopefully everyone in the States and around the world won’t think we all support the Biebs in all his fugness. I look forward to March every year specifically for your Fug Madness. Thank you ladies for all the hard work. Looking forward to next year! In the meantime let the fugness continue….

  106. Cassie

    That slideshow was truly magical!

  107. Edith

    The Queen is Dead!
    Long Live the King!

  108. Tina

    God bless you girls, you’re doing the Lord’s work for all of us.

  109. Aparatchick

    I wish I had words for how much I love Fug Madness. Huge thanks to Jessica and Heather for all the hard work that I know goes into this. Diet Cokes all around!!!

  110. Anne

    Love you gals. Lo these many years you’ve been an amazing balance of scathingly caustic when called for and sensibly kind when appropriate. You use your powers for good and not for evil! Thank you for everything, and thanks to your families for all their help and patiance during this especially difficult Awards/Madness season.

  111. Julia

    The cartwheel, you guys. Crying.

  112. Ellelake

    You’ve kept me amused and compelled for several months. Didn’t you think Seth Myers referred to Fug Madness last week? by mentioning the seeding names in the newscast? I really like Fugs and Pieces. Finally, you’re right, this year’s choices were harder but fair, and I’m shocked that people voted Bieber. Yeah he likes to walk around in a diaper; I thought his photos lacked diversity. The video was awesome, kudos to you all.

  113. Debbie

    So many GREAT edits…my fave is when the song comes together with the Vanessa’s shorts and Stella’s long fuglajamas.

    • tigerstripes

      Thank you for pointing the ‘short and long’ out. I was so busy laughing at the zipper transition that I missed the words. Brilliant!

  114. tigerstripes

    A fine encapsulating Fug Madness video. What great transitions and synchronization to the music. And always fresh surprises! I can remember my fave moments from each year. Gosh, it feels so good to laugh so long and so hard. Thank you, Fug Girls and Fug Hubby!