I am going to come down on the fug side of SJP’s outfit here — which, given how my barometer has been calibrated lately, probably means all of Fug Nation will rise up in protest in a love tsunami. Although that’s good. Disagreements are healthy, and I’ve certainly inspired my fair share of them this week. Group hug?

Ah, that felt good. You all smell nice. What is that intoxicating shampoo?

And now: SJP.

Love that she looks so happy, but… it reminds me of that old phrase “much of a muchness.” The necklaces don’t match, exactly, but they do dissolve into that pattern in a way that starts to feel a little too samey and intense. I’ve decided she’s a spy. And her mission here, which she has chosen to accept, is to break into Muffy Tiltington-Phlaire’s downstairs half-bath during Sconefest 2011 and blend into the wallpaper for some good old-fashioned eavesdropping.

[Photo: Getty]