Remember when we only referred to Amber Heard as Hidden Palms, ┬ábecause she’d been on that show, and we weren’t sure we would ever hear from her again? That turned out to be true of all the teens on that show EXCEPT her. (Okay, that’s not a hundred percent true — one of the dudes was on Privileged — but it feels true.) Anyway, between The Playboy Club and The Rum Diary, she actually hit the circuit pretty hard these past few months. So why didn’t we note it? Well… you know. Sometimes you look at an outfit, and you don’t have a take on it, and then Nicki Minaj wears Daryl Hannah’s 1984 hair and Blake Lively puts on a Marchesa that looks like a New Year’s party the morning after, and suddenly you’re off and gunning in a different direction, leaving poor Amber waiting at the gas station, hoping we will remember we left her there. And her dresses aren’t all bad, either. Let’s give her some love on this December Friday, so that we don’t focus on how Christmas is two weeks away and no shopping has been done.

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