Fug Bright Like a Diamond

Well, it turns out there is one look that Rihanna CANNOT totally pull off:

The Zebra Slanket. (Would that be a Zlanket?)

[Photo: INF]

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  1. CakesOnAPlane

    Don’t hate me, but I feel like she’s almost pulling this off. She’d be working it with a few more inches of height. The hair and face are giving it life.

  2. Talley Lach


  3. Claire1

    The hairy neck thing is making me itchy just looking it it.

  4. asheisele

    How fugging amazing is her face & hair that the Zlanket is just an afterthought to me?? A hideous, hideous afterthought but wow, that face is FIERCE.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      I know, she’s SO beautiful. Tyra would kill both of our mothers to have someone who looks like that on ANTM.

  5. porchswing

    I was laughing way out loud before I even saw the comment. Too bad she isn’t wearing some of those hoof booties.

  6. Ghanimatrix

    The collar looks like a neck beard.

  7.  HelenBackAgain

    And yet, it would be a refreshing change and a relief to see this on Lady Gaga.

  8. Kate

    Ah, the Rihanna roller-coaster. One minute I am so happy to see her fully covered that I am decidedly pro-Zlanket, the next my heart sinks at the realization that she’s isn’t fully covered at all. Up, down. Sigh. I am the point now where I would Fab her in a garbage bag if it meant I couldn’t see her underwear. Off to clutch my pearls…

    •  HelenBackAgain

      I totally did not realize how much of it is sheer until reading this and looking at the original photo. It even fails as a Zlanket!

    •  filmcricket

      Yeah, it’s not a coat, it’s a gown, and a lot of it is see-through. I can’t imagine anyone else carrying it off this well, though – not even JLo.

    • Del C

      i dislike the way the stripes are pointing to her crotch area.

  9.  Niao

    NO ONE has said it yet? NO ONE? Fine I guess it will have to be me. Deep breath…. “I don’t know ya’ll, this outfit might be CRACK-A-LACKIN!!!!” I will escort myself out now.

  10. danny

    I’m actually mostly just surprised someone got to this before Jessie J did.

  11. Lee-Lee

    Her hair looks fab-u-lous like this. It suits her better than any of her wigs and extensions. The makeup is flawless. Headsuit is STUNNING!!!!

  12. Art Eclectic

    Oh, damn all of you who made me look at the close-up of that picture. Undies. Nipple piercing whatever those are. I need a shower now.

  13. Claire1

    The one thing I will say….
    That housegown has some massive bead work going on. It must way a TON….

  14. Chris P

    I swear I saw someone wearing this look.

    I also live in New Jersey (in fact, I heard that the RHONJes had an epic brawl at the salon around the corner from my place), so take that as you will.

    That is to say, she is about 20 years and four marriages TOO YOUNG for this look.

  15.  hillary l.

    Somewhere, Cruella de Vil is looking for her housecoat.

  16. Mjx

    Heh. A not very warm, itchy-looking Slanket. And she looks fabulous, anyway, even though you have to wonder what she was thinking. But who cares, she’s still of an age where it looks like an experiment, rather than a desperate grab at a youth that was not fully enjoyed ;)

  17. ronnie

    I think it’s a Tom Ford gown and I think it’s amazing if possibly demanding of a taller gal.