Dearest Tinsley, your hair is too Kelly Taylor circa That Last Terrible Season, when it was all chunky stripes. The dress is cute, the tan is extreme (hasn't she been watching The Tanning Bed Mom Chronicles? Or is she auditioning for the inevitable Lifetime retelling?), and the hat is kind of fun even though it hides most of her head.

    Sigh. I remember EONS ago, when Jess and I were first starting out covering Fashion Week for NY Mag, when people cared (or so we thought) about who these socialites were. If you had told them all back then that, in 2012, people would care more about a posse of squalling, squawking, table-hurling idiots called Housewives whose mission is to make sure every corner of America has a section of rich and clinically annoying attention-whores, they... well, they probably would've been like, "Break me off a piece of THAT," but still. You feel me. Socialites lost their moment before they ever really had it, and now we're stuck with Kelly Bensimon and whoever the Atlanta people are and a bunch of lips from California. I am not sure which is better/worse...

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