I’ve never thought that putting her hair back was Kate Bosworth’s best look, although I am loving this hilariously Come Hither expression.

However, all lusty hitherness aside, I think this would’ve looked sunnier and cuter if she’d let her hair down (also a good tip for what traditionally comes after the hithering). But that’s a minor quibble. A good shirt dress is hard to find, and although as ever I’d have loved to see this in a fun color or pattern, I’ll take it — considering the weather in LA in December is basically akin to a beautiful autumn day most other places, it’s appropriately breezy, and certainly does make me wish I was on a boat, y’all. Maybe she’s trying to send her Aussie ex Orlando Bloom a message,  because it’s summer there, and he COULD be on a boat, y’all… okay, fine, that’s a reach. I just wanted to say that boat thing again. Y’all. Anyway, credit to Kate for picking a cute red shoe with this. A red belt or purse might’ve been even cuter — or better still, a richer red lip; ANY extra kick, basically — but overall I am on board the train (HA, you thought I couldn’t resist the boat thing again, but you were wrong).

Kirsten Dunst went with a similarly casual theme at the same event, so I figured I’d throw ‘em together and see which one came out on top. Like a big shirt-dress mud-wrestling extravaganza, but without the dirt and the hair-pulling.

Okay, Kirsten’s is more of a coat dress. (Trench dress? A Drench?) But I love it. This is what I always imagine I look like when I belt my red wool trench at Fashion Week, when in fact I think I look like a very sunburned insomniac pear. Oddly, I think SHE could have benefited from a soft updo — she and Kate should’ve traded coifs, but maybe with more tendrils — and the shoes are perhaps a touch heavy. Overall, though, I am feeling them both, and go back and forth on which one I’m feeling more. A helpful shove wouldn’t go amiss right now, Fug Nation. So do it. Shove me. It might be therapeutic.

The best is:

  • Kate's (9%, 835 Votes)
  • Kirsten's (72%, 6,552 Votes)
  • We need to do some rearranging, and then they BOTH win (18%, 1,656 Votes)

Total Voters: 9,044

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[Photos: Splash News and WENN]