Fug Madness 2012: Charo Bracket




(4) FERGIE vs. (13) SOLANGE





Chastain as a top seed felt like a bold move, but NOBODY had a larger glut of outfits in the eligible period, she missed so much more often than she hit — even if it was just by a hair. Or a hem. Or a bodice, or a shoe, or… Well. We’re also excited to welcome Robyn into the fold, and even though Jessica White’s most recent Tarot caftan isn’t eligible, all of what she wore at Fashion Week is. Brace yourself, Olivia Wilde. We’ll soon see how bad a decision those bangs really were.

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Comments (35):

  1. TonyG

    How did Rihanna get bested for a number one seed? Shocker!

  2. Jessica

    It was CLOSE. She’s a hot contender this year.

  3. Kendall

    Robyn. YES. Top 8 for sure.

  4. TonyG

    I love Rihanna’s fug. She’ll be tough to beat methinks! Jessica Chastain has had some really bad ones this year but I loved the Oscars dress, though that does not undo all her fug. Oh, I am so ready for Fug Madness!

    Thanks Heather and Jessica!



    I think I like the latter. It sounds like it could be a movie title, a health spa, an encylopedia, a sci-fi utopian society, a rock band name…so many possibilities.

  5. Willow

    Kat Graham vs. Robyn is going to be amazing!

  6. Sajorina

    Oh, please, how do you expect me to chose between Chastain & Dunst, when they are both two of my best dressed celebrities of the year? I may have to abstain from voting on that one!

  7. Alice

    I think this ear is Rihanna’s to lose, she really went up and beyond, with very few positive results. She totally Bai Ling’d it.

  8. Stella

    Rihanna is this year’s Leighton Meester, no matter who she is up against I will always vote for her because of one outfit she wore, Leighton had The Lace Jumpsuit of 1000 Horrors and Rihanna has this:


  9. Willow

    Out of curiosity, during the matches do you ever feature any outfits that haven’t been previously seen on the site?

    • GFY Heather

      Oh yeah, all the time. It’s not based only on our archives; they’re just there to help support your votes, and clarify what’s eligible. (Oscars to Oscars, basically — so everything after last year’s Oscars ended, through this year’s Oscars.)

  10. Marinn


    This will be a hard one.

  11. el

    Oh my Holmes vs Biel… two of the dullest, blah-est women about and yet simultaneously two of the worst/weirdest husband choosers… now if the contest was the Couch Jumping Flowbie vs Trousersnake Denim Tux we’d have a contest!

  12. Domino

    I sure do hope Tits McGee, errr Boobs Legsly, makes it into Madonna’s bracket. Damn you Georgina Chapman and your tullemania!

  13. Carol

    I’m calling this bracket for Christina Hendricks now because YIPES she’s had a lot of missteps during the eligible period!

  14. Christian

    I think Rihanna may be innit to winnit, she wore some truly fug outfits this year.

  15. wtfnyc

    The reference to Olivia Wilde’s bangs brings up a question that always troubles me during Fug Madness: How much does/should hair and expression/body positioning fit into the evaluation (makeup is clearly part of the outfit, so I always factor that in).

    Example: Olivia Wilde’s bangs always look bad (see also: Jones, Rashida). So does that mean she is always a fug ahead from the very start. Similarly, Paula Patton always ALWAYS positions her body and face like she’s a Hooters waitress who’s just sucked on some helium and also has to pee. Does that put her automatically a fug up???

    These are the things I ponder. Also: Why isn’t it Fug Madness ALL. YEAR. ROUND?

    • wtfnyc

      Apparently, I am also pondering the necessity of question marks. I’m sorry you all had to see that.

      • vandalfan

        Excellent questions. Personally, I evaluate the Entire Look, not just the clothing, but also the hair to makeup to accessories to pose to attitude, and to the venue, too. I (personally) give performance costumes a little less weight, since the entire idea of a costume is to make the audience unable to look away.

      • Willow

        I will certainly be factoring in Katy Perry’s horrendous dyejobs.

  16. Chris

    The idea of Fergie v. Solange makes me far happier than anyone has a right to be.

    This bracket is KILLER, though – there are SIX contenders for the crown here. Personally, I’m hoping that Jessica White is this year’s VCU.

  17. lori

    Florence Welch vs. Thomas Jane just feels right.

  18. Cranky Old Batt

    Some of these are gimmes. Some are making my brain hurt because both choices are so good at looking bad.

  19. Laura E.

    I think this could be an upset-heavy bracket. My gut feeling is Jessica Chastain will be the first #1 seed to go out.

    • Chris

      Kiki actually looked decent this year, though, didn’t she?

      If this was five years ago, she would be a high upset chance. Then again, if this was five years ago, Kiki herself would be a 1-seed, or pretty close.

      I’d put it 55-45 on Jessica Chastain or J.Lo to be the first to make departures. Chastain herself is extremely vulnerable, but her section of the bracket doesn’t get tough until a possible matchup against…almost anyone in Florence And The Fug Machine’s section of that bracket.

      La Chastain should either pray for Solange or pray that she’s eliminated early (I’m leaning towards the latter) – any of the other three people on that part of the bracket (Fergie Ferg, Thomas Jane, and – yes – Florence Welch herself, who was my choice) can take her out fairly easily.

      J.Lo has a bit of a tougher challenge in Kelly Osbourne right off the bat, but she has her Kohl’s line (by the way, I believe celebrity clothing lines should count, because they’re foisting their fug upon the masses – especially when they’re as high-profile as the J.Lo and Her Vampire Ex-Husband’s lines). She could easily slay either Alexa Dung or Jennifer Blahniston (I went for Aniston, but in retrospect, I think Alexa Chung has a better chance), but things also get rough for her when she’s almost guaranteed a matchup with Ashanti (who I reckon will destroy Emma Stone and Jackson Rathbone like a bug underneath her “Sex” shoe).

      I’m thinking that Ashanti wins that one.

      The mitigating factor is the CDaN blind (which I almost forgot about): that could make any Ashanti discussion extremely problematic.

      I think that next year, the brackets need to be expanded to 68. Aside from my major objection, I think Angelina’s Leg and Brad in general need their own seeds to begin with (and together, they needed a high seeding). Brad is bordering on becoming less hot than Tom Cruise, which is kind of scary because whatever else you want to say about Brad Pitt, he is not a crazy Scientologist.

      tl;dr – Slightly favor Chastain being out first, although we’ll also probably say adios to La Lopez early. We need more space, in large part because at this point Brad is putting at least 70% of the fug in the relationship.

  20. ML

    Fergie vs. Solange is going to be what busts my bracket here, I just freaking KNOW it.

    • Carolina Girl

      I don’t know, ML. According to my Uncle Stan, Fergie is a strong contender against Beyawnce’s baby sis. Fergie has trotted out some truly fugly looks this year, while conversely, Solange has been rocking that natual ‘do of hers and has managed to pull off some rather questionable choices.
      My money’s on Fergie.

      • ML

        Yes, in the end I went with Le Ferg, one reason being that I purchased Solange’s CD years back and want complete and total revenge in some form.

        Yay, Uncle Stan! He’s fast becoming a GFY icon in his own right, I’d dare say. It’s a wise man who knows how to dress himself well but a brilliant one who knows when to tell a woman “Oh, girl, no.”

        Hugs and cocktails from the ATL, y’all. *air kisses*