Fug Blood

You know the old adage about looking in the mirror before you go out and removing one thing?

It’s a bad sign when that one thing ought to be, “Half your dress.”

[Photo: Getty]

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  1. maryse

    gah! i think her makeup is a bit heavy and harsh.

  2. Jo

    …and the lipstick.

  3.  HelenBackAgain

    Agree, little heavy on the icing, there, cupcake.

    But I love the jewelry, and the simple, bright shoe is fun. I think the outfit would be a real win if it were just a simple white dress without the shrouding.

  4. Brenna

    Is this the woman who plays Holly? I’ve been staring at this photo for 5 minutes and can’t figure out who it is.

  5. Annie E

    Needs softer hair.

  6. LoriK

    I know this had been said before, but they’re just messin’ with us now, right? I can’t wrap my head around the idea of this dress being anything other than an attempt to see how far one can push the sheer over short/frankendress/mullet business and still get someone to wear it.

  7. luvthefuggers


  8. luvthefuggers

    And there is something happening in the knee area that looks like those old panty hose that we used say were ‘falling asleep’ when they bagged like that.

  9. Vandalfan

    Hot buttered hockey sticks- there’s nothing here worth keeping. Her hair is tight and unflattering, her tan and inhuman lip color give her an aged appearance, the black sheer curtains are simply curtains right out of the packaging from Penny’s, and the shoes must have haplessly wandered in from some much better, more casual outfit.

  10. Lee-Lee

    Ugly dress, PAYLESS shoes. That’s all.