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A) I love Ginger Spice:

B) I also love Cher Horowitz. Ergo, I appreciate that Geri Halliwell is apparently popping up places in costume AS Cher Horowitz. Now all we need is Sporty Spice to explain why she can’t do anything that involves balls flying at her face, and we’re really in business.

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  1. robabeau

    I love her AND this. When I think of white faux fur coats I think of late-90′s Shirley Manson, but Cher H works too! I even like the expression on her face- it’s the one Celine Dion gives all the time where she’s like totally shocked anyone came to her concert or whatever. Rock on Geraldine Estelle Halliwell!!!

  2. Cora

    Check out the chick behind her, caught in The Moment of Dilemma: “WTF is she wearing oh crap someone’s taking a picture so I should smile but the WTF is she wearing???”

  3. Rayna

    Well, there goes her social life!

  4. AM

    I know she was going more for High Fashion than comfort, but those boots REALLY look uncomfortable.

  5. Eliza Bennett

    I love the facepalm of the girl behind her. “I’m SERIOUSLY wearing the same boots as Ginger Spice? How did this happen?”

  6. Sylvia

    Any day is a great day for a Clueless reference.

  7. Mongerel

    Pssst! You lost some of your color coordinated Lee Press On Nails.

    • Helen

      I’m seeing more and more of these deliberately unmatched manicures lately. They seem to be becoming a Thing. Let’s hope it’s as short-lived as it deserves to be.

  8. Anne

    I really hope that she and Russell Brand will mate and have a clean-living, yogananda, carrotjuice-craving baby. With an appropriately mystical name. Like Durga Apple Ganesh. I would love to see that baby in a sling on Russell Brand’s chest.

  9. Sandra

    Bootaloons are still not pants. And she looks like somebody combed her hair with an immersion blender. I may like the gray dress, though it is much too short. If it’s wool or cashmere, yes. If it’s sweatshirt material, no.

    • Laucie

      First time to hear about bootaloons. Love it !

    • pidget

      Bootlatoons is fantastic! And second all the rest of your points, Sandra.

      However, at least G’s not flashing the cleav at us. Maybe she IS growing up…

  10. Alison

    Ginger seems way more Amber-y than Sporty does! Not sure if that’s a compliment.

  11. Scouse Helen

    She’s borrowed the facial expression from baby spice: “what, little old me? You want to take a photo of little old me???”

    She turned up at this do, if you’re interested, with “a mystery, much younger man”. So clearly not attention seeking at all. Not in the slightest.

  12. Jo

    Horrid boots – I’d ditch the dress too- plain and blah and keep the jacket. A nice black simple knee length dress would havr been much classier. Girl is forty now (I’m 39 so no agism here!)

  13. Lily1214

    Geri is now a bit old to wear this outfit. Not her best look.

  14. Lily1214

    One last thing: the lady in the background with her hand to her forehead says it all.

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