Fug From Heaven

When I saw this pic, I said, “Oh, J.Mo.” Which is confusing, potentially, as I also call Jessica “J.Mo” sometimes.

Then again, I have never had to say to my J.Mo, “Hark, your shoulders are wearing individual capes; are they superheroes?” so odds are I won’t mix them up. Not that Jessica’s shoulders aren’t superheroic. They are. And maybe someday she’ll make them tiny caftans so they can comfortably unwind after a hard day of shouldering. But for now, in the immediate future, I think we’re safe from confusion.

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  1. Mahastee

    Gah, she is so incredibly gorgeous!! Why does she do this to herself over and over?

  2. LoriK

    Why is someone so talented, beautiful and rich almost always dressed so badly? Is her taste really that bad?

  3. Eliza Bennett

    I..actually..kind of like this? obvs I need more coffee. Still, though, it’s kind of dramatic (which is what I think J.Mo the actress goes for) without being totally cracked out. Remember the, like, one huge sleeve mullet dress? This is better.Maybe not by a lot, but woo chile, it’s better.

    • Christian

      I actually like it as well. Maybe we should both head to the barista? I think the color (that IS purple, right?) looks lovely on her. And you’re right, it’s dramatic without being over the top. Something plenty of celebrities should take notes on.

      • Eliza Bennett

        I thought it was black…if it were purple I’d be all over it. I’ve had my coffee and I still think it’s pretty. If the dress fabric didn’t look so..charlotte russe sweater dress, it would be fab all the way.

      • Katharine

        I like it too, although I agree that the knit looks a bit cheaptastic. However, this falls into the category of “things I would actually wear”, and I do definitely tend to choose my clothes for maximum interest over mere flattery.

    • ok

      I’m not entirely in love with the shoulder capes, but I, too, think this a very dramatic, architectural look, that is true to her style but pretty nice.

      I think the Fug Girls sometimes don’t allow for individual taste and quirkiness.

      • Heather

        Sure we do — we’re just having fun here, not trying to establish a style mandate. Well, except for leggings. Still hate those. ;)

    • Jacq

      I’m in your gang – guys – I quite like it too. And let’s face it, she’s so flipping gorgeous that she would look great in a garbage bag.

      • mlb

        Ha! There you go! That’s what the sleeve-wings are made of. Black garbage bag.

  4. Gigi

    Wait, is that Jessica Chastain or Julianne Moore??

    Whatever the answer: very pretty, but the sweater from the Limited’s 1992 line, plus satin napkin epaulets doesn’t cut the mustard.

  5. vandalfan

    If the sleeves were the same knit as the body of the dress she’s be…ordinary. Without the satin wings, it would be sleeveless, and we can’t have that with dark tights and sensible shoes. Can I swap the sleeve-tans for a gold chain belt? That would give it a 60′s flavor.

  6. Sandra

    Cap sleeves would go a long way towards redeeming this.

  7. Scott

    A Romulan double agent!

  8. Lina

    Okay, the sleeves and the purse are horrible, but the rest of the outfit is cute and kind of moddish. I don’t know what is up with the current massively-poofy-sleeves trend, but I wish it would end yesterday. Besides that, I wish there were a bracelet on her right hand or a ring or something to liven things up. And if the purse were a vivid turquoise box or something, I’d be very happy.

  9. pinkcheese

    I want tiny shoulder caftans!

  10. fritanga

    Moore has such consistently terrible taste that it’s hard not to think she’s doing this deliberately, as some sort of singlehanded NYC-arty-person protest of the constraints and folly of fashion. Or something.

    At any rate, she’s still extremely attractive and in good shape, and yet she constantly subverts it, and not in an entertaining Sevigny/SWINTON manner either. It’s just sort of…sad.

    • neiges

      Sevigny and Swinton are on totally different leagues. Swinton is awesome and Sevigny is just… hipster crazy IMO.

  11. neiges

    Sue me, but I like this. It is totally different from everything else, it gives hes a sort of dignity and originality. Very very nice. I’d wear it.

  12. amys

    I actually pictured the making of little caftans for after a long day of shouldering. Julianne would definitely have enough fabric to share for a quick caftan project. Why does she look so sad? Because she can’t seem to find a dress that makes sense on her? She’s so beautiful…why all the layers?

  13. Cranky Old Batt

    I am getting some kind of an unhappy bird from this. A melancholy crow or a put-upon raven.

    I will have to just take the fug nation’s word that this lady is gorgeous.

  14. elle

    What is it with J.Mo. and unfortunate sleeves, eh? Remember The Sleeve she wore to the Golden Globes last January?

  15. witjunkie

    Normally I would say with sleeves that aggressive, one would need to put the hair up, but her hair – or lack thereof – is what makes me want to go ‘waa waaaaaaa’. I think the dress is cool. With earrings maybe? Or just a different head?

  16. Breda

    This is also confusing to me because back when I was in House fandom (you know, back when the show was actually good), we frequently referred to Jennifer Morrison as J.Mo.

    The hair is terrible, but I don’t mind the shoulder-capes in theory. It’s just that in practice, they’re awkwardly encroaching on her torso and making it look weird.

  17. ChaChaHeels

    Oh, I can understand choosing clothing that is a bit on the avant garde, not your average fashion look. I get that, and SWINTON does that really well. But Moore always chooses odd fashion that just does nothing for her (and couldn’t possibly work on anyone else, either). About the only thing that differentiates this from a black turtleneck/skirt/tights combo (that’s been around since the late 40′s) is the predominant shoulder capes that make her shoulders look like the roof of a pagoda. Maybe that’s the “architectural” look she wanted, I don’t know. I just think it’s a lot of effort put into looking so bad.

  18. Reemzies

    I find the tag “Holy Sleeves Batman” so hysterically appropriate in this case… because all I can see when I look at those sleeves are batwings.

  19. Squirrel!

    If the sleeves were actually part of the dress rather than detachable wings, I’d be on board. Pretty much any length would work, as long as they were made of the same material as the rest of the dress. She’d look adorable and mod… but for a day at the office, not a red carpet event.

  20. Megan

    Well, she has always been a bit eccentric in her outfits, but I have to say, from the shoulders up she looks f-ing fantastic.

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